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The Girl Who Pt. 2

A/N: Hello beautifuls 😘😘 Here’s part 2 of this new Teen Wolf imagine series I’m working on. I’m sorry I didn’t post last week but I was out of town and it was my 21st birthday 🤓🍸🥃Here it is now and I’m really excited about it! Happy Friday readings 😌.

Part 1 is here —> The-Girl-Who-Pt-1

“Y/n, are you gonna be there for me?” Isaac asks softly only wanting her to hear but in a room of werewolves he knew that was impossible. They stand for together for a while getting lost into each other’s eyes; their hands find their way back home, intertwined together.
“Always,” she replies smiling at the sweet boy. She will save Isaac, she thinks to herself.
“Y/n the second they see you— Peter starts.
“Then I won’t get caught,” Y/n sasses as she walks out of the loft pulling Isaac with her.
And no one stopped her because they knew Y/f/n Y/l/n, the girl who’d put her life at risk for the disturbed, curly-haired werewolf whom she was in love with.
“Come on Allison, please?” Y/n begs her hunter friend as she follows her into the library.

“No,” Allison replies sharply, nearly cutting Y/n’s plead off.
The stuffy smell of must mixed with various lunches students snuck in, hit them both at once. Y/n watches a group of students sneakily eating greasy cheeseburgers and curly fries, that must be today’s lunch; Stiles is having a field day in the cafeteria, Y/n thinks to herself. The library is more crowded than usual; students sacrificing to eat lunch with their friends to prepare for midterms, which are vastly approaching. A few students glance up at the two girls, including Danny who smiles and softly waves at Y/n. His acknowledgement of her didn’t suffice as she starts walking towards his direction.
“I’ll catch up with you,” she tells Allison who nods as she walks towards the pack’s favorite table, a beaten-up, and wooden long table located far in the back of the library, that way no one could hear them talk about the supernatural rarities going on around them.
Y/n stood in front of her friend, “Hey Danny-Boy,” Y/n says as he stands and wraps her in a giant bear hug, lifting her petite frame off the ground.
“Hey Shorty,” he greets back calling her by the nickname several fellow classmates have assigned to her, including Coach; it doesn’t bother her though.
“How goes it?” Y/n asks smiling up at him as she straightens down her platinum leather skirt.
“Really great, I missed you at last Friday’s game though,” he says pouting slightly, “I hope you know we lost was because our good luck charm wasn’t there,” he teases, bumping his hip into Y/n’s side.
“Oh please, that’s a myth Scotty and Stiles created,” Y/n bashfully responds.
“Myth or not, it rings true,” he says matter of factly, causing Y/n to shrug.
“Hey, I’m having a movie-a-thon/pool party this weekend, parents will be gone,” Y/n invites him.
“Again?” Danny asks, not out of rudeness but sincerity knowing how much her parents’ absence affect her.
“Yeah, apparently, they’re looking to build a new corporate office so they’ve been going land hunting,” Y/n replies. “Honestly, I think they’re using that as an excuse to get a break from work,” Y/n jokes causing Danny to laugh.
“Well, you know you’re always welcome at my home,” Danny reassures Y/n, “My mom misses you. Her exact words were ‘What happened to the sweet, pretty girl, who loves my cooking’” Danny tells her causing them both to laugh.
“I miss your mom so much, she’s so sweet and her cooking broke dah mouth,” Y/n says using her friend’s native slang. “Those two months we were lab partners I ate so good, between the poke, chicken long rice, saimin, laulau, and what was that stuff with the gravy and egg?” Y/n asks.
“We call it Loco Moco,” Danny says smiling remembering that was Y/n’s favorite.
“Mmmm, and the manapua, malasadas, and haupia, no wonder I gained almost 30 pounds,” Y/n laughs along with Danny.
“I remember, and you made me buy you new jeans and forced me to workout with you,” Danny adds.
“Well you only bought me three pairs so I had to lose the weight to fit back into my pants,” Y/n sasses playfully. “I’m pretty sure she thought you and I were dating,” Y/n adds.
“She did,” Danny confesses smiling.
“I could see it, though, I mean if you weren’t…” Y/n starts.
“Awww…does someone have a crush on me?” Danny teases as he pinches her cheeks.
“Stop,” Y/n whines, “You’re messing up my highlight,” she teases as she starts lightly punching him in his abs.
“Since when did you start wearing highlight?” Danny asks, “Lemme guess,” he begins, “Lydia Martin?”
“The girl knows her stuff,” Y/n chuckles.
“I’m glad to see her demeanor hasn’t tainted you though,” Danny adds.
“What do you mean?” Y/n inquiries.
“Well before her, you were repulsed by your parents’ money and the things it could buy,” Danny answers her.
“Well, she showed me that I don’t have to sacrifice my benevolence for Dior dresses, Anthropologie jumpsuits, and overly priced cosmetics,” Y/n says matter-factly, “Plus, I like the way highlight looks on me,” she finishes.
“Me too,” Danny winks as he brushes a piece of hair behind Y/n’s ear.
“Ooh, is my Danny-boy blushing? Is someone crushing on me?” Y/n teases Danny back as a deep sound of a voice clearing comes from behind her.
“Actually, he’s my Danny-boy,” Ethan says roughly as he purposely bumps into Y/n’s shoulder causing her to stumble into a pair of clawed hands.
“Well, well, what do we have here?” Aiden taunts as he traps Y/n’s sides in a death grip, his claws piercing her skin. She winces slightly but continues holding her poker face but he can smell the fear seeping through her pores. “Miss Y/f/n Y/l/n looking sexy as ever.”
“Let me go,” she says through tight teeth.
“Why? Aren’t we having fun?” he says squeezing her waist making her butt push into his crotch.
“That’s enough” Danny commands reaching towards Y/n but Ethan pulls him back.
“Stay out of this, “Ethan commands Danny, stunning him by his sudden surge of dominance.
Y/n continues struggling to break free as she glances at Danny, he looks at her with a sorry expression, “It’s okay, Danny,” Y/n says. “I’m fine,” she continues as she elbows the alpha in the side of his stomach.
He releases her and she starts to walk away but he snatches her by the back loop of her skirt.
“Still playing hard to get I see,” he snickers in her ear as he turns her around to face him.
“Tell me, baby, when will you stop playing with pups and come feel what’s like to be with an alpha,” Aiden asks as his eyes quickly flash a fiery red, his hands snaking back to her waist flushing her body against his.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Y/n says, trying to pry his hands off, but its no use. “Isaac Lahey,” Aiden says.
“What about him?” Y/n snaps at Aiden and he’s taken aback by the furiousness radiating off her velvety skin.
“Oh? Trouble in paradise?” Aiden taunts as his hands move to her butt, “Did the pup abandon you the same way his father did him?” he asks as he starts groping her.
“Stop please,” she begs him, staring weakly into his burning eyes.
“Let me take you back to my place and I promise you’d be begging me not to, babe,” he whispers in her ear.
“Alright, enough!” Danny shouts causing quite a few students to look at the four of them, including Allison who watched the whole thing from afar. Y/n is right she needs to learn how to fight, well at least defend herself, Allison thought to herself.
“Whenever you’re tired of chasing Isaac, I’ll be waiting princess,” Aiden whispers before he mockingly kisses her cheek and walks past her.
Isaac Lahey, the name brings a sour taste to her mouth. The curly-haired boy has been ignoring her for the last week. The last she’s talked to him was after training in the loft, when Y/n took him back to her house.
                                              ONE WEEK AGO
Isaac’s jaw drops as they walk into Y/n’s enormous room. “You’ve literally had your mouth open since we pulled up,” Y/n teases him.
“Your room is gigantic!” he exclaims as he walks into it doing a few 360’s. Her walls were decorated with pale purplish-blue quartz crystal matching her spotless, plush wool carpet. Both sides of her room have an acrylic panel door, bordered with turquoise and curly line accents of silver. The door on the left is ajar and he sees, what looks like another hallway leading to another room but he realizes it’s her closet. Lydia must have a field day in here, Isaac thinks to himself.  In the left corner of her room is a wall length tri-window, which opens to reveal a small balcony facing the woods; he knows she’s spent countless hours standing out there meditating. Three steps lead to her king size bed centered towards the back wall of her room taking up a great amount of space. Four room tall beams frame her bed as a silky ivory canopy drapes over her neatly tidy bed. Isaac walks toward her mountain of a bed and run his fingers over her silk pillows. Never has he felt material as smooth as this.
“It’s charmeuse satin,” Y/n tells him, “It feels like heaven when you sleep on it naked,” she tells him bluntly, unknowingly killing the nervous boy in a good way. He starts feeling himself growing as he pictures himself lying naked under those sheets as the y/s/c girl rides him to oblivion.
“Are you alright?” Y/n asks as she watches the werewolf’s flustered expression.
“Yeah,” he says weakly taking in the rest of the room. Straight across from her bed is a sparkling marble, three-tier 10ft desk. The top tier is full of glass organizers filled with pencils, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and other study tools all organized by color. The second tier is decorated with two Apple Mac desktops, a printer, and a built-in touch screen calendar. Textbooks, homework, and the new book she’s reading, “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer, lay atop the final tier. “No books about werewolves or banshees, or information about the nemeton?” Isaac questions, he would expect her room to be filled supernatural information seeing that she does majority of the research.
“We keep it at Stiles’ home. If the housekeeper would’ve came in and found it, my parents would ship me off to London with Jackson,” Y/n informs him.
“How’s he doing, by the way?” Isaac asks, sincerely wanting to know.
“He’s doing great!” Y/n smiles, “Apparently, London chicks are freaks, if you know what I mean,” she says winking at him causing Isaac to raise his eyebrows at her. “His words, not mine” Y/n says raising her hands making Isaac laugh. “I miss him,” Y/n speaks up after a moment of silence, “My parents and I are going to visit the Whittemore’s over Christmas break,” she gleams, clapping her hands.  
“You’re going to London?” Isaac says, sadness flushing over his face.
“Only for three weeks,” she says grabbing his hands.
“I don’t know if I can go that long without my anchor,” he informs her pulling her closer into him.
“I’ll be back before you know it,” she assures him, rubbing her thumbs over his warm knuckles.
“Yeah but who knows what’ll show up in those three weeks,” he rebuttals.
“Isaac,” Y/n says firmly, “Christmas break is a month away, no need to get upset now,” she tells him.
A weird hammock-like pod-shaped chair tucked into her desk catches his eye, “How do you sit in that?” Isaac queries, making the girl chuckle.
“It’s a lot more comfortable than it looks,” she reassures him staring into his warm, blue eyes as he stares back into hers. How did he end up here, in the girl of his dreams’ room, holding her in his arms? Suddenly he realizes he’s both sweaty and smelly, the last two things he wants to be while he’s living out his ultimate fantasy.
“Do you mind if I use your shower?” Isaac asks Y/n, interrupting their trance.
