lydia's got talent

I know that not everybody knows Russian) I asked for a good man to translate everything for you:


  • Exclusive Interview with a member of “America’s Got Talent” Lydia Martin: ‘You know, I’ve just always loved to shout …’
  • Veterinarian Alan Deaton was caught spreading magic mushrooms among local teenagers and Jeff Davis
  • William Barrow : exclusive flies-cure
  • Disclosed – the ballet past of Robert Finstock
  • Agent McCall: searching for a samurai. Master class in drawing up a dissimilar identikit
  • Another magically survived Hale has appeared in the city
  • A field of cannibal-mushrooms was found under the Whitmore maison
  • Malia Tate: I was a shecoyote for eight years and still a virgin.
  • Medics of the Aiken House : we’ve always loved the sarcastic ones
  • JKR confessed that the idea of the Forbidden Forest came to her after a visit to the Beacon Hills preserve
  • Find your love in the loony bin of BH
  • Ethan and Aidan : sometimes we switch partners
  • Peter Hale: breeding worms burial at your home
  • According to statistical data results Beacon Hills was voted as the safest city of  America
  • Lydia Martin is a man!
  • Peter Hale is going to head the main square transvestite show
  • Scott McCall won the competition for the longest burp
  • Coach Finstock slept with a Cambodian gibbon for four years
  • Agent McCall in our column “Father of the Year”
  • A St. Perrish church was created
  • I’ve been raped by an alien (the true story of sheriff Stilinski who concealed communication with extraterrestrial intelligence for many years)
  • Derek Hale. “I thought they were adults”