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I thought of that post saying Cullen definitely is a butt type of guy, so, perhaps something where the butt gets the extra love it deserves?

This might be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve done, but…

 SFW, but I would stay away if discussions about butts aren’t your thing. 

Lydia had a large derriere. It was one of the facts of her life, and not something she really cared about until one unfortunate boy in the Circle informed her it was as big as the entire Free Marches. 

Her best friend Willa calmed her down, told her it didn’t matter, the boy who said it was a pompous jerk anyway, but it didn’t matter. The damage was done. She became aware of her rump’s unusual size, and she couldn’t un-see it.  

Like most people, Lydia’s body and weight fluctuated throughout her life, but there was always one eternal: her breasts were smaller when her posterior was...not. At least it wasn’t so bad now that the constant running, riding and fighting for her life against red templars made her body the trimmest it had ever been, but sometimes she couldn’t help but sigh when she got dressed in the morning. Her behind just had to stick out that much, didn’t it? 

As she usually had been doing lately since their first kiss, she thought Cullen. He didn’t say anything about her appearance other than she thought she was beautiful, but she wondered what he thought about her posterior. And as she waited for him on the battlements, she realized a little too late the way she was leaning against the balustrade happened to make her behind protrude even more. Rectifying it she straightened, tapping her fingers against the stone and tucking a lock of hair behind her ear in an effort to appear normal. It was then she realized that something. There were a pair of eyes on her. 

She hoped, for the first time, that it wasn’t Cullen. It was. 

“Oh,” she said, kicking her feet. “Umm….” 

“Lydia,” he said, scratching behind his neck. “Are you alright? Do you not want me to come back, or…?” 

“No, no,” she assured, walking over to him and clutching his mantle. “I’ve been waiting.” 

“Why are you blushing?” 

“Wait. Why are you?” 

He went silent. The awful truth hit her. “You were staring at my butt!” 

“I…was not.” 

“Don’t lie Cullen,” Lydia said, biting back her frustrated wail. “Ugh. I know, it’s big, but it really isn’t that bad, alright? And look, what’s so wrong with it anyway? I mean…think of it this way, see…” 

She continued her diatribe, going on about how she was insecure about it before eventually not caring, but before she could go on into the matter of clothes, Cullen put his hands on her shoulders. She stopped mid sentence, perplexed. 

He was smiling. She didn’t know why he was smiling. 

“Lydia,” he said, biting back his laugh. “I was staring…well…I was gaping really, because I like it.” 

She blinked. “Wait. You…you like my butt?” 

He chuckled. “Maybe more than I should, yes. I am rather fond of it.” 

A long and deep breath, one she didn’t know she had been carrying, exhaled in a pinch. “Oh,” she muttered, suddenly feeling like she could run the battlements. “Well. Then it appears we don’t have a problem.” 

He laughed before kissing her, and she didn’t shy away when a hand snaked down to gently pinch her. In fact, whenever they met for a kiss on the battlements, Lydia didn’t shy away from angling herself in just the right way for Cullen to get the best view. And when he arrived, he would place his hand there, and they would kiss and kiss, and maybe squeeze a little. She learned then, she didn’t care if everyone else thought it was the largest ass in the world. Because to Cullen, it was perfect.



“What are you talking about?” He hissed,

“Lydia got a call from Stiles, they found a body drained of blood, you said you’d hunt away from here”

“I did! That’s not me, I wasn’t even in Beacon Hills, I was miles away”

“I want to believe you” I bit my lip, he placed his hand on my upper arms and rubbed them up and down.

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thats my little sister (part3)

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Requested: lots yes and lots no i want to keep this going I’m having fun.

Writer: Athena (part 1) (part 2)

Warnings: the usual, swearing smut(this time for realz) don’t read if your 8 

Ps. Allison is alive in this 

 I made my way down my house stairs past Scott, who was at the landing, looking for my keys. He must have noticed me looking for them because he spoke up.

 “Mom had to take your car, hers is in the shop remember, I guess I’ll take you,”  he said as I picked up my bag and opening the door.

 “I’ll walk then,” I stated 

  I was still pissed at Scott for how he was acting with me and Stiles, to be honest, that was the longest pair of words I had said to him in the last four days. 

“You’re not walking,” he said in a calm tone shaking his head. I looked at him for a moment thinking if I really want to walk. 