“Sure!” Y/n gleams, “It’s the door to the right,” she says pointing towards the other closed door. “There’s fresh towels in the cabinet, and sorry but I only have vanilla and lavender soaps and lotions,” she confesses.
“That’s fine,” Isaac chuckles, as he finally learns what her signature smell is.
“If you would like I can throw your clothes into the wash now so you can change into them once you’re finished,” Y/n suggests to the adorable boy.
“That’s fine,” Isaac says again walking into the spacious bathroom; which is about the size of Derek’s living room. Straight to the back of the bathroom, in front of another floor length window, is a free-standing marble tub, taking up nearly the whole back of the room. To the right of the tub is a four-door shower, with a fountain head the size of a ceiling fan, hanging from the matching white marble ceiling. The left of the bathroom holds a radiant white marble sink with a vanity decorated with makeup. The bathroom walls are an exotic turquoise material, the floor covered in, plush white carpet.
“You have carpet in your bathroom!?” Isaac gasps, as he watches his toes disappear in the smooth and fluffy floor.
“It’s 100% Vicuña fur,” Y/n tells him as he raises his eyebrow at her. “It’s from llamas in Peru,” Y/n informs him.
“This is probably the world’s most expensive mansion,” Isaac starts, “Is your whole room basically, expensive furs, marble and quartz crystals?” he asks.
“Our house is number four on the top 10 most expensive houses coming in at nearly 8.7 billion dollars,” Y/n says lowering her head.
“And yet you’d rather stay at the loft,” Isaac shakes his head.
“A carpeted bathroom and three quarters of a million-furnished bedroom doesn’t make a house a home, family does,” Y/n says as she turns to walk away, “Soap and lotion is behind the mirror, just press the button on the bottom to open it,” she finishes shutting the door. She softly plants her back against the semi-transparent door as tears start running down her eyes, creating a puddle in her clavicle.
While undressing, Isaac caught a whiff of deep sorrow, he smelled anguish. He found the towels in the glass cabinet and wrapped one around his waist as he walked out the bathroom to find Y/n sitting on her California king bed, softly sobbing while she hides behind the canopy drapes. Y/n notices the stream of light coming through the room and she looks up to see Isaac standing in the doorway staring at her. He puts his clothes in her hamper and walks towards her, watching her hastily wipe the tears from her eyes and smile at him trying to cover up her pain. He drinks in this rare site; this is the first time he’s seen her cry; in fact, it’s the first time he’s seen her show an emotion besides content. He pities Y/f/n Y/l/n, the girl who has to hide her emotions because how could she be unhappy living in a castle, right? But maybe she was never okay. Maybe her never fading smile, warming spirit and expensive luxuries are all a façade. Could the glue of the pack be the most broken?
“I’m sorry if I hurt you,” Isaac apologizes as he sits next her grabbing her damp hands.
“You didn’t. I don’t even know why I’m crying,” Y/n chortles, “I must be getting my period or something,” she jokes but cringes as she realizes what she shared.
“Y/n, you don’t have to put on the I-got-it-all-together façade around me,” Isaac reassures her, “I see right through it.”
“I’m fine, Isaac, seriously,” Y/n says as she leaps off her bed walking towards the hamper picking up his sweaty clothes. “Shower,” she commands him, “I’ll be downstairs,” she finishes as she walks out the room leaving a confused Isaac in the nearly million-dollar room.
“I never knew a shower could feel so good,” Isaac sighs walking in the all granite kitchen to where Y/n was preparing dinner. “I think that’s the first time I’d taken a shower nearly an hour long,” he adds.
“If you think that’s nice, you should try bathing in my tub,” Y/n tells him, as she starts kneading dough.
“Maybe we’ll do that next time,” Isaac suggests as he comes up behind her, his arms trapping her in between the counter top covered in tomatoes, onions, flour, and eggs. Little water droplets fall onto Y/n’s shoulder from Isaac’s wet hair; this was normal for them. They flirtatiously talk to one another, subtly touch each other, cuddle, and make lewd suggestions not knowing the affect their sensual words had on one another. Isaac pecks her forehead lightly, feeling her face warm up. “I wanna cuddle,” he whispers in her ear Y/n suddenly realizes she’d rather be doing that as well. Y/n become suddenly becomes aware that he is only wearing a towel around his waist and that cuddles will have to wait until after his clothes are finished drying. Even though butterflies flutter in her stomach at how close her crush is from her, it made her slightly uncomfortable as well since he was naked. Isaac knew this but he was out of his comfort zone too so he didn’t budge.
“Are y-you hungry?” Y/n stutters out as she continues kneading the dough her hips every now and then pushing into his front.
“I could eat,” he tells her, “What are we having?”
“I’m making Ragù,” Y/n smiles slightly turning to look at him, their faces now centimeters apart.
“Is that Italian for a pile of clay?” Isaac asks making Y/n laugh at the clueless boy. A smile spreads across his face as he watches her laugh at his corny joke, he loves that he can make her smile.
“No silly, it’s pasta. This is the dough for the noodles. I make everything from scratch,” she informs him as she sprinkles some more flour onto her board and continue kneading.
“Oh, so that’s why everyone says your cooking is to die for?” Isaac asks watching her mush and mold the dough.
“No,” Y/n starts adding another egg to the dough, “It’s because I cook with love,” she beams at him as she kisses his cheek causing a loud smack sound, which made him fall even harder for the innocently adorable girl.
“Can you do me a favor and start chopping the onions for me?” she asks pointing towards the cutting board filled with tomatoes and onions.
“Sure, princess,” he obliges as he stands next to her, taking a knife out of the knife holder and peeling the skin back off the onions.
“Careful Isaac, don’t get so close to the onions, they’ll tear up your eyes,” Y/n warns and Isaac quickly dismisses her warning.
“Baby, I’m faster than a cheetah, I have the strength of 10 oxen and I have these,” he says as he flicks his claws out, “How is this little thing gonna hurt me?” he challenges as he starts cutting the onion in halves and quarters. About half way dicing the onion, Isaac slams the knife down on the counter.
“Okay, I underestimated the onion,” he admits as he goes to wipe his eyes. “Oh, is the big bad wolf getting whipped by a little onion?” Y/n jokes as she grabs a knife to cut the noodles.
“Shit,” Isaac curses causing Y/n to look at him rubbing his eyes ferociously.
“No, don’t wipe your eyes with your hands, they’re covered in onion and it’s gonna irritate them even more,” Y/n says wiping her flour-covered hands on her apron, and escorting him to the sink. “Here, rinse your eyes with cold water,” Y/n says as she turns on the platinum faucet and gently puts his head by the water so it runs over his eyes.
“Okay,” Isaac says letting her know his eyes are better, “One second,” she says as she runs out the kitchen. She quickly comes back with a towel in her hand, “Here,” Y/n says as she gently grabs a hold of his face patting his eyes dry.
“Thank you, Y/n,” Isaac says staring deeply into her gorgeous eyes, he could stare into them all day. “No biggie,” she dismisses turning to finish cutting the dough into strips.
“No,” Isaac stops her pulling Y/n back into him, holding her by her waist. “I’m not only saying thank you for preventing me from going blind, but for everything,” he says with sincerity. “Thank you for agreeing to be there for me at the fight. Thanks for always taking care and looking out for me even when it may cost your own life. Thank you for never judging me or treating me differently because of what I’ve been through. Thanks for being my anchor, thanks for being the only one who brings me back to my true self. You’re so gentle and patient with me and you’re so beautiful it literally makes my heart hurt. Thank you for being you,” he confesses to her pouring his heart into every single word; his hands now planted on both sides of her face.
“Isaac, every day I fall deeper for you. You’re the sweetest and most passionate guy I know, I’ll never leave your side, I’m here for you, always, you’re welcome,” Y/n reaffirms him, bringing her hands to his waist.
“May I kiss you?” Isaac asks softly already pulling her head towards his.
“Yes,” Y/n says as she jumps on the inside anticipating the kiss of her dreams. His soft, pink lips are cool against her warm ones creating a blissful sensation. The kiss is sweet and innocent as they share closed-mouth pecks but it quickly heats up as Isaac grabs Y/n’s hair making her gasps and his tongue slips into her hot and sweet mouth. The clean kiss becomes filthier as he moans into her mouth tasting the mint she’d previously eaten, he massages his tongue over hers winning dominance. All the built up sexual tension slowly releases as Isaac’s hands move down to Y/n’s butt and he begins kneading and massaging it causing Y/n to become a moaning mess.
“Y’like that?” he asks breathless as his lips immediately attach back to her slightly puffy ones. “Mhmm” she answers kissing the sweet boy with so much passion her knees go weak.  He holds her steady as she wraps her hands in his damp curls, tugging softly at them causing Isaac to release a throaty growl. She tugs at them again this time a little harder and in return he sucks and nibbles her bottom lip. Randy Newman’s “You Got a Friend in Me” starts ringing through the air and Isaac pulls away.
“Ignore it,” Y/n tells him pulling his face back into hers. The ringing stops and they get lost in each other again until her phone rings again.
“Damn Stiles,” she curses knowing its him as she walks away from a flustered Isaac to her phone. She slides answer, “How may I service thee?” she sasses to the mole-boy she touches her lip as she feels it swelling, stupid fangs.
“I’m just checking on you, I haven’t heard from you in a few hours, you usually call me, Scott or Derek when you’ve made it home,” Isaac hears Stiles says, he can practically smell the worry through the phone.
“Yeah, we’re fine,” Y/n says as she turns to face Isaac who has a weird, indescribable look on his face. Isaac tunes out of their conversation as he feels a tightening feeling in his chest, what is that? It feels as if someone is literally clawing at his heart; he hurts. It didn’t start happening until she began talking to Stiles, he glances over to her laughing at something Stiles says and anger fills his veins as he starts seeing red. That dumb Stiles, always making his Y/n laugh, it should be Isaac and only Isaac bringing joy to her. And that’s when it hit him, he was jealous. Not the cute, adorable jealous, the type of jealous where it was taking everything in him to not march over to where Stiles was and skin him alive. He remembered Derek telling him once he kisses his mate, he will become so protective of her that literally anyone or thing that comes near her he’d want dead. And right now, he wants Stiles dead for talking to Y/n, so does that mean Y/n is his mate? Her infectious laugh interrupts his thoughts and he starts plotting how he could end Stiles. But if he kills Stiles, Y/n will hate him forever and he’d rather die than have him hate her. Derek said the only thing worse than not being able to protect your mate is having your mate reject you; “It could kill both of you,” Isaac recalls Derek telling him. Deciding that leaving was his best option for now, he snuck out while her back was turned and ran for it. He ran to save both of their lives.

