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Isabelle the Malec shipper
  • Isabelle: It's good practice.
  • Alec: Huh?
  • Isabelle: For asking Magnus out.
  • *next day Alec proposed to Lydia*
  • Isabelle: I said Magnus, not Lydia, and go on a date, not propose. Geez...
Got A Secret, Can You Keep It?

Fic Request: Liam accidentally walks in on stiles and Lydia in the janitor closet (he thought they were locked in there) and is traumatized. After they beg him not to tell anyone because it’s still new, and they don’t want to hurt Malia and all he agrees to keep their secret. Only Liam soon finds out he’s no good in keeping secrets and ends up blurting ‘Stiles and Lydia are doing it!’ to everyone he talks to, even if it’s completely out of context.

Rating: MA

Genre: Romance, Smut, Comedy, Established Relationship

Author: halsteadandlindsay

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anonymous asked:

Allison/Lydia - Long Distance Relationship and/or Social Media~

~700 words of married couple, domestic fluff, using the long distance relationship prompt! on ao3 here!

When Allison’s phone rings, she’s sitting on the balcony, book in one hand, steaming mug of coffee in the other. The winter chill hasn’t entirely left the air yet, but the sun is out, the sky is cloudless, and there’s absolutely no wind, so she’s perfectly cozy in a pair of thick socks and a heavy sweater borrowed from Lydia’s closet. The balcony door is open so that some of the winter stuffiness can air out of the apartment, and her phone is resting on the floor just on the other side of the door frame, so she’s able to easily grab it by simply leaning over the arm of the plastic chair.

“Hey Lyds,” she answers after checking the caller ID. “How’s the weather in your part of the world?”

“Unpredictable and annoying,” Lydia replies, her voice slightly muffled by the crackling of the connection. “Two days ago, I went to class in a dress and was sweating. Yesterday, it was so cold I couldn’t breathe, and it snowed. I don’t know how these people do it every year.”

“I’m sure you’d get used to it, if you stayed long enough,” Allison laughs. Lydia has been a visiting professor at a Toronto university for nearly six months now, and Allison lost count long ago of the number of times she’s complained about the cold.

Apparently, even though they’ve been living in Boston for nearly five years, part of Lydia is still firmly stuck in California.

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As Lydia stared into her closet aimlessly for a few minutes, she came to the realization that nothing she owned was really appealing to her at that moment. There were tons of dresses, skirts, and tops but Lydia was sick of everything she owned. The banshee slammed the door shut and let out a frustrated sigh before collapsing back onto her bed. She could see her reflection in her full-length mirror on the wall and Lydia hated looking at herself. She had become such a sad excuse for a person- getting mad so easily, not enjoying what she used to like, and only wanting to be inside by herself. Lydia narrowed her eyes as she continued looking at herself before shaking her head and jumping up. No, she wasn’t going to let this be her life. She wanted to convince Talia and herself that she was going to be alright eventually. She just needed to keep pushing herself that she was going to be alright. That’s why Lydia found herself bursting into Talia’s room and standing in front of the girl with her arms crossed. “I have a problem.” She said dramatically, clearly joking. “I have nothing to wear.” This time she was serious.

I Use A Bra? - Teen Wolf (Lydia Martin)

Anonymous said: Female reader getting stuck in Lydia’s closet while hiding from Lydia’s parents, who don’t know about female reader and Lydia dating. Bonus: Jackson is stuck under the bed.

You met Lydia’s shocked eyes as you both heard the front door open and close and her mother coming into the house downstairs. 

«Shit.» Lydia cursed under her breath.

You both bolted up from your position on the bed, you helping Lydia find her clothes as you made your way over to the closet, your own clothes in hand, your bra being showed under the bed in the process. 

You heard Lydia’s mom down in the kitchen, rummaging through the cupboards, as the door to Lydia’s room opened, Jackson silently closing it behind him, just as you pulled your sweater over your head.

 «I thought you said she wouldn’t be home for another hour?!» Jackson whisper yelled at Lydia.

«Yeah, I thought so. But here she is.» She whisper yelled back, only to freeze at the end of her sentence, as you all heard Lydia’s mom coming up the stairs.

«Lydia? Honey? You there?» Lydia’s mom called out. 

You quickly slipped into the closet, as you saw jackson slip under the bed. 

Lydia’s mom came into the room, seeing her daughter sitting on her bed, reading a book. 

«Hi, honey. Want anything to eat? I just bought some fresh fruit.» Her mother cheered, as she took a step into the room. 

«Yeah mom, that sounds amazing.» Lydia replied back, her voice slightly high pitched. 

Her mother was about to turn and walk out of the room when she stopped dead in her tracks. She was eyeing Lydia’s closet where you were hiding. 

You held your breath, not moving an inch. She walked closer to the closet, watching is closely. 

Just as she was about to reach out for the closet and open it, Jackson made a sound from under the bed. On purpose of course. It was better for him to be seen than you, since her parents didn’t know about you and Lydia’s relationship yet. Her mother quickly spun around, first looking at Lydia, then to under her bed where she could see Jackson’s arm slightly. 

Lydia bit her lip, knowing her mother would at least figure out one of you. 

«Who’s under your bed, Lydia?» Her mother asked, looking sternly at Lydia. 

«I’m afraid that would be me, Mrs Martin.» Jackson’s head came into view under the bed, a grin plastered on his face. He pushed himself out from under the bed, standing in front of Lydia’s bed in a second. 

«I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been here at this hour. It’s time for me to go home.» Jackson quickly said, starting to walk towards the door, Lydia’s mom still looking down towards under the bed. 

All of a sudden her brows furrowed as she bent down to pick up something from the floor. 

«Where did this one come from, Lydia?» Her mom asked, looking over at her daughter, holding up your bra. Mother and daughter were very close, and yes, her mother did know which bra was her daughter’s. And which size she wore, as yours was a bit larger.

 «Ehm…» Lydia trailed off, not knowing what to say. Her mother raised a brow at Lydia, then looking over at Jackson who stood there with a cheeky smile on his face, obviously having a solution to the situation, as he said. 

«I use a bra?» 


Wait, what? (closed)


Stiles didn’t even know how he was talked into this party in the first place. Oh wait, yes he did. Lydia came up to him and gave him that ‘Don’t argue with me’ look and said he was coming. Granted, he liked the fact that it was a smaller part, I.E. the whole school wasn’t invited, but still he had a over half the people here would be drunk by the end of the night.

The other half couldn’t get drunk, because they were werewolves. Oh yeah, Lydia invited them too. Even Derek, which was weird because Stiles didn’t even expect him to show up! But there he was, brooding in the corner as they got ready to play seven minutes in heaven. And, just his luck, his name was called first.

“And Stiles is going into the closet with…” Lydia said, digging her hand into the jar with the list of names in it. Pulling one out, she read it and announced, “Derek!”

“WHAT?!” Stiles squawked.