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I’m crying laughing because I haven’t drawn anything in almost two weeks and what is this crap?

Listen to me, Carl. No one is special. People like to think there are people out there they’re meant to be with… But that was horseshit before most everyone died. A relationship… It’s what you make of it. If you love someone, you’ll make yourself happy… And that’ll make them happy, and you’ll stay happy. That’s what’s important… Being happy. That’s what everyone wants in the end. That’s what they’re looking for. Lydia… Whoever. We’re all the same. Anybody can love anyone if they want to. Dale made me happy, and then I lost him. Your mother made Rick happy, and then he lost her. Then we found each other. We weren’t made for each other, nobody is, but we made each other happy. That’s what’s important. 

Issue 2 - Issue 167



viewer discretion advised.

malec cooking au
  • magnus is an upcoming chef who’s just starting a bakery “Pandemonium Bakery” (i know, creative) or something like that
  • his crew (ragnor, raphael and catarina) enter a baking competition
  • “Frays Goods” also enters, which is simon,  maia and clary
  • {add here anyother groups to the competition with uncreative names. like lydia or whoever else you want to add}
  • the competition is run by the lightwoods, who own the restaurant “The Institute” 
  • the judges are jace, izzy and, low and behold, alec
  • alec, obviously, is always the hardest judge to impress
  • and it’s never been this hard for him to judge before, but now there’s magnus 
  • and he thinks all of his food is perfect, but can’t tell if he is biased by his suave confidence and gorgeous face
  • so alec may be a bit biased for “Pandemonium Bakery”, especially when it comes to the cupcakes round, magnus’s specialty
  • alec does indeed have a secret sweet tooth
  • though, jace also seems to be biased by the nerd with flour always on his glasses in “Frays Goods”
  • so maybe this competition was not fair, or came to cooking, much at all
  • when alec is giving his feed back on any of magnus’s cooking, he’s the one who’s nervous
  • which magnus finds hilarious and endearing
  • at the end of that mess of a competition, the finalist are “Frays Goods” and “Pandemonium Bakery”
  • magnus’s dish to alec has his number scribbled on napkin underneath
  • decide which you want to win, but whoever loses isn’t really upset, cause someone got a date
  • and they’re all smiling like idiots, nearly laughing, as if they’re all old friends
  • (you can be assured, they will definatly be friends and hang out after this)
  • it’s ridiculous how unprofessional the competition was, alec just hopes his parents won’t hear about it
  • now alec has a number to text and a bakery to eat at

i was bored so here’s my trash au that i heard of and delved upon

That’s Why

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Request;  19 with Stiles please? (tw)

Prompt:  “When all else fails murder is usually a pretty good option”

“Well it’s not that hard”!

“Yes it is, there’s a lot of things I love about you! I can’t just pick one”!

“Oh come on, you seriously just can’t think of one thing”?

“No! And stop asking! We need to get inside”!

Stiles turned the knob and stormed inside without another word and you stomped in right after him. Both of you had been out to eat when Stiles had gotten a text from Scott saying to meet him and the rest of the pack at his house. On the way there, you’d been scrolling through Twitter and came across a tweet from someone at school gushing about how her boyfriend wrote her a huge letter talking about the one thing he loved most about her. So, being curious, you had asked Stiles what he loved most about you and after thinking it over real hard, he shrugged and just continued driving. 

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Imagine having a girls night with Allison and Lydia.

Lydia: “(y/n)! What would you say to a night of gossip, soppy movies, drinking, and just plain fun with me and Allison tonight?”

*Not my gif



“I love girls, I love them. I love- Especially ones with strawberry-blonde hair, green eyes, five-foot-three…”

“like Lydia?”

“Yeah, exactly like Lydia!”


“5 foot 3, green eyes, fair-skinned, and her hair is actually strawberry blonde.”


The Pack/Allison- They Just Picked The Wrong Girl To Push Around

Request-  An imagine where you are Alison’s younger sister and you get bullied at school and one the bullies mention Allison and you end up going like hunter mode on them and the pack finds out since Lydia (or whoever you want) had to pick you up from the office or something like that Thx!

A/N- I absolutely loved this request. Allison was one of my favs, if not the fav, and I’m kinda disappointed she didn’t have anyone to pass on her legacy too. I hope you like it as much as I did! Next up is a Stiles imagine.