                                                      RIGHT NOW
“Y/n are you alright?” Allison asks worriedly watching her friend sit down across from her in a distraught state. “Of course, I’m fine,” Y/n smiles at her reassuringly. Only Y/n could get harassed and still manage to smile and help her friends.
“Let’s study for this statistics midterm,” Y/n suggests.
“Why did I let you talk me into taking this class with you?” Allison asks mainly to herself as she side glances at Y/n while pulling out her textbook, custom-annotated notes Y/n made for her and several sharpened pencils.
“Cause you love me” Y/n answers sweetly, pulling out her study materials too.
“Huh,” Allison says nodding her head, “Yep, that’s exactly why,” Allison agrees laughing slightly.
Actually, Y/n was required to take a higher-level math course her junior year. Her counselor advised her to take Calculus I, to which she thought was too ambitious especially with everything going on with her friends. She wanted to be there for them so she chose statistics instead. However, she didn’t want to take it alone, so she begged her friends to take the class with her. Scott and Stiles both laughed at how they barely passed algebra and moped about statistics being too hard, and blah blah. Lydia practically laughed in her face, as she informed Y/n that she’d already taken statistics in 7th grade, which left Allison. All it took was Y/n’s puppy dog eyes and a promise to make Allison breakfast every other Saturday to seal the deal, which Y/n has held up to.
“So, since you love me, you should train me!” Y/n gasps dramatically, as if she just stumbled upon the greatest idea ever.
“Y/n,” Allison hesitates, “My answer is still no, just like yesterday, the day before that and the day before that” Allison finishes. “Now, help me with problem 17 in chapter 4—gosh I hate probability,” she continues. Giving up, Y/n opens her book and begins helping her friend understand probabilities.
“Ally,” Y/n starts after 40 minutes of finding probabilities of cheesy scenarios their teacher created, “Why won’t you train me?”
“Y/n, if I can be honest, I think you should be training, or at least learn how to self-defend,” Allison starts giving Y/n hope that she’ll agree. “But,” Allison continues.
“No! Don’t say ‘but’,” Y/n pleads grabbing Allison cold fingers.
“I don’t think you should be a part of the battle that is gonna go down or any supernatural fight for that matter. So, if I do train you, it means I support your decision to be there, which, if you didn’t know already, I don’t. Plus, Scott will kill me, if he’d find out,” Allison tells her causing Y/n to pout like a child.
“If I find out what?” a voice says from behind them. They turn around and see Scott, Stiles and Lydia walking towards them.
“I brought lunch,” Lydia says sweetly as she pulls out sushi for Y/n and a salad for Allison.
“Ew, how do you eat that?” Stiles asks Y/n as she’s already downed her third salmon skin roll.
“Like this,” she says as she puts a whole roll into her mouth, moaning softly.
“Did you hear about that girl who ate raw salmon? Yeah, she died of salmonella,” Stiles says trying to give his best friend a good scare.
“You do know that salmonella doesn’t come from salmon, right?” Y/n challenges him raising an eyebrow.
“Are you sure about that?” he asks as he picks up a roll to smell it and pretend gags.
“Quit! You’re getting booger air on my food,” Y/n laughs out making her friends chuckle at the girl who sincerely laughs at her own jokes. This is why she’d die for her friends, only they can uplift her mood like no other.
“You’re such a dork,” Stiles says as he starts laughing too at his goofy friend.
Even though he and Y/n bicker like an old married couple, he’s never met anyone as special as her. It may seem weird to others, but she fills the void his mom left after she died. Y/n never told Stiles the promise she made his mom, which was to keep him out of trouble and keep him on his toes. Y/n can proudly say she’s upheld half the promise; it seems that no one can tame the mischievousness of Stiles Stilinski. Despite not knowing the promise Y/n made, Stiles knows she’ll always be there for him no matter what and he, without a doubt, will do the same. There was no one like her, he often thought. She’s uniquely simple; beautifully whimsical; quirkily brilliant; sweetly sassy, and she only sees the good in people, contradicting yet perfectly pairing with his skeptical mindset.
“What were you guys talking about before?” Scott asks, looking at Y/n, her chemos were giving off a mixture of emotions: anger, fear and disappointment; something he’s not used smelling from her.
“Nothing! Hey Stiles, can you please take me to the library after school?” Y/n hurriedly speaks, but little did she know that Scott has already detected her rapid hear beat.
“Where’s your car?” Lydia asks, slightly disappointed as she was wanting a ride in her friend’s mock Bumble Bee Transformer car.
“I spent the night over the Stilinski’s,” Y/n tells her and Lydia nods in understanding.
“Sure, I’ll take you but help me out, because I’m confused at where we are now” Stiles queries, his voiced filled with sarcasm.
“Y/n” Scott says softly and she ignores him.
“No, you silly duck,” Y/n giggles as she reaches to touch Stiles hand, “There’s this library up north that has a book with more information about the darach and nemeton; I think it’ll be really helpful and figuring out how to locate it,” Y/n tells the pack, finishing her last roll.
“Are you still coming over for dinner?” Stiles asks, scratching underneath his chin.
“Mhmm” she says while sipping his water; for some odd reason Y/n always shares drinks with Stiles. “We can look through it after dinner?” she questions.
“Alright, so we’ll head up there right after school and then come home for dinner. Dad’s making your favorite,” he says, finishing off the water.
Y/n sexily moans at the new information she just learned, causing Lydia and Allison to give her a confused look.
“I’m sorry,” she says bashfully, “I just—
“Love my dad’s mole”
“Love his dad’s mole,” both Scott and Stiles say at the same time interrupting Y/n causing the girls to laugh at their friend; Y/f/n Y/l/n, the girl who is passionate about everything, sometimes overly passionate.
“Oh wait!” Y/n shouts abruptly, “I can’t have dinner with you, my parents are in town tonight for the grand opening of the new Japanese restaurant that just opened on the Plaza,” Y/n says beaming causing them all to smile warmly at her.
By now, it was no secret that her parents were always gone to the point where Y/n was basically living on her own. Her parents were either at the office or travelling for business, leaving the girl isolated in a 25,000 square feet castle, which is why she normally stays over Stiles’, Scott’s or Derek’s or they come over there. They all know how much she craved having her family home, which is why they always kept their doors open.
“I thought there was already a two-month waiting list for that place,” Erica says, walking strutting towards the table with Boyd and Isaac right behind her.
“Hey guys!” Y/n smiles warmly as she greets them all with a hug, except for Isaac whom she greets by grunting his name and walking past him to Boyd. He frowns immediately as he repulses the smell of another boy on her, not just any boy, but his sworn enemy. Isaac snaps his head toward direction of the smell and his eyes land on Aiden who is already glaring at him.
“Hey,” Y/n says softly to the slightly shifting werewolf, “What’s wrong?” she asks concernedly although she’s upset with him, she still cares for him like no other. “Nothing,” Isaac lies still staring at Aiden.
“Isaac stop shutting me out,” Y/n says softly breaking her cold exterior, while grabbing his clawed hand. She was referring not only to now but the past few days as he’s been ignoring her calls and texts. “I’m still here for you,” she reassures him by pecking his cheek softly causing him to fall even harder for his mate. After he ran out of Y/n’s house he went back to the loft and explained to Derek that Y/n was his mate and Derek nearly lost it. Derek warned Isaac that if he imprints Y/n, she’d be forever bound to him until death. Y/n deserves freedom, Derek told Isaac and he couldn’t agree more. She should have the right to decide whether she wants to accept him as her mate or not. Derek told Isaac the kiss began the imprinting process and that its best to cut all ties with her while it’s still early, meaning no more texting, late night phone calls, cuddling, hand-holding nor, being his anchor.
He snatches his hands from her, “Why do I smell Aiden all over you?” Isaac asks bluntly.  
“I’m okay,” she reassures him, bringing her hand to the side of his face but he quickly catches it, “Don’t,” he says through tight teeth shocking their friends. This is the first time anyone has ever seen Isaac treat his beloved Y/n with such coldness.
Embarrassment fills Y/n stomach as she starts fiddling with the charm bracelets her, Stiles and Scott made for her in 8th grade on her wrist, she wears it 24/7. She glances at her friends behind her and Isaac follows suit and the group abruptly goes back to talking amongst each other, not wanting them to know they’re eavesdropping.
“Why do I smell him on you?” Isaac says quieter yet with more ferocity.
“He grabbed me but, I’m fine,” Y/n says bringing her signature smile to her face, but just like he told her a week ago, he easily sees through her façade.
“I know you’re fine, Y/n, you always are,” he mocks, “But, I don’t like the way he’s looking at you, and he for damn sure shouldn’t be touching you,” Isaac seethes.
“Who touched you?” Scott says, picking up that something’s wrong.
“No one,” Y/n says not wanting her friends to get upset, there’s already enough going on between them and the alpha pack, the last thing they need to worry about is Aiden harassing her all that’ll do is add fuel to the already blazing fire.
“There is a wait list, Erica,” Y/n says quickly changing the subject, “But my parents, own the Plaza so we have to be there for the opening. Plus, we get free meals anytime we want,” Y/n replies smiling at her already smirking friend.
“So, you’re gonna take me out, right?” Erica asks.
“It’s a date babe,” Y/n answers back winking playfully at her blonde friend who giggles.  
“Y/n who touched you?” Stiles asks, looking at her concerned as he starts examining her.
“Wait someone touched you?” Erica asks, as she finally understands why she smells anger and worry, she thought they were jealous Y/n was gonna take her out before anyone else.
“Aiden,” Allison speaks up, anger rising in her veins.
“What?” everyone gasps.
“I’m okay, though,” Y/n says quickly dismissing everyone’s concerns as she snatches her arms away from Stiles, she didn’t know Allison had seen what happened before.
“He practically took advantage of her,” Allison confesses, as she stares at Y/n who’s already staring at her. Y/n tells Allison to stop with her eyes but she doesn’t.
“I watched him hold Y/n by her hips and grind his crotch against her. When she broke free he snatched her back and groped her while he whispered who knows what in her ear,” she finishes. “Scott, Stiles, I know you’re against it but maybe it is time for her to learn how to fight,” Allison suggests. It seems like everything moves in slow motion after Allison releases that bit of information. Stiles raises up her shirt and two purple hand prints topped by bleeding holes were visibly seen on both of her sides. The pack turns to face Danny’s table, where Aiden was sitting and he smirks at all of them.
“That’s it!” Isaac shouts, “I’m gonna kill him!”
“Right behind you,” Erica and Boyd say.
“You guys aren’t going to kill him,” Y/n says stepping before them to cut off their view of him.
“He hurt you, Y/n!” Isaac says, “So did you! And even though he physically caused me pain, it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as what you’ve done to my heart,” she snaps back causing hurt to flick over his face.
“I’m sorry,” Y/n says immediately, she didn’t want him to feel guilty because they both were at fault.
“Don’t be,” Isaac replies rushing out of the library with Boyd right on his toes to calm him down.
“See you later, love,” Erica says hugging Y/n and giving her a peck on the cheek.
“Bye,” she says softly.
She turns back around to face the pack, “Don’t worry about me,” Y/n speaks up as she grabs her belongings, “I’ll be fine,” she reassures them as she gives them a smile before she inserts her headphones and walks out of the library. And no one followed her because they knew she was Y/f/n Y/l/n, the girl who always has someone watching out for her. She sprints down the hall and quickly finds the boys’ locker room.
“Isaac?” she yells as she walks deeper into the room.
“Go away, Y/n!” he screams back as she runs toward the voice.
“Isaac,” she says breathlessly as she finally reaches him, he looks at her, tears streaming down his face. His body soaking wet from being held in the shower by Boyd and possibly Erica.
“I’m not okay,” she says shocking the werewolf, he looks at her with a stunned expression. “I’m not okay,” she sobs as she slides down to the cold concrete floor. Isaac immediately rushes over to broken girl, pulling her onto his lap and she immediately clings onto him. He rocks her gently as he whispers sweet nothings in her ear, lightly pecking her salty cheeks. “Don’t worry babe, I’m here for you, always,” he assures her hugging her tightly while questioning if Y/f/n Y/l/n, the glue of the pack has officially cracked. “Sorry Derek,” he whispers to himself as he gives himself into the girl in his arms because she needs him as much as he needs her. “Y/n,” Isaac starts, “There’s something I need to tell you.”
                                         BACK AT THE LIBRARY
“What’s Y/n hiding from me?” Scott asks Allison who’s still fighting back tears.
“Nothing Scott,” Allison dismisses him knowing Y/n wouldn’t want to upset him frankly, neither did she. Y/n revealed Allison last night how Scott had been struggling with control his shifting until a few days ago, any little thing sets him off into fits of rage, which is so unlike his character. Y/n narrowed it down to the unfortunate events that’s been happening to him, from he and Allison’s break up to a pack of Alphas wanting him.
“I know it’s not nothing, you smell,” he tells her causing her to raise an eyebrow at him.
“No, you don’t smell like smell, you smell like helplessness. Defeat. Disappointment. And it’s really strong,” he tells her. Allison looks between her three friends, and sighs.
“Y/n’s been asking me to train her and I think I should,” Allison informs the pack.
“What? Why?” Stiles asks confusedly.
“How many times do we have to go through this? Y/n is not gonna be there,” Scott seethes.
“You and I both know that is far from the truth. Isaac could kill Y/n’s puppy and she’ll still sacrifice her life for his,” Allison retorts. “Besides, you guys didn’t see how helpless she looked when Aiden was on her. It’s the same way I used to look and feel.”
“That’s different Allison! You come from a family of hunters. Fighting, archery, killing all that is literally pumping through your blood. Y/n comes from a family of elite and ludicrously rich entrepreneurs. The only thing in her DNA are threats. Threats that they have assassins fulfill for them while they pay off the authorities to keep quiet,” Stiles says.
“Stiles, Y/n isn’t like that,” Lydia speaks up for her friend.
“I know she isn’t, and that’s not my point,” Stiles says back.
“Then what is?” Allison asks.
“My point is, she’s not a fighter, nor does she have a hitman,” he adds looking at Lydia, “And let’s face it her altruism is an Achilles’ heel rather than an attribute,” Stiles says.
“You’re right,” Scott tells his best friend. “And no offense, Allison, but I can’t watch you change her into something she’s not,” he adds.
“Y/n is a strong girl, who fights for her friends!” Allison shouts, “How is helping her strengthen her innate qualities changing her into something she isn’t?”
“Is that what Gerard told you too? He was strengthening your innate qualities?” Stiles snarks at her.
“You guys are mistaken, I’m not gonna do what Gerard did to me! What kind of person do you think I am?” Allison snaps.
“We didn’t say you would, although insanity runs through DNA too. Gerard, Kate, Victoria,” Stiles starts but quickly shuts up after Allison shoots him a death glare.
“Scott, Allison is right. Y/n should at least learn how to defend herself,” Lydia speaks up. “If Y/n is going to be at the battle, she needs to be ready,” Lydia says seriously before she stands to freshen up before class.
“Y/n won’t be there. It isn’t safe! I thought we were all on the same page?” Scott says looking at his pack.
“Scott, I’m not saying I want her there but she will be. How can you sit there knowing she’ll be there unprotected? Do you not care for her?” Allison spits.
“Of course, I care for her! Besides, it doesn’t matter, I’ll protect her if she shows up,” Scott says.
“How can you fight a pack of alphas, protect Derek and Isaac as well as Y/n if she gets in danger?” Allison challenges him.
“I’ll find a way. I always do,” Scott tells her.
“You’re being an idiot! Let her train with me!” Allison demands.

