Doodle inspired by my friend saying “half-orcs can’t be paladins!”

I disagree with that, dnd is something where you can be whatever you want, be that a pun-bard, half-orc ceo, grand-piano-playing bard, demonic cleric, elf berserker, ect.

And if it’s not in the rule the you can change them if you want, you don’t have to stick exactly to the guidebook. The point is to have fun and not to limit people.

This has been an opinon, By ni.

Earlier this year Alyssa a woman i have became close with had made pokemon inspired by all of her lovers. Unfortunately she had at the time only just recently met me which had meant I was left out. Recently she surprised me with making one for me as well which was super adorable and made me blush! ^-^ This is it!

Check out her and her wife’s stuff here:


The anime isn’t even out yet and I already love this fucker ⛸❄️

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