You walked through the halls, keeping your head down low as people whispered behind your back. It was only three months into your first year of high school, yet you had already heard enough rumors to have you dreading waking up on weekday mornings.
Usually the kids who got bullied were judged for their appearance. What they looked like, what they wore, and their social life were all contributing factors to their ridicule. Not for you. For you, the source of the comments was your family.
Most of it was about Kate. It had been two years since people discovered that she was the cause of the Hale fire, but they were determined not to let you forget that you were related. They said all kinds of things behind your back, even going as far as to say that you were a serial killer too.
It wasn’t usually anything you couldn’t take, but there were some days when the other kids were particularly vicious. There were those days when they judged you, and everyone in your family. Things had only gotten worse with Allison’s death, and people even said things about her.
It didn’t happen every day, but when it came to the rumors, your sister was where you drew the line, and today was one of those days.
“You know her aunt was a serial killer,” one girl whispered to another.
“Burned the whole Hale family alive,” echoed the boy standing next to them.
“You think she helped?” someone asked.
“She looks like she would. Look at her face.”
You clenched your teeth, trying to ignore the harsh whispers. You didn’t even bother to tell them that you would have been six when Kate set the fire. As if a six year old would actually kill someone, but people would believe anything.
“You know her mom killed herself,” someone else said, not even bothering to be quiet.
“Probably couldn’t stand the shame,” another girl whispered.
“You know her sister died last year,” a tall boy with dark hair told everyone. “Maybe you should be a little less insensitive.”
Someone scoffed. “Please, she was probably a serial killer too.”
You stopped suddenly, your hands curling into fists. It took everything you had not to whirl around and tell the kids off for even thinking that about Allison. But you knew she wouldn’t want you starting a fight for her, so you just decided you would keep walking.
However, before you could take another step, someone called out to you. “What’s the matter, Argent? Did you off your sister too? Or did she do it for you? Maybe she couldn’t stand to be related to a psycho.”
You gritted your teeth, your mind screaming for you to keep walking, but it was like you physically couldn’t. You knew that voice. It was the voice of a boy named Austin, your number one tormentor.
You turned around slowly. “What did you say about my sister?” you asked through gritted teeth.
“I said,” he told you, stepping forward. “That she probably couldn’t stand to be related to you, so maybe she offed herself. Unless you’re the one who killed her. I wouldn’t be surprised. Hell, maybe she was a killer too.”
“My sister was a good person,” you spat. “Unlike you.”
“Aw, I’m so hurt,” Austin mocked, holding a hand to his heart. “The serial killer thinks I’m a bad person.”
Every student in the hall laughed, having stopped to listen to the confrontation. Everyone was looking at you, but frankly you didn’t care. You weren’t going to let some asshole make everyone think your sister was anything but a good person.
“Takes one to know one,” you retorted, and everyone in the hall let out a collective “ooh”.
“Like your opinion would even matter to me, bitch,” he sputtered.
“The why are you so upset?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. When he didn’t respond, a small smiled crossed your lips. “That’s what I thought.”
You turned around, ready to walk down the hall, but before the crowds could part for you, Austin grabbed your wrist. “Hey, I wasn’t done talking to you!” he snapped.
In a matter of seconds, you had grabbed his wrist and pinned it behind his back. “Don’t touch me,” you spat.
“Or what?” he asked. “You gonna burn me alive?”
You rolled your eyes, a disgusted noise escaping your lips. You let go of Austin, turning on her heel and stalking away, but before you could make it three feet you were shoved forward form behind.
You barely caught yourself on your palms before you hit the floor. You pushed yourself up, laughter echoing in your ears. You could feel your heart beat rising in anger as you looked at Austin’s smug face.
He stepped forward, reaching out to push you again, but this time you were ready. As he stepped forward, you swept your leg out, knocking his out from under him. He tumbled to the floor, and everyone stared at you in shock.
Austin’s expression turned to rage, and he immediately jumped up, his fist heading towards your face. You quickly blocked the hit with your forearm, those hunter skills coming in handy.
You brought your knee between his legs, and he groaned, dropping to his knees. You sent your fist crashing into his nose, and that was when two of his friends jumped to his aid.
One guy grabbed you, pulling you backwards, as the second punched you in the face. You kicked out with your legs, sending him flying onto his back as blood streamed from your mouth.
You wasted no time in slamming one of your boots down onto the first guy’s foot. He stumbled back and you slammed your elbow into his nose. You stood over him, a satisfied smirk crossing your face as you watched his broken nose gush blood.
You knew it was probably wrong to be enjoying this, but it felt so satisfying to get out all the anger coursing through your veins. The guy you had knocked to the floor jumped up, swinging his fist towards your face, but you ducked and sent your own fist flying into his nose.
You stood over Austin and his two buddies as they groaned on the floor. “Oh my god,” someone explained. “Oh my god, what is going on here?”
You looked up into the shocked face of Mrs. Martin, her eye wide as she looked at you standing over three groaning boys. You swallowed, simply shrugging your shoulders. “They started it?”