“No! I’m sorry Allison, but I can’t let her become a monster like us,” Scott says.

“Are you saying I’m a monster?” Allison says full of appall.

“No, I’m saying you’re possible of doing monstrous things, just like all of us,” Scott tells her calmly. “And that’s my final answer, Y/n will not learn to fight,” he says storming off to find Y/n and confront her.
“By the way, Ms. Blake’s giving a pop quiz over “Heart of Darkness” today,” Stiles informs the two girls who roll their eyes at the hazel-eyed boy who gets up to help Scott find their friend.
Fury clouds Allison’s brain, how could they not understand that the person is more important than the principle. Y/n will be at the fight and she will be prepared.
                                 BACK IN THE LOCKER ROOM
“Wait, you were gonna tell me something,” Y/n breathes out, removing her lips from his sweet ones.
“It doesn’t matter,” he whispers pulling her back into him.
“Are you sure you sounded and looked pretty serious,” she says stopping herself from kissing the irresistible boy.
“I swear, it was nothing,” he tells her giving her the puppy eyes to which she fell for immediately, given in to his kisses. Her phone sounds letting her know she has a notification. She pulls away to check it knowing it was one of her friends checking on her, but Isaac wouldn’t let her go. “Don’t go. Stay,” he whines, “Give me kisses.”
“I will, as soon as you let me see who text me,” she says kissing his nose as she leaps off him. She opens her phone and sees she has a new text:
                                                 From Allison:
                                       Tomorrow, 5pm. Be alert.

Y/n smiles to herself as a small squeal escapes her kiss swollen lips.
“What’s up?” Isaac asks smiling softly at her as he hugs her from behind.
“Nothing. Just know, I’m here for you,” she smiles, turning around to face him as she entangles her hands back into his curly mane.
“I know, baby,” Isaac whispers as he smiles back at the enchanting girl. “And I’m here for you too,” he says as he kisses her sweetly.
“I know,” she whispers before attaching her lips back onto his. Isaac fervently kisses Y/f/n Y/l/n the girl who he could never tell was his mate in fear he would lose her forever.

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Female: Part 3

Disclaimer: Gif originally posted by me.

Author: @cynicallystiles

Prompt/Request: None.

Warning: Sad stuff, mention of mental illness, swearing, anxiety.

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Notes/Tags: @morganschiebel @sassysweetstories @dylan-trash-tbh. Y/D/N= Your dog’s name, Y/D/B= Your dog’s breed.

Masterlist Part 1 Part 2 Bonus: First Times

Words: 8,307

Originally posted by cynicallystiles

“Why the fuck do you have Stiles’ jersey in your bag?!”

All I can do is open my mouth as I try to think of an answer. I mean, I had only accepted it as a friend, and I thought she was mad at me so she wouldn’t care. But, I don’t think that’s a good excuse for accepting it. I’m definitely not mentioning the conversation about Stiles wanting to ask me out after what I just did with Lydia. She’ll freak out even more. But, we’re not a defined thing, and I don’t know what’s going on between me and Stiles. How did I get in this situation?

She took my silence as a bad thing, and I mentally curse myself for not being able to fucking explain anything well or in time. “Oh my god! He asked you to wear it! Didn’t he?!” Her voice is higher than usual, and I know that there is no good answer to this so I just nod. She scoffs at me, causing a painful ping in my chest. “And you accepted it?” I just nod again. “Wh-why would you accept this from him? I told you what it means this morning!” She lowers her voice from a yell, and now she just sounds confused and exasperated. I open my mouth to answer, but she cuts me off. “Oh my god….. are you dating him now? How could you be with me just now and be dating him?!” I can tell she’s getting worked up again because her voice went back to being high. I close my eyes and take a breath. “No, Lyds. We’re not dating. He asked me to wear it as one of his best friends. You yourself told me it didn’t have to be romantic.” I look up at her hoping that she’s understanding. She crosses her arms and waits for me to continue. “It was in the hallway after you started acting weird in class, and I was sad about it. He comforted me and asked me to wear it as a friend,” I trail off when I realize I’m rambling. Her face softens, and she uncrosses her arms. “Why didn’t you mention it before if he asked you to wear it as friends? Like, before we just did that?” She gestures to the bed, and I lower my head guiltily. She moves to sit on the bed next to me, and I pull the sheet up further to cover myself. I sigh and open my eyes, looking anywhere but at her. “Well, when I first got here I was just worried about why I thought you were mad at me. And then, all of this happened,” I say, gesturing to the bed like she did before continuing, “and honestly, the jersey was the last thing on my mind while I was being with you. Intimately.” I blush and she lifts my head to look at her. “I get it. I did have you a little distracted from the real world for a while.” We both laugh.