“Fine,” I said walking over to his bike zipping my bag up to make sure nothing would fall out, looking over at him with an annoyed look on my face rolling my eyes slightly.

 He just shook his head in the slightest way handing me a helmet. I placed the helmet on my head as he got onto his bike. 

“You’re gonna have to hold on to me.” he said looking back at me as I climbed onto the bike.

 I lightly placed my hands around his waist but as soon as he started it my grip tightened grabbing onto his shirt, I felt him chuckle

 “I hate you” I said in a none hateful way. 

Before I knew it we were at school, I got off his bike taking the helmet off handing it to him.

 “Stiles will take me home.” I said and started to walk away. 

“Hey, wait!” he said getting off his bike running to catch up to me lightly grabbing my arm. 

“Wait,” he said turning me around. 

“Are you ever gonna talk to me again?” he asked hopefullness in his eyes making him look like a lost puppy.

 “Maybe,” I said shrugging my shoulders, trying no to give in to much. “Yes, I’m going to talk to you again but you have to lay off me and Stiles just a little, just be like a normal older brother.” 

 He chuckled slightly “I don’t think I do normal, I’m kind of a werewolf" 

   ~later in the day

I was on my way to my 4th hour when I heard Stiles’ voice shout out my name, turning around I see him running up toward me. 

“Yes?” I question as he jogged up to me.

 “So,” he said out of breath making me smile and do that half laugh/ scoff thing where it’s funny but not funny enough for your entire laugh, you know that.

 “Yes?” I question again

 “Sorry, are we… gonna do something tonight?” he asked 

“Like a date ooor are you talking about sex?” I smirked.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise moving his hands up slightly. 

“What, no, not unless you are… i mean, I guess. I don’t-” he said rambling his anxiety kicking in.

 “Stiles I was joking calm down” 

 “Oh okay, cool, ” he said breathing out in relief.

 “You are taking me home, though because I’m not riding on Scott’s bike ever again.” I said turning away to walk to my class.

 “Oh, wait!” he said grabbing my arm making me turn around. I raised my eyebrows signaling him to keep talking.

 “I forgot to tell you there’s a Pack meeting after school at Lydia’s house.” 

 I nodded my head. “Okay.” 

“Oh and, ” he said pulling me closer placing one of his hands on the side of my face and the other around my waist giving me a kiss. pulling away blushing and looking down at the ground. 

“Stiles we are at school,” I said looking around us.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself you’re just so beautiful.” 

“Saying that type of thing just makes me want to fuck you more now.” he just rolled his eyes as he turned around walking toward his class. 

“I’ll see you later then!” I yelled to Stiles. 

Hearing my last bell ring I got up going over to the locker rooms knowing Scott and Stiles would be there. I saw the door pushing it open not caring if anyone else was in there naked. 

“Scott!” I shouted as I ran up to him.

 “(Y/N) what are you doing?!” Scott and Stiles said in unison 

“Oh shush it’s not like I haven’t been in here, but I needed to tell you guys something like right know!” I said as Stiles put his shirt on. 

“What?” they both said again interested in what was so important I had to rush in. 

“Okay, you’ve got to stop doing that it’s weird.” I waved my hand between them.

 “So what did you need to tell us?” Scott asked.  

“Oh I didn’t actually have to tell you anything I just wanted to see Stiles shirtless.” I smiled innocently. 

Scott just shook his head. “You’re something else” he said bending down putting his shoes on. 

“So Stiles, what are we doing tonight?” I looked over to him.

“Uhh I don’t know,” he said shrugging.

 “You ready to go?” Scott said extending his hand for me to hold it, I know if I refused he would be butt hurt about it so I took his hand like a little kid would do. 

“Hey we could watch those StarTreck movies,” I said looking back at Stiles. 

“You mean StarWars?” he said scrunching his face 

“Whatever, same thing.” i shrugged truning around.

“Okay, there’s a difference.” (Gif) 

As I and Scott made our way out to where everyone was standing Stiles not too far behind us, I let go of Scott’s hand, embarrassed that I still hold my older brothers hand. We made our way up to them ad  we all said our hellos.

 “So what are we meeting for at Lydia’s house for?” I asked looking around at all of them. 

“We where just gonna hang out, talk about stuff you know the usual.” Lydia said

“Why?” Scott asked from where he was standing beside me. 

“Oh I just have a lot of work to do, Stiles was gonna help me,” I said looking over to Stiles from where he was on my other side. 

