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Today’s queue will be special cause today is also special as it’s @melien‘s birthday! I’ve known you for…what, a month? And I’ve already stolen half of your sims and thrown tons of my weird art at you xD so this pic might be bad cause my face looks dumb and Lydia’s hair is clipping but at least the cake is the right colors and I hope the little photoshoot coming up will make up for everything ;)


Simblreen 2015 retextures

..and here are my very late simblreen treats as an official upload. If you came knocking on my door during simblreen, you don’t need to download these again, they are the same packaged (minus the special simblreen thumbnail). Woop woop!

  • 30 swatches each (see previews at each download page)
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Meshes not included (follow the link at the download page)


stealthic vivacity // nightcrawler let loose // nightcrawler lydia // anto omen // anto countess // cazy izzy // cazy marion // anto paraguay


It’s @heysimbutt‘s Morgan Catch! She wasn’t made for this challenge but I had her downloaded because I had requested her for a personal save of mine from before I started simblr. Unfortunately my personal, pre-simblr saves have been completely neglected since starting my simblr so I haven’t gotten to use her in the save I requested her for so I decided to give her a little play time here!

So since I’m starting a 100 Baby Challenge I’ll be needing some baby daddies and mommies and, to make it more fun and to involve your guys’ sims, I’m looking to you guys for the baby daddies/mommies! I’ll be starting out with some sims that I have downloaded because I have a lot of downloaded sims that I haven’t had the chance to use yet in my game, but after that I’ll be need your sims! 

Requirements for Baby Daddies/Mommies:

  • They can be… 
    • Male or Female
    • Vanilla, Banilla, or Berry 
    • Any occult stage
    • Already made sims or newly made sims 
    • Public Downloads
  • No Sliders
  • CC is ok but I’d prefer if it was kept to a minimum, if the sim is cc heavy I might not download all the cc (I might not download all the cc anyway because I already have too much cc in my game xD) 

If you’re interested in contributing a sim just comment on this post with a link to the sim if it’s already made or if you’re planning on making a new sim just comment that you’re making a sim. If you are making one, get it to me as soon as you’re able too but don’t stress yourself out to make it since it won’t be used for a while anyway. (EDIT: Anyone can send a sim! I don’t care if we’re mutual, you follow me but I don’t follow you, or neither of us follow each other! If you want to send a sim, comment or if you’re more comfortable with sending me a private message feel free to do so!)

List of Baby Daddies/Mommies Below!

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[TS4] Nightcrawler Lydia: updated solids & dark roots

  • 64 colors each
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Unnatural & grey colors disabled for random
  • Standalone
  • Mesh not included

Credits: Pooklet, @darkosims3

The solid version is an updated version of my old solid retexture. You can have both this and the old version in your game at the same time, but if you want to remove the old one, here are the file names: missParaply_yfHair_nightcrawlerLydia_all42clors.package and missParaply_yfHair_nightcrawlerLydia_naturalColors.package


solid // dark roots // mesh (you need this!)