Thoughts run through my mind as I try to figure out how to tell her that Stiles and I might have more than friendly feelings for each other. She catches me zoned out and waves her hand in front of my face. “Helloooo?” I shake my head out of my thoughts, and she giggles. “Hmm?” I say, snapping my eyes back to focus on her. “You looked a little spaced for a second.” She tucks a piece of hair behind my ear before getting up from the bed to continue getting dressed. She tosses me my clothes, and I stand from the bed to get dressed quietly. I notice her watching me. “What? Do I have something on me? Is my hair weird?” I say smoothing down the hair on my scalp. I finish dressing, and she laughs and walks over to me to cup my face. “No! No, it’s just that you are so cute all post-sex.” I give a half smile because I don’t know how to respond. She pulls me in and pecks my lips. She notices that my lips didn’t respond as quickly as before and quirks her brows together. “What’s wrong, Y/N?” She searches my eyes as I just freeze, suddenly unable to make my mouth work in any way. I bite my lip nervously as I prepare to tell her the truth. “It’s…about the jersey…” I say slowly, trying to test how she’ll react. She moves her hands from my cheeks to rub my arms. “What about it? I understand now that it’s just a friend thing. And besides, we aren’t officially dating for real yet. So, you can wear his Friday.” I snap my eyes at her when she says the word “yet”. Oh my god, I don’t know what I’m doing. I like both of them a lot.

I take a breath and decide to just blurt it out. “Lyds, I’m gonna tell you something, and you gotta promise not to get upset.” Her curious expression turns to a serious one, and she nods. I take a quick, deep breath and just tell her the truth. “Stiles swears he asked me as just a friend, but that brought up the fact that he said he wanted to ask me out at some point. So, I know he likes me romantically, and I encouraged him because I like him like that, too. And I think that even if I hadn’t thought you were mad at me today, I would’ve still reacted the same. So, it’s not to like get back at you for shutting me out or anything. It’s-” She removes her hands from me and holds one up for me to stop talking as she sits down. A look of shock washes over her face and then a look of sadness. I walk towards her with my arms out and try to explain. “I really like you both, and I just don’t know how this happened. And I-” She throws both of her hands up in between us to stop me from approaching, and she gets up to cross the room to her closet. “Lydia? What are you doing?” I say cautiously, swallowing the lump in my throat from this situation.

She pulls a hanger from the closet and removes what looks like my jersey from it. After putting the hanger back, she crosses the room again to stand in front of me. Before I even understand what’s happening, she’s putting my jersey in my hands. “Lyds, why are you giving this back?” I ask, a small crack threatening to give away my sudden sadness. She takes a shaky breath, presumably trying to hide her own sadness. “Because I don’t think I should wear it unless you figure out what you want.” I shake my head rapidly and try to give it back to her, but she won’t take it. “No, no. I-I’ll give Stiles his jersey back. Just, p-please don’t do this..” I stutter out, my eyes beginning to sting with tears. Without a word, she moves to open her door and stands there deflated. “I think you should go home, Y/N.” And with those seven words, I fall apart. The tears flow rapidly, and I try my best to not sob loudly. Because when I do, it doesn’t stop for a long while. I wipe my eyes and gather my things as quickly as possible. I look at her one last time, hoping she would tell me to stay. But, she closes her eyes tight and sniffles, and with that, I dart out of her house and to my car. Once there, I let the loud sobs rack my body and rest my head against the wheel. Thoughts race through my head about the events of the past few hours. How could I fall for two people? How could she kick me out after we were just so close? And why did I feel so bad that she kicked me out? I’m so freaking confused about everything, and it feels like it’s all my fault. I sit there like that for a few minutes, before getting the crying under control long enough to drive home.

I pull up to my house and enter quietly, hoping not to wake anyone. As I creep up the stairs and head towards my room, I hear muffled talking. No. Muffled arguing. I stop in front of my parents’ door and quietly place my ear to it to listen. I can’t quite make out what they are arguing about, but it doesn’t sound good. They never argue like this, that I know of. I head towards my room and close the door. My dog perks his ears up, and I pat him on the head. “It’s gonna be okay, sugar,” I say, not so convincingly. So many feelings are rushing through me: confusion, anger, hurt, heartbreak, sadness, even physical pain in my chest. To keep myself from sobbing again and alerting my parents that I’m home, I decide to just be numb. Numb never really means numb. You’re aware of all of your emotions. You just don’t react to them as if they’re your own. I sometimes compare it to being a zombie. Because essentially I am. I don’t react to anything, nothing affects me. This isn’t the first time I’ve done it, but it’s definitely one of the hardest times. I empty my duffle bag of the dirty clothes from today and fill it with clean practice clothes and clean clothes to wear tomorrow. I fill my bag with necessities, such as brushes, toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant and all that jazz. After putting those things in my bag, I change out of my clothes and into a pair of clean pajamas. I grab my bags and head to the door. I stop in my bedroom doorway and pat my leg as a signal for Y/D/N to follow. Which he does. After getting out to my car, I text my mom, saying I’m staying at Lydia’s, and that I’ll be back tomorrow after practice. I start my car and leave, not wanting my drama to make whatever they are arguing about worse. After several minutes of driving around aimlessly, I decide I better find somewhere to stay. A few more minutes of driving pass, and I pull up into the driveway and park behind the familiar blue jeep.

I sit there for a while tapping my fingers on the wheel, trying to figure out how to approach this. Should Stiles’ house really be the place that I spend the night after what just happened? And what if he doesn’t even let me stay? I look over at Y/D/N, who stares at me intently. “What should a do, sugar?” He probably senses that I’m not okay, but he doesn’t see the signs of it, like crying. So, he waits patiently for me to need him. Which I always do. After looking at each other for a while, I come to a decision. “I know. I know. You’re right.” I say as if he’s actually holding up the other end of the conversation. I breathe out a huff of hot air before pulling out of the driveway and parking around the block. I dig through my bag, searching for the stupid article of clothing that started this whole mess. “Aha!” I exclaim to myself as I pull it out of my bag, slightly startling Y/D/N. “Sorry,” I say and pet him tentatively. After cracking the windows and exiting my car, I beep it to make sure it’s locked and make my way back around the corner to the front porch of Stiles’ house. I raise my hand to knock, but I freeze. Suddenly, I’m heartbroken that I’m about to do this, and it’s extremely hard to be numb to it. Because I know how he’ll react. He’ll think he did something, and demand to know what’s wrong. I just can’t deal with that right now.  And I don’t even know why I’m doing this, I just feel like it’ll solve something. Instead of knocking and having to see his face, I decide to hang his jersey on the doorknob. After successfully making sure it stays there, I bang on the door a few times and dash towards the street and hide behind a car. I peer through the windows of it and wait to see if he opens it. A minute or so later, a groggy looking, shirtless Stiles appears with gray sweatpants hanging loosely on his hips. God damn it, why is he so fucking gorgeous and making this so hard. He looks around sleepily for a second and after seeing no one, moves to close the door. He stops when he looks down and sees the jersey there. It’s too far away to be able to tell what his face looks like. Shock or worry maybe? He grabs the jersey and takes a few steps out onto his porch and looks around, searching for me. I duck my head when his eyes scan over the car I’m behind and hope he didn’t see me. Scrunching my eyes closed, I will myself to be numb. To not react to how much this is hurting me. It’s like ending something that never had a chance to be something, and that’s agonizing. I hear the door slam closed and venture a peek to see if he went inside. He did. I get up carefully and jog back to my car. Once inside, my phone lights up with a text from Stiles.

Stiles: Y/N why did I just find my jersey on my porch?

I ignore it and start my car, making my way to where I hope I’ll be staying tonight. On the way there, my phone lights up with more messages.

Stiles: Are you giving it back??

Stiles: Why though? Did I do something wrong?? :(

Stiles: Please answer me. I’m getting worried.

Stiles: Y/N just talk to me.

With each new message, my heart pings more painfully than the last time. I gulp, trying to swallow the cries that want to escape. Y/D/N must sense that the numb is wearing off because he lets out a few tentative whines. I glance at him and muster a smile for this little ball of fur that loves me. “I know. We are almost there, and then I’ll be good. I promise.” He lays his head back down on his paws and waits for the journey to be over. But, before it is, my phone lets out an earsplitting howl. Which startles me and causes me to swerve the car a bit, before I even it out again. I realize that it’s Stiles’ ringtone. He must have given up on texts and decided to call. I carefully reach over and turn it onto silent, so that I can focus on driving. I hear the vibrations, still constantly going off, and I smile to myself a bit as I remember the day that we recorded that ringtone for him.

“Ah! Stiles stoppp!! I can’t breathe!” I scream through fits of laughter as my eyes begin to water. “No! Not until you admit that Star Wars is better than Star Trek!!” He screams wildly as he continues his tickle assault on my abdomen. “Never, ever, ever would I tell a lie to you, Stiles!!” I giggle as I try to fight off his slender fingers. Eventually, he realizes that I’m not going to budge and stops, leaving his hand on my stomach as I lay sprawled out on the floor. “Damn you and your vow to always be honest with me.” He says dramatically, shaking his fist at the ceiling. “I think you should try out for the school play with that acting,” I say sarcastically, looking up at him from my place beneath him on the ground. After the debate on SW v. ST broke out, he began to tickle me, and we somehow wrestled each other onto the floor. I’m much smaller than he is, so it was easy for him to pin my arms above my head with one hand and tickle me with the other. All while straddling me. “Oh, yeah? And what’s the play about?” He asks curiously, while still holding my hands above my head. I think hard, closing my eyes while trying to remember. My eyes shoot open as I remember what it was, not realizing Stiles had leaned over and was close to my face now. “Oh, um. Hi.” I say as my cheeks begin to blush.  He smirks with a devilish look that I had never seen before on him. “Hi. Don’t mind me. What’s the play?” I swallow, suddenly nervous about the position we were in. “It’s, uh, it’s,” I clear my throat and continue, “ it’s Little Red Riding Hood.”  I manage to stutter out. He quirks an eyebrow and chuckles. “Oh, and what part should I play.” He says moving closer to my face a bit more. “Um. Well, there’s the lumberjack, or..” I whisper, being cut off by him. “Or the Big Bad Wolf. I like it. But, only if you’ll play Little Red?” I giggle. “And why would you want me to play that part?” I ask curiously. The smirk returns to his face as he answers, “Run the main lines with me real quick, and you’ll see. You know, the ‘my what big teeth you have’ thing?”  I nod, not knowing where he’s going with this.