“I just didn’t want to miss anything important.” they all shook there heads, to signal that I wouldn’t miss anything.

 “So if I’m not gonna miss anything important, we should go,” I said looking up at Stiles.

 “Yeah, okay,” he said starting to walk to his jeep. 

“I’ll see you later Scott,” he said patting him on the shoulder as he walked by. 

“Before you leave (Y/N)”  Allison said 

“Yeah?” I said stepping to the side with her

 “So do you really have a lot of work?” She asked. 

Allison was like my awesome older sister/best friend. I shook my head “No, I don’t at all.” I said smirking

 “Use a condom” whispered as I was turning around to walk away.

 “Will do!” I smiled looking back at her. 

As I made my way up to Stiles, who was leaning against his jeep doing something on this phone. “Hey,” I said smiling at him

 “You ready?” he asked 

“Yup,” I said as we both climbed into his jeep. 

“So whats the real plan?” he asked looking over at me, I smiled, He knew I didn’t have any work to do.

 “Well we could go get something to eat, its to pretty outside not to go do something.” 

“Alright,” he said pulling out of the school parking lot.

After we got our food and walked around talking for a good hour or two about anything that had come to our mind. It was now late afternoon around five. 

“What do you want to do next?”  he asked looking over at me. it was silent for a moment, I was debating on whether to say it of not, well fuck it I thought. 

“You,”I said looking over at him smirking, his grip on the steering wheel tightened. 

“Fuck”, he said probably thinking about all the things that where coming next. 

“We’re closer to your house.” I stated and he just nodded. 

Pushing Stiles through the front of his house opening and closing it in a hurried fashion as I pushed him backward toward the couch fiddling with the buttons on his flannel as we made our way to the couch. I pushed him down and straddled him, pushing the fabric off his shoulders, leaving him in just his jeans. I giggled as his finger tips softly brushed my skin as he was taking my shirt off. 

“I’ve been waiting way to long for this”, I said unbuttoning his jeans

 “Yeah me too”, he said breathless.

 Once I removed his pants I stood up taking my pants off as he studied me. Looking up at me he look like he was a little kid at a candy shop trying to figure out what to grab first. I giggled as I straddled him again.

 “God your so beautiful,” he said grabbing my breasts as I ground my hips onto his making him moan. 

“Ah fuck,” I said as I grew more wet feeling his hard on beneath me.

 “Lets go upstairs baby,” he said picking me up, I wrapped my legs around his hips as we made our way to his bedroom. 

Once we were there i shut the door using my foot as he threw me onto the bed.

 “Before we start, condom,” I said pointing to his dresser.

 “Right,” he said getting up and grabbing one putting it on the side table.

 He pressed his hips against mine feeling his hard on pressing on my only made me more turn on. 

“Just fuck me already Stiles,” I moaning out, I couldn’t take this anymore I needed him like right know. 

He smirked at me looking me up and down, probably enjoying they way i needed him. 

“Anything for you, baby girl.” he said pulling my panties down roughly making me moan in anticipation. 

He leaned back so he was on his knees pulling his boxers down letting his erection showing. I widened my eyes intimidated by it, not that it was 10 inches or anything crazy, it was a good size but because I was a virgin and I had never seen an erect penis this close to me. As I was thinking about all that could go wrong he had already rolled on his condom placing himself at my entrance.

 “You okay?” he questioned 

“Yeah” I nodded.

 He pushed into me making me moan out in pleasure and a little discomfort was there but it faded fast as he started to move more. 

“Ugh Stiles” I moaned out as he thrust into me. 

“Wait” I said 

“Yeah, yeah, is something wrong?” he asked in a concerned tone. 

“Can I be on top?” I asked smiling innocently he just chuckled as we turned over. 

“Okay,” I said as we were now flipped over. 

“Whenever you’re ready babe, its all you.” I nodded pushing myself down onto his erection, I started to move finding a good rhythm. I was a moaning mess as i moved, Stiles was slightly sat up so he “Had the best view” as he said.I could see him smile as I was in a mess of pleasure on top of him. 

“I’m close baby” he moaned  

“Me too,” I said as he held onto my hips trusting upward at a fast pace.

“Oh my god” I yelled out surprised at the new feeling. Moments later I came throwing my head back and grabbing onto Stiles arms, Stiles came as I was riding out my high, seeing his face filled with pleasure was beautiful to me. 

God I love that boy so much. 

