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Nicknames: Lhugy, or Mich

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 5'6-ish? Maybe? Been a while.

Last thing you googled: “Episode Prompto Release Date” - but alas, even Google didn’t know 

Favorite music artist: Lots of stuff, recently I listen to a lot of Sam Smith. But i tend to put mellow stuff on in the background to help me focus, like trance or dark wave electronica *thumbs up*

Song stuck in your head: Nothing at the moment, but I had “Blisters on the Sun” (Violent Femmes) stuck in my head for days because of a coworker. Ugh. 

Last movie you watched: Guardians of the Galaxy 2!!!!!!!!!! 

What are you wearing right now: A tank top cause it’s muggy as a mofo tonight. 

Why did you choose your URL: Nickname from high school, in an age long past. 

What did your last relationship teach you: That I am so fucking done. So. Fucking. Done. 

Religious or Spiritual: Neither! 

Favorite color: Purple! 

Average hours of sleep: Depends on the night of the week but usually around 6.   

Lucky number: *Shrug*

Favorite characters: Yeeaaah, well. Obviously the Chocobros, especially Prompto. I love Ardyn, too, although very few of my friends approve of this. Other fandoms? Hm. Usopp (One Piece), Farfarello (WK), Vincent Valentine (FFVII), Loki and Bucky Barnes (MCU)

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2, more in the winter. I hate cold ;^; 

Dream job: Writer, but I actually like my job now for the most part so I guess I’m cool. 

Ok so SOMEONE….had the neatest (and nicest) idea ever, to send me this thing, I had looked at these before but never ordered it and then it MYSTERIOUSLY (huhuhuh) shows up at my proverbial door (so, my PO box lol). Look at all the neat shit that is in here lol…. (putting under a cut because I know all of my followers do not want to scroll through all this amazing nonsense)

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Seems I gotta do what I gotta do!

Four letter word: Jade
Boy’s Name: Jordan
Occupation: Judge
Something you can wear: Jeans
A Food: Jasmine Rice
Something you find in a bathroom: Jar
A Place: Japan
A reason for being late: Jokes
Something you shout: Jk!
A movie Title: Jurassic World (love that movie)
Something you Drink: juice
An animal: Jobaria
A type of Car: jaguar
Title of a Song: juju on that beat

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