I clear my throat and begin with the lines I remember. “What a deep voice you have,” I whisper, feigning a higher voice. “The better to greet you with,” he growls, and I suddenly have a warm feeling between my legs. “Um, what big eyes you have.” I continue on. “The better to see you with.” He whispers leaning closer, only inches away now. “What big hands you have,” I say softly. “Mm. The better to grab you with.” He says as he slides his hand under my shirt higher and higher. “Uh! What big teeth you have!” I say, panicking about what he’s gonna do next. His hand stops just below my breast, and he lowers his head so that his breath is fanning my lips. “The better to eat you with my dear.” He says seductively, and he moves to close the gap between our lips. “Stiles! What the hell is going on here?!” I hear a voice boom as the front door slams closed. My eyes widen in panic, and everything’s a blur. Stiles launches himself off of me to a standing position, while I release the breath I didn’t know I was holding. I lay there on the floor, not knowing what to do so I just panicked. And I literally played opossum, throwing my hands over my face and not moving. Stiles tries to stifle a panicked laugh at our predicament. “Oh, uh, we-we were just running lines for the school play.” He answers his dad’s question. I peek my through my fingers and see the red creeping up in between the moles on his neck. “Ahuh. And you had to do that on top of Y/N, in the middle of my living room?” The sheriff asks, and I audibly groan. I’m so embarrassed that the fricking sheriff caught me underneath his son like that. Stiles laughs this time, not being able to hold it back. “Next time it’ll be in my room?” He ventures. “Ahuh. Do we need to have the discussion about condoms?” The sheriff asks his son, and Stiles’ face freezes flashing his eyes to me for a second before back to his dad. While I recover my eyes I faintly whisper, “Oh God, please strike me with lightning right now.” The sheriff laughs. “No! Dad. Sheesh. It’s not even like that.” He says weirdly. I uncover my eyes again to see him looking at his dad weirdly as if he’s trying to talk to him through facial expressions. “Rigghhht. Y/N are you staying for dinner tonight?”  His dad directs his question at me. I move my hands and tilt my head up so that I’m looking at him upside down. “Yeah, that’d be nice Mr. Stilinski.” I give an embarrassed smile, and he leaves the room to change out of his uniform.

Stiles bursts out laughing, while I just lay there completely confused and self-conscious about that encounter. “Ohhh, come on. Enough with the pity party.” He says as he takes my hands and hoists me up to my feet. I wipe myself off and huff. “I’m not having a pity party.” I glare at him until his smile fades. “Oh, come on, Y/N. It wasn’t that bad. Besides, I think I found a new passion in life.” He grins at me. I scoff. “Is that theater or torturing me?” I say playfully shoving him. “Well, as much as I love torturing you, I love doing the opposite more.” He winks at me, and my mouth falls open. He chuckles, and steps closer. “I think I’d make a pretty good wolf. Don’t you think?” I scrunch my eyebrows skeptically, and he mocks being offended. “Don’t believe in me? Here listen to this!”  He steps back and takes a wide stance. He clears his throat before throwing his head back and letting out the most awful howl. “Ow-ow-owwoooooooo!” He drags out the last part. I burst out laughing, for the second time that day. He goes to continue, but I cover his mouth with my hand. “Wait!! Wait, I wanna record this!!” I grab my phone and step back so that I can get his whole wolf stance into view. I click a picture of it and move closer to record the sound. I hit record and give him a thumbs up. He proceeds to redo the howling. Maybe more awful than before, and I try to hold in my laughter to get a clean howl on the recording. Once I recorded a good amount, I hit stop and began laughing again. “You’re crazy Mischief Stilinksi!” I say, and he laughs with me. “Well then you must be a full moon, ‘cuz I’m only crazy around you! Plus, you’re just as beautiful. Even more so.” He says the last part seriously, but I couldn’t help but giggle at how cheesy he is. At the end of my giggle fit, I let out a content sigh. “Oh my gosh,” I giggle just a bit more, “I love you, Mischief,” I say incredulously, shaking my head at him. And actually, not even realizing I said it. Then, his dad called down the hall that dinner was about done and with one last look at Stiles I skipped to the kitchen to eat. Not noticing the phone in his hand.

So, that picture is his contact one and shows up along with the howl, every time he calls. I laugh to myself, remembering that day fondly, but nothing about what I had said before dinner. Before I knew it, I was around the corner from my destination. After parking the car around the block, I gathered the things I needed for the night and called for Y/D/N to follow. He’s so well behaved, I mostly don’t need a leash. But, once we step onto the porch in front of the door, I pick him up and raise one of my hands to knock. Before I could even knock, the door swings open, and I come face to face with, hopefully, someone who will let me stay with them. I open my mouth, surprised because I didn’t let them know I was coming. “How did you-” I say looking over my shoulder and back at them when they answered. “Your dog.” They say simply, and I remember what they told me. “Is it okay if I crash here tonight? I think everyone hates me right now, and I just-” I manage to choke out, suddenly becoming emotional again. They pull me into a hug, and my dog sniffs crazily, trying to get to know the new person. They rub my back soothing me and usher me inside. “Of course it’s okay. Why don’t you get ready for bed, then we’ll talk about it, okay?” I nod, wiping my nose on my sleeve. I get my phone out and turn it on since it’s no longer ringing. As I pass the table in the hall, I set my keys and phone on it and head up the stairs. After showering and getting ready for bed, I picked up Y/D/N and settled into the bed they were letting me sleep in. Soon, they came back in and sat on the corner of the bed next to me. “I don’t want to take your bed.” I begin to feel like I’ve already overstayed. “No, no. It’s absolutely fine. I’ll sleep in the chair. I’ve done it before.” They say and laugh. I smile sadly and hold my dog to me. They move so that they are sitting next to me against the headboard, and I lay my head on their shoulder. “Thank you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you said no.” I feel their shoulders shake as they laugh. “I would never abandon a friend in need. So, tell me what happened.” And so I did, trying my best to keep it together so it didn’t come out like a garbled, whiny mess. After crying so much again, I finally felt sleepy. Soon, I drifted off to sleep, barely noticing when the bed shifted as they left to go do something. I was so heavily asleep, that I had no idea what was going on downstairs.

~Stiles’ POV~

I’m lying in bed, half asleep when I hear a loud banging on the door downstairs. My dad is working a night shift at the station, so it’s either someone who wants to kill me or I don’t even know who would knock this late. I make my way down the stairs with my sweats hanging around my hips and shirtless because it was rather hot earlier. I try to look out the window to see who it is, but if there’s anyone there I can’t see them. After swinging the door open, I look around and find that no one is around. God. Kids must be seriously crazy to be ding-dong-ditching the sheriff’s house. And they didn’t even ring the doorbell. I roll my eyes and swing my head low as I go to shut the door. But when I do, I see my jersey carefully hung from the doorknob. I furrow my eyebrows trying to think how it got here. Maybe Y/N lost it, and someone returned it? Doubtful. Y/N is so organized, she wouldn’t lose this. Not in less than a day. Which means that something must’ve happened to make her change her mind about wearing it. I grab it off the doorknob and take a few steps out onto my porch. She must still be close, she would want to make sure I got it back. Right? After scanning the dark for a few seconds, I realize she must’ve left because she doesn’t want to face me. I step back into the house, closing the door behind me. Trying to think of what I should do, I run upstairs and grab a shirt and shoes. Before heading out to my jeep, I shoot her like a million texts, trying to figure out what I did. With the jersey in my hand, I settle into Roscoe and make my way to Lydia’s. The only place I could think of since I don’t really know where she lives.

I could go to the station and find her address, but that would take too long. While I’m on my way, I call her multiple times, hoping that that god awful ringtone would make her answer. After several calls, I realize she must’ve turned it off. I pull up at Lydia’s and rush into her house and up to her room. She never locks the friggin door, which is not safe. When I burst into her room, she’s startled and lets out an angry, “Stiles!” “Sorry, Lyds. I was wondering if you know where Y/N is? She gave this back to me, and I don’t know why.” I say confused, as I hold up my jersey to her. Her eyes widen, and she purses her lips. Only then do I realize that her eyes are puffy, and her nose is red. “She really gave that back?” She questions me sadly. “Yes, Lydia. Why have you been crying, though?” I interrogate her, never liking when she’s hurting. She gives a half smile and laughs slightly. “Of course she gave that back.” She shakes her head and rolls her eyes as she whispers to herself. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I furrow my eyebrows at her. She’s acting weirder than usual. She lets out a sigh. “Oh. Nothing. And I’m fine. I just…had an argument with my boyfriend. A big one.” I sit down beside her and put my hand on her shoulder. “You mean Y/L/N? What did he do? I swear I’ll kick his ass if he hurt you.” I say, fuming that he’s such an ass. She laughs loudly. “No! No, you won’t. Because it was both of our faults, and it was a dumb argument. But, anyway,” she changes the subject, “I don’t know where she is. I assume she’s at home. But, I don’t know where she lives either.” I watch her avert my eyes as she tells me this. I think she’s lying about knowing where she lives. They’re there all the time. I know because they always post on social media about their hangouts. I decide to let it slide, knowing that if she was going to tell me she would. “Well, okay. Thanks anyway.” I sigh, moving from the bed to the door. “Stiles?” I turn to face Lydia. “Hm?” I ask while scratching my neck. “If you find her,” she bites her lip, trying to figure out what to say, “could you-could you tell her I’m sorry? And that it was wrong of me to do that? She’ll know what I mean.” She looks sad, and it makes me wonder if she fought with Y/N and not Y/L/N. I look her up and down, then nod before leaving her house. I lock the door behind me as I exit.

Desperate to find her, I go to the only person that I know can find her quickly. I realize that I could wait until tomorrow, but I’ll never be able to sleep until I know why. The closer I get to my destination, the more my heart starts to ache. What if I don’t want to know the answer? What if that day at my house, and what she said in the hallway today didn’t mean anything? My breathing starts to get shallow a couple blocks away from where I’m going. God, don’t have a panic attack in the jeep. Don’t have a panic attack at this very moment. I’m looking at all the parked cars as I get closer to the house, and I notice one around the corner that looks familiar. I stop the jeep in the middle of the road and get out, leaving the door open. I walk up to the car, trying to look through the windows without looking creepy. Deciding that there’s no way to not look creepy at night while looking into someone’s car, I put my face close to the glass and cup my hands around my eyes to see. It’s really clean. Almost nothing personal in it. I’m about to walk away when a glint catches my eye. On a dainty chain hanging from the rearview mirror, is a charm that I know belongs to Y/N. It’s a light blue circle with a black jewel eclipsing part of it. It’s a moon. I got it for her a few days after the Red Riding Hood thing at my house. The black jewel is adjustable so that she could make the moon different phases for whenever she wants. I’ve never seen her wear it, but she told me she put it someplace she would always see it.