New Stisaac Headcanons:
  • Sometimes when Isaac can’t sleep at night, he’ll call Stiles on his phone and Stiles always picks it up, no matter what time it is and talks about just random stuff like how Lydia got another A on a test or how Scott finally managed to pull of a skateboard trick he’s been trying for a while until Isaac falls asleep. (Papa Stilinski has given up to be angry about the phone bills because Stiles won’t stop doing it.)
  • Stiles and Isaac go hiking together and come across a wolf and Isaac befriends him immediately while Stiles stands a few feet away and makes dumb wolf jokes until Isaac and the wolf growl in unison which scares the shit out of Stiles but makes Isaac laugh so hard he can’t breathe.
  • AU where Scott died when he and Stiles were kids and now he works as Stiles’s guardian angel and tries his best to get Stiles and Isaac together because he knows that they are perfect for each other but it’s super complicated cause Stiles is Stiles and fucks it up often and also Scott’s new to the job and not really good at it but in the end, Isaac and Stiles are finally dating. (This is actually based on the plot to a movie called „Buddy“ which is pretty amazing and you should definitely watch it!)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Isaac x Banshee Reader
Warnings: Mentions of character death
Writer: micoools
Summary/Request: I love your writing like seriously marry me please? Would you do a Issac x Banshee reader where she screams her own death during a class and issac gets really stressed and won’t leave her alone?

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Backstabbing 4

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A/n: i know that Brett has a sister but i have no idea what her name is so i’m just going to make it up and call her Laura! Someone told me Brett’s sister name so thank you to that anon! And i made someone really bitchy in here, so i’m really sorry! But you’ll see why soon! Thanks for reading x

Sorry if this chapter kind of sucked

Backstabbing series(Link won’t somehow work) so here:

I know that i shouldn’t listen to what Liam is saying. He’s just saying that to hurt me, he doesn’t want me with Brett. Why can’t i have someone to talk to. My parents aren’t here, i’m not best friend with Hayden anymore, i’m not close with Liam’s friend well except Lydia and i can’t talk to Brett about these stuff or else he’ll go and kill Liam. Which i do not want. Being a girl is so frustrating.  

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Lydia and Scott taking care of seriously sick/injured Stiles? I need some excellent rongasm h/c headcanon in my life!

Can you imagine what it’s going to be like once he gets back from the whole “being kidnapped by the wild hunt” thing that goes down?

  • Lydia and Scott are both seriously afraid to leave him alone. Now that they know who they are without him, they can’t fathom letting anyone or anything get in between them and Stiles ever again. 
  • He’s injured and malnourished and Scott and Lydia take it upon themselves to fix it. So they send 2.0 out to take care of things, and meanwhile, they are basically there for Stiles 24/7. 
  • He’s on mandatory bed rest, meaning he has to stay home cooped up in bed all day and he’s bored out of his mind. 
  • Scott plays video games with him after school, sitting on Stiles’ bed with him as both of them furiously go at the controllers. 
  • Also, Scott’s the one who does most of the cooking and helping with Stiles’ meals. Lydia sits on Stiles’ bed and they cuddle (which makes both of them smile like idiots– granted, Lydia’s idiot smile is way smaller) while Scott makes Stiles meals. 
  • Yes, Stiles attempts to make Lydia spoonfeed him. It backfires and Scott has to do it. Lydia literally has to leave the room because she’s shaking with the effort not to laugh. 
  • Lydia and Scott draw up schedules so that there’s always somebody with Stiles, and he usually considers himself to be the kind of person who needs to be alone, but when you get a text from your best friend saying that he has to make up a test so Lydia Martin, who, by the way, is your girlfriend, is going to come hang out with you, suddenly being alone doesn’t seem so important. 
  • Also, Lydia sleeps there most nights. Stiles has been having nightmares about losing her for ages now, but Lydia’s nightmares about Stiles are new. She wakes up with a start in the middle of the night and flails around the bed for a moment until Stiles groggily wakes up with her, stroking her hair and holding her hand tightly and going “’m here, ‘m here,” as she shakes in his arms.
  • Stiles getting a fever one day and Scott and Lydia press washcloths against his forehead. 
  • Whenever he gets physically sick because his body isn’t used to intaking food anymore, they talk to him about stuff he likes. Lydia babbles about Star Wars and tells him she loves him and smooths back sweaty hair away from his forehead. Scott talks about pop punk and skateboarding and Kill Bill. 
  • Ugh McMartinski is the BEST. 
  • maureen x lydia
  • mundane x clave envoy, should be interesting