You sat in the front office, holding a tissue to your bloody lip. You had been suspended for a week, but since your dad was still hunting Kate in Mexico, you assumed there was no one to pick you up. The office aid had told you there was a contact listed, but at this point you had no idea who it was.
You were hoping it wasn’t Scott since this had happened before, and you weren’t sure you could take another disappointed stare from his puppy dog face. Teachers you could handle, but ever since Scott had started to date Allison, he had become a sort of older brother for you. You didn’t want him to be disappointed in you, and if he heard about this he certainly would be.
“Your uncle should be here in a few minutes to pick you up,” the office aid, a woman with gray curly hair, told you.
Her eyes were harsh and filled with judgement and you rolled your eyes when she wasn’t looking, slouching in your seat. Soon enough, you were looking up at the office door, watching a dark-haired guy with a scruffy face walk in.
“Derek?” you asked, your eyes widening.
So this was who your dad had trusted as an emergency contact. Derek’s eyes met yours, and he raised his eyebrows.
“I mean…Uncle Derek?” you corrected.
He smiled, walking over to the reception desk. “I’m here to pick up my niece,” he announced.
Now it was the office aid’s turn to raise her eyebrows, as she pushed her glasses farther up her nose, looking from you to Derek. “Your niece fought three boys in the school hallway. She gave two of them broken noses.”
“Austin Yamada pushed me,” you protested. “And I didn’t see anyone coming to help when his friends jumped on me either!”
The woman simply hmphed, typing something into her computer.
“Whatever she did to them,” Derek said, “I’m sure they deserved it. Seems like they just picked the wrong girl to push around.”
The office aid’s eyes narrowed, her expression morphing into something like disgust. “Maybe someone should have taught your niece that it isn’t ladylike to fight.”
“Maybe someone should have taught those guys to take a punch,” Derek retorted, turning his back on the desk. “Come on, Y/n. Let’s go.”
You jumped up, grinning from ear to ear and dropping the bloody tissue on the floor, shooting a look at the woman behind the desk. You didn’t even look behind you to see her offended expression.
“That was awesome!” you cried, once you were in Derek’s car.
Derek simply shrugged. “After the fire, people said things about my family all the time. Let’s just say I know how good it feels to land a few punches.”
“Where are we going?” you asked, realizing Derek wasn’t driving towards your apartment building.
“You’ll see.”

Derek pulled open the door of the loft, revealing a room full of people. Scott, Stiles, Kira, Malia and Lydia were all standing there. As soon as they caught sight of you, the room immediately erupted into noise.
“Oh my god your face!” Kira exclaimed. “Does it hurt?”
“Not really,” you told her. “My grandfather could hit harder then them.”
Stiles gave a short, bitter laugh. “Probably very true. I know from personal experience.”
“Did you kick their asses?” Malia asked, wanting to know all the gory details. “How many were there? Was there a lot of blood?”
“I hope you didn’t start it,” Scott said, a disapproving look already forming on his face. You frowned, not liking how disappointed he seemed.
“You know she wouldn’t do that,” Lydia said, frowning at Scott. “Come on, Scott.”
“I didn’t start it,” you told them honestly. “But they were saying things about Allison, and when he pushed me…”
“Well,” Lydia said. “We’re glad you’re okay. And one thing’s for sure…”
You raised your eyebrows, anxiously waiting for Lydia to say something. She gave you a soft smile, walking forward and placing her hands on your shoulders.
“Allison would be proud.”

@trenonny replied to your postsend us some sterek prompts, we is bored and…

One is a street hustler who specializes in three card monty and/or pickpocketing. The other is the person who ALWAYS somehow sees sees through the card swapping or catches them in the process of stealing - but never turns them in. Intrigue and interest ensue?

I only know of the three card monte trick because of Leverage, so this became a sorta Parker!Stiles, Sophie!Derek, and Hardison!Lydia thing (knowing of the show is not necessary to understanding this) (also, this video of the trick blew my mind)

Stiles takes great pleasure in swindling businessmen of all their money.  