I stare at the necklace incredulously. Why would her car be parked around the block from where I’m going? Does she live on this block, and I didn’t know? I get back in my jeep, drive a few seconds further and pull into the driveway behind the dirt bike. I jog up to the porch with jersey in hand and knock rapidly on the front door. I would let myself in, but Melissa confiscated the key I made. He better get his little wolf ass up because this is an emergency. My knocking stops when he cracks the door open and looks through it. Upon seeing me, his face turns from confused to shocked. I tilt my head at his reaction because he’s usually happy to see me. He keeps the door cracked, though. “Hey, man! What are you doing here so late?” He smiles at me. A bit falsely if you ask me. “I need your help. Why do you have the door like that? I thought Melissa was at the hospital.” I look at him questionably. He’s hiding something. Which is weird because we don’t keep secrets.

He makes an “o” shape with his mouth and furrows his eyebrows before answering. “Uh, yeah. Yeah, she is. I just, uh,” he clears his throat, “I’m just super tired from practice. So, what do you need help with?” He closes his eyes for a moment, which to anyone else it would seem like he was just tired. But, I’m not anyone else. He’s listening to something.After opening his eyes again, he opens the door a little wider and stands up straight. Though he still doesn’t let me in. Getting slightly more agitated by the minute, I begin to ramble. I told him how I had asked Y/N to wear my jersey and how she had said yes. I told him about how afterward there was mention of asking her out and how she played coy. And how in the middle of the night she randomly leaves the jersey on my door handle. “And that is why I need your help, Scotty. I don’t know what I did or what’s wrong. And she won’t answer her phone so I can’t figure it out. But, I just want to know what’s wrong so I can fix it. So, I need you to track her because Lydia says she doesn’t know where Y/N lives, but she’s lying.” I finish with a huff and shove my jersey at him.

He shifts uncomfortably in the doorway, causing the door to open up slightly more. He doesn’t realize this as he slowly pushes the jersey away from himself and back to me. “Dude, I’m not gonna track her in the middle of the night. Or ever. That’s like, a violation of her privacy or something.” I begin to argue, “But, I-” Scott cuts me off with a lighthearted tone. “Stiles, I’m sure if Y/N wanted you to know where she was, you would know. And I’m sure she also has a reason for giving the jersey back. Maybe it’s not about you. Maybe she’s going through some things that you don’t know about or understand.” He raises his eyebrows wondering if I understood and was going to leave. He knows too damn much. Why is everyone conspiring against me finding Y/N?! I swing my jersey over my shoulder and shove my hands in my pockets. “Yeah, you’re right. I guess I’ll just catch her tomorrow.” Scott lets out a relieved breath and smiles, waiting for me to go back to my jeep. As I turn around, my eyes wander just past Scott’s head and into the hall. My sight lands on the table against the wall, and I freeze in my tracks. “Scott,” I say through gritted teeth, “why are Y/N’s keys on your hall table?!” My voice rises slightly.

His eyes widen, and he whips his head around to look at where I’m looking. He turns back to me and snaps the door to his body, but it’s too late. I’ve already seen her stuff laying on the table. “Those aren’t Y/N’s keys.” He tries to lie his way out. So much for honesty. “Scott. I can see all her weird little charms on it!” I raise my voice more and throw my arm in the direction of the table which is still blocked by the door. And suddenly, I remember seeing her car around the corner. I connect the pieces in my head, and without anyone else filling in the blanks, my mind goes to the worst place. “ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH Y/N?? IS THAT WHY HER CAR IS AROUND THE CORNER, AND YOU WON’T LET ME IN??” He tries to shush me, but I feel like I have all the evidence. I lower my voice from a yell, but I am still seething. “You know what she’s going through because she’s here! She came here after giving me my jersey back because she’s gonna wear yours! And earlier, Scotty, when you thought I didn’t notice you were listening to something?? You were listening to her upstairs, weren’t you?” With each question, I get quieter and anger turns to sadness. “Stiles, I-” I throw my hand up and take a deep breath. “Why do you do this to me? First, you make out with Lydia when you knew I liked her. And now?? Now, you’re sleeping with Y/N even though you know that I love her!”

We both pause when we hear that word come out of my mouth. I’ve never said it out loud because I’ve never even thought it before. “Stiles, I’m not sleeping with her! Those aren’t even her keys!” I shake my head as I can’t believe he’s still trying to lie. I fumble in my pocket before taking my phone out. “Oh yeah? That’s not her stuff? Her keys? Her phone?” I hit Y/N’s contact in my phone and listen to it ring. After a few seconds, the phone on the table vibrates and lets out an awful-sounding howl. I bite my lip to stop it from quivering. I feel betrayed. After hanging up the phone, I stare at Scott. He’s looking at the ground, defeated. “So, just tell me, Scott. Tell me the truth. Because you can’t say that’s not her phone when you know that’s my ringtone. I told you about that day and how it was the first time I realized that I liked her as more than a friend. I mean I probably did before that, but that’s when I knew.” A single tear slides down my cheek as I remember that day. He sighs and looks up to meet my eyes. “I am not sleeping with her. But, she is asleep upstairs. I can’t tell you why she gave the jersey back because that’s her secret to tell. But, I can tell you why she’s here. She has nowhere else to sleep tonight, Stiles.” I open my mouth slightly, not understanding why she has nowhere to go.

“But, what about her house?” Scott glances up the stairs. “Her parents were fighting when she got home. She didn’t want to cause more problems.” My heart breaks a bit as he tells me this. I always thought her parents and her were happy.  "Well, Lydia would’ve-“ I begin. He turns back to me and shakes his head. “They had a fight. A big one. That’s where she was coming from when she went home.” I, too, look up the stairs as if I can see her. The thought of her fighting with her best friend broke me. I knew something was up with Lydia and Y/N when I saw her tonight. “She could’ve stayed with me?” I whisper, my voice cracking a bit. He smiles sadly at me. “That’s why she went to your house in the first place. But, ultimately, she decided to give your jersey back.” I look down because I have no idea what to say or do. “W-why wouldn’t she tell me? I would’ve let her stay with me even if she gave this back… I would’ve, I would’ve-” I search for the words of how much I care for her and how I would’ve helped her, then Scott placed his hand on my shoulder. I meet his eyes, and there’s something in them that I don’t like. “Scotty, what aren’t you telling me?” I ask quietly.

He opens and closes his mouth like he doesn’t know how to describe it to me. He finally pulls me inside, and we stand at the bottom of the stairs. “You gotta promise you’re not gonna storm up there and wake her up. She really needs to sleep. She’s so drained from today.” I look at him concernedly and then nod for him to tell me. “Stiles, when she got here..” I stare at him waiting for him to continue. “She arrived with her dog.” He says that so seriously, but I’m not getting what the big deal is so I let out a laugh. “So? She brought her dog to stay the night. We already know she loves animals. Why is that bad?” He leans against the stair railing before elaborating. “Stiles, he’s not just her pet.” He raises his eyebrows like I’m supposed to know what the hell else a friggin Y/D/B is supposed to be. “Oh my God, Scott! Stop being so dramatic and tell me!” He sighs and looks me dead in the eyes. “He’s not just her pet,” he relaxes his features into a sad expression, “he’s a support dog. Her support dog.” I look into his eyes, trying to understand what he’s telling me. “Did she tell you? Was he wearing one of those vests?” I ask confusedly. He shoves his hands in his pockets. “He wasn’t wearing a vest, but I get the sense that she doesn’t want people to know. Which also means, no, she didn’t tell me. I could tell. The way he looks at her and sticks close. He’s trained to be attentive to her.”

I grip the stair rail, reeling from this information. “So, if he’s a support dog,” I begin my conclusion slowly, “then that means that Y/N has a mental illness? But, she’s never been like this since we met!” Even as I say the words, I don’t believe them. He shakes his head like I’m missing something. “I don’t know, man. It’s not always obvious. We can only guess and assume, but we won’t know unless she wants us to.” I drop my head and rub my eyes while I think about what I can do. While I’m thinking, Scott turns his ear to upstairs again. “What are you doing? Is she awake?” Scott suddenly goes around me and up the stairs. “Stay here. I’m gonna check on something.” He tells me, but I’m already following him up the stairs. He’s not gonna keep me from making sure she’s alright. We walk quietly down the hall so we don’t wake her. As we get closer to the room, I can hear a small whining sound. Scott is in front of me so I tap him on the shoulder. “Is that her dog whining? Does that mean something bad is happening?” I whisper, but he just holds up his finger and shushes me. After peeking into the room, he stands up straight and leans against the other side of the doorway. He gestures for me to do the same. I take my place in the doorway and see what he heard. It’s Y/N. She’s the one whining. She’s on her back, and all of her limbs are slightly moving. Her head keeps twitching, and I realize she’s having a nightmare or something. Her dog is lying quietly at her feet. I don’t understand why it’s not doing its job and helping her or something. I can’t watch her like this anymore, I have to help her. But before I can move out of the doorway and over to her, Scott puts his hand on my chest to stop me. “Just watch.” He nods toward the scene unfolding with a small smile.

