lydia's downfall

Some thoughts about the "Consequences" video...

I went into this thinking the odds were about 80/20 that Lydia had no idea about the tape. There was scads of in-canon evidence throughout the LBD and the spinoffs that Lydia is actually, sexually-speaking, an extremely private person.

  • In one of Lizzie’s early videos, she took extreme offence to being called a slut and insisted that Lizzie officially recant that statement on-camera.
  • We heard in Lydia’s vlog about that guy from eighth grade (Brent?) who blabbed to the school that Lydia had gone pretty far with him when she hadn’t at all. She was obviously very torn up about a) being lied about and b) having her reputation effed with like that.
  • We know from Lydia’s vlog that she and George only made out in Vegas. She wasn’t willing to have sex with him at all until he started convincing her that he had real feelings for her.
  • She was initially very shy with George about any PDAs or declarations of feelings on her vlog.

(All of which, incidentally, make the violation of her trust all the more devastating for her.)

So I thought it was EXTREMELY unlikely that George, even with as much control as he had over her, could have managed to convince her that releasing a sex tape to the world would be a good idea. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out Lydia had no idea she was even BEING taped when it happened.

That was my perspective. And when I first watched today’s video, I was appalled when it became clear that Lizzie’s assumptions were completely different from mine; that Lizzie assumed Lydia had given her consent about this video being made, distributed, and sold.

But then I thought about it some more, and realised that no, I guess it does make sense that Lizzie assumed the worst about Lydia - because that’s what Lizzie DOES. She has this perception of Lydia as a loose harlot (probably started by that rumour that Brent circulated all those years ago, but also helped along by Lydia’s party-girl attitude) and always believes the worst of her.

So, despite the fact that Lizzie’s been on a self-improvement kick lately, I imagine that the ‘final frontier’ of Lizzie’s penchant for being so judgy about people is going to be getting over her misconceptions about Lydia.

Her first step should probably be to hold Lydia’s hair back for her, because I’m pretty sure Lydia headed straight for the nearest bathroom to vomit after that video cut out. :( Poor thing.

(Superb acting today, BTW.)

Someone write this better than I could, please?

LBD scene that I want but won’t write because it would force me to speculate far too closely on the nature of Lydia’s downfall, and I just know that anything I com up with will be lame and totally not right:

1. Lizzie finds out that something’s wrong and goes to watch Lydia’s videos to see if she can glean anything.

2. She gets madder and madder and more and more homicidal toward George Wickham.

3. Darcy interrupts her, she’s seething, he sees enough on the video to know what it’s about, but his presence is what causes her to to lose it, except that instead of losing it like P&P Elizabeth does, Lizzie gets furiously angry, ready to leave and march out of the door and find Wickham and punch him in the face first, then other places immediately following.

4. She actually tries to leave the office, she’s so upset and going off half-cocked, and Darcy stops her. She struggles, trying to get away, but he just keeps holding her to keep her from doing something unsafe.

5. She finally yells, “This is my SISTER! My SISTER, Darcy, and you expect me to just stay put? Would YOU stay put? How would you feel if this was Gigi—” And then she stops because she remembers that it WAS Gigi, that Darcy is pretty well equipped to know EXACTLY what she’s going through.

6. And then she just keeps apologizing to Darcy over and over again, and they turn into apologies for Lydia, for not seeing sooner, for failing her, and that’s when she finally breaks down all the way, and Darcy arranges for her to go home with her family because that’s more important than finishing her shadowing.

Because I feel like the connection often isn’t made strongly enough that Lizzie and Darcy both had this same thing happen to their sisters, and think LBD is in a position to make this connection much more prominently.

So, please?

Dear Mary Kate, Ashley and Rachel:

You guys are fucking fantastic. Today’s episode was absolutely heartbreaking, amazing script and acting. I was already upset (in the way that only the best shows can make you) with what Lizzie was saying before Lydia showed up…and then you could visibly see Lydia’s heart breaking from the discovery of the website, and I was full-out crying. You make these characters feel so real, and all I want to do is reach through my screen to give them a huge hug, and help them in any way that I can. I love the direction that you’ve taken this important aspect of the book. It couldn’t remain anything close to the same as it was in the book, because societal norms have shifted so much, and you have all done an amazing job with its adaptation to the modern world.


all those information about stydia and everything from the set of season 6 and from jeff davis himself are driving me mad like CAN THE SEASON BE HERE ALREADY I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS I WANT STYDIA JESUS CHRIST AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS OF WAITING

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and now I’m sitting here not sure if I’m happy excited angry sad or whatever. season 6 is killing me and it didn’t even started yet. this show is so going to be my downfall.