Some people call him a hustler—often right after throwing the contents of their wallet at him and storming off—some say he’s an outright thief.  But Stiles doesn’t force people to give him their money, he doesn’t pick pockets (well, anymore), he’s just very smart about what he does.

Lets just say he’s his own kind of businessman.  The people swarm to him, willingly, and he graciously takes them for all the cash they’ve got on them.

Right now, a crowd’s gathered, attracted by his best friend—and inside woman extraordinaire—Lydia, loosing terribly at the Three-card Monte.  

Stiles throws the cards around the table, and the crowd easily follows the queen of hearts around, while Lydia pretends to fumble, and obviously picks the wrong card, to the muttering of the businessmen gathered around her.  A few of them snort, and brag that they could do a much better job.  Hook, line, and sinker.

Lydia winks at Stiles, and dumps a wad of cash on his upturned milk crate, before flouncing off.  The businessmen eye it up like it’s easily attainable manna from heaven, before pushing at each other, eager for a turn.

Stiles looks around the crowd for the richest, cockiest looking man.  Instead he spots, out of the corner of his eye, an atypically dressed guy.  The guy is downright gorgeous—all big hazel eyes, dark scruff, and muscles draped in coveralls, a baseball hat with the logo of a local museum, balanced on his head—his name tag declares him Miguel.  

He’s not Stiles’ usual spectator.  Miguel’s standing off to the side, a sly grin on his lips, almost like he knows, but since he isn’t giving the game up, Stiles lets him be.  

He licks his lips.  Miguel is a tall drink of water, but Stiles has a job to do.  He turns back to his game, and picks a man in a Hugo Boss suit, waving around his wallet like an idiot.

Unsurprisingly, twenty minutes and a few businessmen later, Stiles is counting out a few hundred dollar bills, and the hot guy in coveralls seems to have disappeared into the crowd.  Too bad, Stiles wouldn’t have minded his number.

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Marks - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Plot: Scratch Mark. Bite Marks. Bruises. That’s what the pack finds on Stiles the morning he returns after “going missing”

Stiles softly shut the door as he stepped into his home. His dad was already going to kill him for not coming home the night before, but it’d turn out a lot worse if he woke him up earlier than necessary.

“Stiles?” Scott’s voice spoke. The living room light flickered on and there sat the entire pack all rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. “Stiles!” he shouted again.

Scott took off toward him, quickly pulling him in for a hug. Stiles winced when Scott’s hand came in contact with his back. Scott didn’t seem to notice, though.

“Where have you been?” Allison questioned worriedly as she got up to stand next to Scott.

“J-just places,” Stiles stuttered.

“What do you mean just–” Scott cut himself off, furrowing his eyebrows, “Hey, why does your lip look likes it’s been bleeding.”

Stiles was quick to cover up his mouth with his hand which caused his hoodie to shift so that his wrists were showing.

Lydia walked over. “And what’s on your wrists? Are those…bruises?”

She tried to observe the fingerprint-shaped bruises on Stiles’ wrists before he could make a move to hide them.

Scott spoke up again, “Stiles, what happened?”

“Nothing, I’m fine really.”

“If you’re fine then why are you bruised?”

“Listen, Scott, I said I’m–”

Kira interjected, “Guys, maybe we should just give him some space. After all, he’s been missing since school ended yesterday.“

“Right,” Stiles thought to himself, “Missing.”

The three people in front of them nodded, backing up to give him space. However, when Stiles walked passed them and the rest of the pack to get to his room, Malia noticed something the others hadn’t.

“Stiles,” Malia said before he could take another step.

“Yes, Malia,” he groaned.

Anyone–except for Malia–could tell that he was agitated. He didn’t want to come off as a jerk toward her, they were friends after all, but he’d had an unbelievably long night and wanted nothing more than to sleep. His friends’ plans of interrogating him seemed to interfere with that.

“Why do you smell like sex?”

The entire pack turned to look at him with wide eyes.

Isaac smirked, “Now that you mention it, I do smell a little…musk.”

“Me too,” Derek chuckled.

“So that’s what ‘it’ smells like,” Liam trailed off.

Stiles rolled his eyes, “You guys are crazy. I have not had sex with anybody,” he scoffed.

“Then why’d your heart just skip a beat?”

“I-it didn’t.” Stiles shifted in his spot.

A taunting smile grew on Lydia’s face, “Stiles what are you hiding under that hoodie?”