I look back towards the bed and see what he’s talking about. Slowly but surely, her dog lifts his head up and looks at her. After staring for a few seconds, the dog rises to his feet and walks towards her head. He stops around her middle and lays himself so that he’s right up against her stomach. Her arm brushes the dog, apparently making her aware that he’s there. Then, she just rolls over and wraps her arm around the dog gently. She’s no longer making noise, and she’s lying peacefully with her dog. I let some air out of my nose as a corner of my lip turns upwards. “Wow. That’s like… magic or something.” I whisper. “She knows how to take care of herself, Stiles,” I hear Scott say to me as I watch her sleeping soundly. I pull my eyes away from her and look at him. “I know, I know,” I sigh, rubbing the back of my neck, “but what if it gets so bad she can’t do it by herself. What if something happens that’s so bad, her dog won’t be able to help. Am I supposed to just stand by and watch her hurt? I want to be there for her. I wanna be able to help her and hold her like her friggin dog does. I love her, Scotty. And I don’t care about her illnesses, I care that she didn’t tell me so that I could tell her I love her with all of it.” I grit my teeth, and he just nods, knowing I’m not done ranting. “I don’t think this has to do with why she gave the jersey back. Which means she’s lying about something else. And I don’t know why she feels the need to, but you’re right. When she’s ready she’ll tell me, and I’ll be waiting so I can tell her that it’s okay. Whatever it is.” He claps me on the back lightly. “That’s very cool of you, dude.” I look at him and pull him into a quick but meaningful hug. “Thanks, man. This, uh, this helped a lot.” He nods and moves to walk back down the stairs.

I wait in the doorway, and Scott turns back towards me. “You coming dude? We have an early practice.” Without turning back towards him, I answer, “Yeah, man. Just give me a second.” I walk quietly into the room and kneel down next to the bed in front of her. Gently brushing the hair away from her face, I tuck it behind her ear and lean in to whisper to her. It doesn’t matter if she’s asleep, I want to say this to her out loud. “Y/N,” I whisper softly, “I’d wait forever for you to let me in. I’d wait as long as it takes for you to realize that I love you. I know you’ve got your issues. But, trust me. I have my own too. I know you don’t need me to take care of you or help you out with yours. But I want you to know that I want to take care of you. So, when you’re ready to give me your problems, I’ll take them all and tell you I am in love with you still..” After making sure that my little speech didn’t wake her, I move to get up off the floor and leave. But, in a moment of insane courage, I move to kiss her on her cheek. I place my lips sweetly on her soft skin and let the kiss linger for a few seconds. She sighs in her sleep and stirs a bit, but stays asleep. I hope she doesn’t take to long to let me in because I’m dying to kiss her for real. I leave and return to my house, unable to sleep well after all that I’ve learned tonight.

~Y/N’s POV~

I hear voices that wake me from my deep sleep. But, I remain in a light daze as I continue to lie in bed. I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or not, but I swear Stiles is talking to me. It’s like he’s right next to me. He sounds muffled at first, but with some footsteps, his voice becomes clearer. My eyes stay closed as it’s hard to open them due to exhaustion. I feel a hand on my face and in my hair. Then he says those things to me, and I’m sure that I’m dreaming. Stiles would never say those things to me. So, I’m sure that I’m dreaming. But then, he kisses me and now I’m sure that it’s real. I’m awake, but I don’t dare open my eyes. I don’t know what I’d do or say. And so I listen to him leave, and my eyes open. I lay awake holding my dog, unable to sleep well after all that I’ve heard tonight.

Isabelle the Malec shipper
  • Isabelle: It's good practice.
  • Alec: Huh?
  • Isabelle: For asking Magnus out.
  • *next day Alec proposed to Lydia*
  • Isabelle: I said Magnus, not Lydia, and go on a date, not propose. Geez...

i’m getting really tired of people not being able to appreciate female friendships for what they are. lydia was never implied bisexual. lydia isn’t a closet lesbian. lydia isn’t bisexual and she didn’t have a romantic/sexual crush on allison. i think people have taken it way too far and believe what they’d like to change canonically, but it clearly was what it was. lydia loved allison, yes. but not in the way that she wanted to make out with her in a hot tub or whatever fantasy you want to apply. girls can be best friends without sexual subtext. lydia cared deeply about allison and was inspired to become a better person, but that didn’t mean she wanted her body. you can howl all you want, but lydia was never even bi-curious. it’s just getting irritating that at least one corner of the fandom is going to watch the show with rainbow-tinted goggles and make up “evidence” that she supposedly is.

7 Minutes in Heaven

The Chainsmokers- Roses

Truth or dare with the pack…

“Come on Y/N,” Lydia begged. “You have to play! It won’t be the same without you. It’s your house.”

“We need your witchy voodoo powers to amp up the party games,” Malia added as she placed small candles in the living room.

“It’ll be fun,” Kira comforted, setting up the drinks.

Groaning in agreement, I helped set up the cushions and snacks along with cushions, I was about to “voodoo light” the candles when Lydia stopped me.

“Save it for the guests,” she smiled.

Grinning in response, I turned my head as I heard the doorbell ring.

Kira opened the door and was immediately embraced by Scott. Lydia by Aiden, Malia by Stiles, and Isaac- well Isaac just jumped onto the couch.

“It’s a little dim in here, don’t you think?” Lydia asked.

Smirking, I closed my eyes and motioned towards the candles as they sparked and lit up. Isaac’s face held a look of awe for a moment, just before it was washed away with a smirk.

“Who’s up for some pizza?” Malia cheered.


“I still can’t believe you broke your arm during our first track meet,” Scott muttered in disbelief.

“I have very sensitive bones,” Stiles blushed, throwing a pillow at Scott’s face.

“Bet that’s not the only thing that’s sensitive…” Aiden teased.

Laughing in unison, I looked over to Isaac who was paying attention to everything but what we were stupidly discussing.

“How about we play a game?” Lydia gasped.

We all groaned at the naivety and childishness of the idea, but agreed when told that it was senior year and we could be as stupid as we wanted to.

“Don’t think you’re safe from this Lahey. Get your ass over here,” she demanded, placing a bottle in the center of the circle.

Isaac huffed in annoyance as he sat down next to Scott.

“I guess I’ll go first,” Lydia offered. Turning the bottle, it landed on Kira. All the boys except Isaac and Scott cheered in excitement. She gently pecked Kira on the cheek receiving boos from everyone.

“You never specified,” Kira smiled while leaning into Scott’s shoulder.

“From now on,” I theorized. “You can choose between kissing them and going into the closet for 7 minutes. Deal?”

Everyone seemed to approve. Stiles took a go and it landed on Lydia. Deciding not to risk it, he went with the latter and spent 7 minutes in the closet with Lydia while we munched on pizza. Nothing rogue was going on because all you could hear upstairs was laughter.

After Aiden kissed Scott, Scott kissed Stiles, and Kira was in the closet with Malia, it was Isaac’s turn to go. He reluctantly spun the bottle and we all waited in anticipation at who would get stuck with him tonight.

It slowed down, taking it’s sweet time to point at each and every single person sitting down.









Everyone’s eyes went to me, then Isaac, waiting for him to make his decision. Standing up, he walked over to me and offered me his hand. Taking it unwillingly, we walked up the stairs and into my bedroom closet.

Sitting down on my wooden trunk, I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, waiting for the 7 minutes to be over.

“What’s your favorite color?” he blurted out of nowhere.

“Now you decide to talk,” I muttered.

“Color,” he demanded childishly.

“Red,” I seethed.

Inching closer to me, I stood up reflexively, standing my ground.

Pressing his hands above my head, he leaned into my lips.

“I’m blue,” he smirked. “And I hate to break it to you, but I’d love to make purple.”

Chuckling at his stupid pick up line, I stared into his blue-green speckled eyes.

Closing my eyes, I felt his soft lips press into mine in a rough and desperate kiss, wrapping my body in a warm embrace.

Pulling away, I saw that his eyes were glowing gold, canines protruding. Hooking my arms around his torso, I leaned into his neck as he traced his teeth along mine.

Biting me harshly, I parted my mouth in an open sigh, letting him mark me.

Running my hands through his hair I tried to distract myself from the pain as he bit me in multiple areas.

By the time he was finished, we were both panting in the adrenaline rush we had gotten from what had just happened. Molding my lips into his once more, everywhere he touched was like a spark of electricity, only so much better.

“I think-” I gulped. “I think- we should go downstairs now…”

Smirking at my speechless nature, he kissed me one more time, sealing our bond.

We walked down to where everyone was laughing at Stiles who had somehow got 4 pillows shoved into his shirt. Props to Malia.

Isaac and I sat down next to each other, trying to make what we had just done less obvious.

“Y/N?” Aiden asked.

“Is that-” Kira continued.

“a-” Stiles retraced.

“-mark?” Scott finished.

“How many did-” Lydia exclaimed.

“Calm down there Lahey,” Malia surrendered.

Widening my eyes in shock, Isaac smiled proudly and brought me into his chest.

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reading all these makes me realize that when I loved holland roden a couple years back, it wasn't a "I want to be her" but a "I want to kiss her" 🤔

i adamantly refuse to believe that allison and lydia were not secretly dating, they had WAY too much on screen chemistry, lydia was a textbook closeted compulsory heterosexuality experiencing lesbian and allison was the Bi-est Bi i have ever seen

The Sweater Incident

Description: Missing Moment - How did Stiles and Lydia get so close to one another that she had to warn him not to kiss her. Find out in this one-shot about Lydia, Stiles, and a sweater in between 5x20 and 6x01.

Merry Christmas, @hollandroden

Stiles ran after Lydia and continued to rant about another “mythological” explanation for the disappearance of his favorite sweater. And Lydia was not having it. For the past 2 weeks, Stiles had been bothering her about the lack of supernatural occurrences. She wanted him to stop obsessing so that she could enjoy the peace and quiet, but he just continued to rant nonstop, day after day with no stopping in sight.

“Did you ever think that you just misplaced your sweater, Stiles?” Lydia asked.

“No, the first thing that came to my mind was that it was stolen by some supernatural creature,” Stiles snided. Lydia rolled her eyes. “Of course, I checked every corner of my room, the bathroom, and my dad’s room. It’s nowhere to be found which can only mean one thing. Someone stole it so that they could use it against me someway.”

Keep reading


Fem!Reader x Lydia x Kira

Requested By Anon

Warnings: teasing, dirty talk, smuttyness

Lydia couldn’t believe what she was hearing, there was no way you’d broken up with your boyfriend and told Aiden of all people instead of her. She shook her head and refused to believe the twin who sighed.

“Maybe this is why she told me.” Aiden hummed.


“We talk about everything there’s a better reason for her not telling me this.” Lydia snapped, fleeing the room in search of you as soon as the bell rang.


She caught up with you and you hurried away only to bump into Kira who grabbed your arm and started talking to you. Lydia drilled you about why you hadn’t said anything as Kira watched, focusing on the Goosebumps Lydia’s grip had caused to roll up your arms.


“We’ll take you out… Kira was planning on coming to mine to catch up anyway so we’ll spend a few hours at a party or something and then we’ll head back and you can stay at mine.” Lydia insisted.

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