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But consider this: Alternate ending to Pride and Prejudice where Darcy pays Wickham off and manages to convince Lydia to come back to Pemberley with him. Lydia’s still a bit upset, but Darcy tells her that her father and older sisters were worried about her, and that mollifies her for a while cause she’s never known them to be concerned over her before. Darcy and Lydia arrive back at Pemberley, and Georgiana is there to greet them. Georgiana and Lydia become fast friends, and Georgiana tells Lydia all about how terrible Wickham actually is. Lydia starts to realize that actually the way he treated her was wrong and gross and predatory. Darcy returns to Longbourn alone, having left Lydia at Pemberley with Georgiana. He tells Lizzie what he’s done, and about Lydia bonding with Georgiana. Not only is Lizzie incredibly grateful to Darcy, she also feels super guilty cause “God she’s my sister. Yeah she’s annoying as fuck but Darcy was there for my baby sister and I wasn’t.” Lizzie makes her peace with Lydia, and the two of them realize they have a fair amount in common. Also, Lydia loves Georgiana to the moon and back, and Georgiana is a very good influence like “Lydia maybe you shouldn’t drink that you’ll feel terrible in the morning. Lydia that soldiers trying to take advantage don’t dance with him.” Lydia learns how to read people a bit better as a result. Darcy and Lizzie and Jane and Bingley get married in a glorious double wedding. Lydia, Georgiana, Mary and Kitty are the bridesmaids. Caroline Bingley, unfortunately, was invited to a high profile event in London that she just couldn’t miss. Quite unfortunate, really. Darcy realizes that his sister has gone missing during the reception, walks in on Georgiana kissing Lydia in an empty room. Darcy and Lizzie are actually mostly fine with this cause “at least it’s not Wickham thank god”. Jane and Bingley are just like “well they’re happy and these crazy shenanigans are over so w/e”. Mr. & Mrs. Bennet just tactfully ignore the situation and pretend their daughter is helping Lizzie manage Pemberley or something. It’s about the same as pretending said daughter didn’t run off with a drunken, destitute, motherfucking [REDACTED]. Lizzie & Darcy and Jane & Bingley all have a shit ton of children, and Georgiana and Lydia are the cool aunts. George Wickham dies of typhus or some shit while fighting in some war in Europe. And they all live happily ever after. The end.

The Bobby Maler Fiasco

Ernst and Hanschen don’t fight. Until they do.


((or, why i need to stop indulging @nastyinkhakis and other people. Sort of prequel to this, or at least in the same universe))

Hanschen, in a stunning display of romcom-quality cliche, gets a crush on his TA.

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Honestly, I don’t think we can make any judgement on George and Lydia’s relationship until we see how they fight in the next episode (because it looks like they’re fighting, right?)

How a couple fights is *really* telling about the health of a relationship. Because *every* couple fights. Anyone who says they don’t is lying. It’s about fighting in a way that is still healthy and edifying to the relationship and to each other.