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LBD: Lydia's Downfall

I’ve been seeing a lot of speculation on what Lydia’s downfall will be and how many seem to think it will be something huge but related to Gigi. But after watching today’s video, I think we’re seeing it.

Lydia’s downfall is not one landmark event, it is the broadcasting of her entire relationship with George for the world to see. Wickham hurt Gigi relatively privately, but he gets to hurt Lydia very publicly. 

In Wickham’s mind (perhaps) he gets to hurt Darcy and Lizzie by publicly humiliating (in his mind) Lydia and by publicly controlling her emotions. I would not be surprised if he were also to publicly disclose once they’ve had sex as another way to show his power over her.

Gigi and George and Lydia

So, this is in response to episode 82, but also in response to posts (that, granted, I haven’t seen yet but am pretty sure I will at some point) expressing … disappointment? that Gigi’s story with George wasn’t more  … epic, I guess.

Honestly, I am okay with this version of events, and am glad I didn’t speculate any more than I actually did because I would have tried to make it all much more complicated. But really? The simple version? It’s better.

There’s just no good equivalent for running off and eloping without familial consent in this day and age. There just isn’t. In the book, these things are true:

  • Wickham was promised a living by Darcy Sr. He didn’t want it, he turned it in for cash
  • Wickham spent all the cash and knew Darcy Jr. wasn’t going to give him any more
  • To pay off debts/live the life he wanted, he needed to marry a rich woman
  • Georgiana Darcy was an incredibly rich woman, and also young and naive, a perfect combination
  • The plan was: seduce her, marry her, gain legal access to her money and there’s nothing Darcy can do about it without risking his sister’s reputation
  • Darcy interrupts them, and Georgiana feels more loyalty to him than to Wickham, so she spills everything and foils the plan

But in a modernization, those last few points don’t work so well. Marrying a rich woman is no guarantee of continued wealth in an age where marriages can be annulled and ended almost before they’re legally recognized, and pre-nup agreements are practically expected.

Yeah, they could have gone the route that found a modern way to hurt Gigi’s reputation, but the more I consider what those might be, the more … almost melodramatic they start to seem. I think it’s enough that George left Gigi with a reputation intact but a heart and a spirit thoroughly broken. In this version, her loyaltiesDON’T lie with her brother – she says horrible things to him for interfering; she picks George. And then, he takes the money, winks, says, “Sorry, Peach,” and leaves? What else could be more perfect revenge in George’s eyes? He was angry at Darcy, so he does what? Turns his sister against him, gets him to hand over a chunk of change, then breaks his sister’s heart.

Any ruining of reputation scenario (that I can think of as being comparable) comes complete with legal action being able to be taken against George. But this? He didn’t break a single law. He’s just a despicable human being.

So how does this tie back to Lydia? Simple.

George’s involvement with Gigi here was, from the start, revenge against someone who had wronged him. In this case, Darcy. Well, Lizzie has also wronged him. She posted the truth about his history on the internet for all the world to see, and if refusing to give him money counts as a wrong, you’d better believe that does.

And luckily, Lizzie has a little sister, too. And look at that – they just got into a huge fight, Lydia is emotionally hurt and refusing to speak to her sister, and she just announced that she’s going to Vegas. She couldn’t have made it any easier for him.

I am now more convinced than ever that George has ZERO true feelings for Lydia. In the book, maybe he did, but really he just wanted an easy lay and Lydia was a very willing participant once a few lies had been told. But this is different. This is entirely about Lizzie. He is going to break Lydia because Lizzie wronged him, and he’s as good as said so. This isn’t about Lydia. It never has been. She was just a convenient tool, just like Gigi was.

Ladies and gentlemen, George Wickham is a douche canoe.

Also, amending a statement from last week, I do now fully believe that Lydia’s downfall will happen either Monday or Thursday. A, because the show finishes at the end of March, and there’s a lot we still need to have happen, and B, because all the pieces are there now. We needed to know what happened to Gigi. Now we do.

Also, Lizzie and Darcy look entirely too happy and cozy in the screenshot for this part of the novel; that’s gotta get overshadowed by something, and soon.

Also also, am I the only one who thinks Darcy looks out of breath?

Shit’s about to go down, folks. Shit’s about to go down.