first meeting

  • maureen getting sucked into the shadow world because of clary and simon obviously
  • maureen being taken or hurt by a downworlder and having to be healed and kept safe in the institute
  • lydia - still not completely back in shape - taking care of her while the others are out training
  • maureen explaining that she’s a friend of clary and simon… or at least she used to be
  • “simon and i… we hooked up once. the morning after he called me clary and then he ran out and disappeared” “alec literally left me at the altar” “men…” “men…”

you’ve heard of shadowhunter/downwolder, now get ready for… mundane/clave envoy

  • the clave not being happy after finding out a mundane knows about the shadow world (it wouldn’t even have been that bad, but they’re still salty because of The Wedding Incident™) and demanding for magnus to erase it
  • of course he does it… except not really 
  • “magnus, please. i would never break the rules, especially not now, but… i really trust her and i don’t want her to forget about me” “you had me at ‘break the rules’. plus… i owe you, remember?”
  • magnus knowing
  • him pulling it all off believably by only erasing some irrelevant details + a whole lot of acting from everybody
  • maureen isn’t the clave’s biggest problem anyway with valentine running around
  • low key sneaking around. the squad knows, but obviously the others in the institute don’t
  • lydia teaching maureen about the shadow world
  • maureen teaching lydia about the mundane world
  • lydia staying the night at maureen’s place before dangerous missions so they can cuddle the whole night
  • big spoon!maureen holding lydia and not letting her go in the morning
  • lydia pretending not to be strong enough to get out of her gf’s grip, even though she’s a shadowhunter, just so they can cuddle longer
  • “shadowhunters don’t say goodbye, it’s bad luck” “well, what about a kiss then?”
  • “we’re getting a drink to celebrate that the mission went well, you coming?” “eh…” “maureen can come too” “we’ll be there in half an hour”
  • lydia being a little nervous because simon will be there too and maureen and him haven’t talked it out yet
  • it surprisingly not being awkward at all. simon has raphael, maureen has lydia and everyone is happy
  • maureen, simon and clary talking about mundane stuff while lydia and raphael are just listening, lydia making hearteyes at maureen, raphael at simon
  • magnus, alec, luke and alaric talking to each other about Grown Up’s Stuff on the other side of the table
  • except not really. luke and alaric are telling Werewolf and Police Stories, alec is listening and enjoying himself a little for the first time since jace left and magnus is making hearteyes at alec
  • hand holding while everyone is looking at them fondly because they’re really cute together

feel free to add stuff, i’m gonna cry now. don’t you guys just love dying and being dead? :)


Hanschen and Ernst are not parallels to Melchior and Wendla, they’re foils.

Hanschen has as much knowledge–sexual and otherwise–as Melchior, but he 1. Displays control and constraint, and 2. Doesn’t share his knowledge or use it to (attempt to) help others.

Ernst is sweet and believes in the good of people like Wendla, but he has the sexual awakening that means he can make informed decisions and can realize his own dreams without the effects of an overbearing parent.

They aren’t the same as Melchior and Wendla, they’re what Melchior and Wendla could be if they were better and lived in a better world.

two things:

1. there are other deaf theatre companies than deaf west, including multiple in new york alone

2. stop writing ableist “deaf west” versions of musicals. ableist aus include

  • characters hating themselves because of their d/Deafness
  • placing an importance on a character being heard/heavy emphasis on their voice vs their actual self
  • anything that would make a show incomprehensible for d/Deaf people, including but not limited to: “sloppy” or “shaky” signing, people standing in front of a character that’s signing, generally obscured hands or faces

Re: having no children in 17776

Have you ever been in a place with no children? I was in a town where there had been a natural disaster and let me tell you, it was the creepiest experience of my life. Things were cleaned up, there were very little signs of the disaster, and places were reopening, however, because the schools hadn’t reopened yet, all the kids had been shipped off and hadn’t returned. There were adults everywhere, but no babies, no children, no teenagers. At first, I couldn’t figure out why I felt like something was Off, but eventually I was able to pinpoint that the lack of children, of the ambient noise that kids make/just their presence, was making me uncomfortable; when there are no children around, everything feels stale and stagnant, dead in a way. If that’s how the people in 17776 feel, have felt for tens of thousands of years, then I can understand why they play obsessive, thousand year long games of football to cope.