“Then take it off,” Allison teased.

“No!” Stiles shouted a bit too quickly which caused even more suspicion.

“Take it off or we’ll rip it off,” Liam threatened from his spot on Stiles’ couch.

Stiles glanced over the everyone before he began to blush. His fingers gripped the bottom of his hoodie, and he pulled up, revealing his bare torso underneath.

“Woah,” the group muttered as they gathered around the flushed boy.

Scott reached out to trace the scratch marks on Stiles’ back. “Damn, what happened to you?”

“You’ve got hickies all over you!” Kira gasped. She poked the one on his neck.

“And are those…teeth marks?” said Lydia. She giggled, “Whoever you were with must be a real animal.”

“You’re telling me,” Stiles muttered.

“So now are you are you gonna tell us what really happened?”

He huffed as he slipped his hoodie back on, “I’ve been dating this girl,” Stiles started.

The pack dramatically gasped which lead to more giggling.

Stiles rolled his eyes, “We’ve been dating for a few months, and she just happens to be a real animal in bed.” His last couple of words were muttered shyly and under his breath. "I wasn’t actually missing; I was just spending time with her.”

“Dude, how come you didn’t tell me?” Scott’s mouth hung open. They told each other everything and for Stiles to not have told him he had a girlfriend? Harsh.

Stiles shrugged, “It didn’t seem important.” He began his walk to his room again, thinking he was dismissed from his embarrassment. However, Derek interrupted.

“Well before you go you have to tell us about her.”

“Well she’s, uh, a girl. Yeah, definitely a girl. She’s got hair, eyes—two of them.” He pointed to his brown eyes, “And—oh yeah! She’s kinda sorta a werejaguar.“

Notice the way Lydia said “Whoever it is, I think I loved him”? She didn’t sound sad nor upset. She didn’t sound utterly in love either. She sounded confused. Lydia Martin is confused because she doesn’t know the feeling she experiences when she thinks about this boy. She doesn’t know, because she has never been in love before. Not like that. Not really. That’s why she has never said anything before, that’s why she never mentioned it to Stiles. She was scared. Scared of the intensity of the feeling, scared of its power over her. But now it’s all that’s left. The somber note of love resonating in her chest. And it’s so strong that even though she doesn’t know what love is supposed to feel like, she knows it has to be love. Because her heart aches even though her mind has forgotten.

That ladies and gentlemen is so beautiful and sad, it killed me when I realized it.

The Voicemail
Leah or maybe Lydia
The Voicemail

Two years ago, my friend @sctheatrical got this voicemail from a girl he has no memory of meeting. It’s rambling, contradictory, and heartbreakingly hilarious. He’s listened to it so many times, he’s memorized it. And, plot twist, he’s had a sudden, epic realization: THIS IS HIS SOULMATE.

Leah, Lydia, whoever you are and wherever you are, he wants to get a sandwich with you. Or eggs. Any kind of food really. The answer is yes.


1000th post! This is Lydia Valentín (-75kg, España) clean and jerking 145kg/319lb at the 2015 Europeans where she won her 2nd straight title. The clean portion is in real time and then we slowed down her dip as it’s a great example of a short dip that mostly exists to generates bar whip to make the drive portion much lighter/easier. Congrats to whoever guessed Lydia and was closest to 145, you just won some Eleiko London change plates as well as a $250 prize pack from @hookgripstore! We’ll get ahold of the guesses soon and sort out the winner. Anyone out there guess Lydia? (at Tbilisi Sports Palace)

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zarihutchh-deactivated20170603  asked:

Hello. I was wondering if you have a sleepover tag? Because i couldn't find it, and it didn't come up in the search, but could you maybe update it or make one? Please? :) love your blog

yeah the closest we have is puppy piles and bed sharing (you can even take a look through our pillow fort tag). here’s a couple sleeover ones though

The Name Game by StrawberrySterek (3/3 | 2,073 | G)

“Okay, what we’re gonna do is go in a circle and say the name everybody knows you as. Like, I would say Lydia. Then, whoever knows my full name, first middle and last, has to say it. Whoever gets the most right wins and gets to pick what movie we watch. Okay?”

There may be more to this fic in the future. For now, though, I like where it ended.

When the stars are the only things we share, will you be there? by orphan_account (1/1 | 1,037 | PG13)

I based it off of that super cute comic that’s been circulating around tumblr ( ), but I was playing bioshock through most of it, so sorry if it came out shitty!