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@shadowhunters-official has a lot of loose strings and I’m upset with s2 as a whole to be perfectly honest. What I’d like to see happen:

  1. Simon works on who he is as a person and learns to appreciate the people who love and help him
  2. Raphael is no longer the show’s personal punching bag (no more abuse)
  3. Izzy saves herself from addiction with the help and support of her family and friends
  4. Clary stops sabotaging and controlling everyone around her, she remains single until she can work through her issues
  5. Luke is allowed to properly grieve over Jocelyn and doesn’t have to deal with Cleo and Clary’s nonsense 
  6. Valentine is killed off for good
  7. Jace begins to heal his emotional wounds and Maryese hugs him often, she mothers him a lot. He is allowed to move back into the institute
  8. Maryese learns to accept Magnus in her son’s life and copes from her husband cheating on her, Izzy dotes on her 
  9. Alec learns to use his words instead of his hands when there’s a conflict and he and Magnus talk it out like adults when they have a disagreement, they have consensual sex where he doesn’t push Magnus into the bedroom when Magnus clearly wants to discuss it first
  10. Aldertree is punished for his crimes and Izzy and Raphael are there to witness his shame
  11. Izzy apologizes to Raphael’s clan for her actions in s1 
  12. Lydia steps up as the new Institute leader and is damn good at it 
  13. Meliorn returns and has parts outside of just being used by Isabelle Lightwood
  14. Izzy stops manipulating others into getting what she wants and understands No means no 
  15. Maia has a bigger speaking role and story outside of a romantic plotline (let her geek and boss ass bitch wolf side show, show her interacting with the pack and laughing)
  16. Simon finally apologizes (profusely) to Raphael for betraying him, treating him like garbage, blaming him for everything. He goes home to DuMort (if the clan is okay with it) 
  17. Elaine Lewis’ alcoholism is addressed and her children are there to help her overcome it, they visit more often, she and Raphael have more scenes together
  18. Magnus and Raphael bond over their past traumas 
  19. Lily and the female vampires get speaking roles 
  20. Izzy and Clary make nice with one another 
  21. The creepy surrogate lady goes poof because she was okay with essentially letting Clary get raped
  22. Alec and Magnus adopt the little girl with the gills (when they’re ready for that step as a couple) 
  23. Downworlders are treated with respect and dignity by the shadow world 
  24. Minority characters are given storylines that don’t include being a glorified drug dealer (Raphael) or the person who constantly has to pick up after everyone’s messes (Magnus)
  25. No more white savior complex (aka Clary ‘fixing’ things for Luke/Cleo) 
  26. Clace needs to either be eliminated or greatly repaired (let’s do away with the sibling storyline)
  27. Simon makes peace with being a vampire and is okay with it 
  28. The vampires, shadowhunters and wolves learn to tolerate one another
  29. Magnus gets to throw a lavish party that goes exactly as planned, he is thanked for his efforts
  30. Queer ships are no longer ambiguous and are not used to garner views without going through with it 
  31. Clary apologizes to everyone she has hurt 
  32. Raphael apologizes to Simon over the whole Kill them thing 
  33. Simon and Magnus screen time (pals)
  34. Allow Izzy to go to the Iron Sisters and fulfill her childhood dream 
  35. More religious!Simon and religious!Raphael as their religions are a huge part of who they are 
  36. The clave needs to be broken down and rebuilt (by Lydia) 
  37. No more of Raphael physically pushing Simon around 
  38. Elaine Lewis finally gets that family dinner with Clary, Raphael and Simon (she makes pot roast)
  39. Elaine learns of Jocelyn’s death and grieves 
  40. Simon comes out as both pansexual and a vamp and his family accepts him (after the shock of the revelations) 
  41. More scenes involving Magnus being a bad ass old as the hills warlock
  42. Camille’s abuse of Simon, Magnus and Raphael is addressed and understood that it’s not okay 
  43. Magnus and Alec are given some well earned fluffy boyfriend storylines without drama 
  44. Maia and Luke scenes 
  45. Raphael’s sexuality is mentioned and treated with respect 
  46. Raphael and Simon speak in their native language more 
  47. Add on? 
Madzie Lightwood-Bane Headcanons

She moves in with Magnus and Alec (obviously).

They officially adopt her a month later.

She doesn’t talk to them for days, and the first time she does is after a nightmare and she ruins her new room when her magic explodes.

She has nightmares about Iris taking her away, or Iris’ house, she can remember the girls screaming there. It takes two weeks before she realises it’s okay to wake Alec and Magnus up in the middle of the night if she’s scared.

She can’t control her magic. So whenever she gets scared or angry or upset things get broken which tends to just make her sadder.

The first thing Magnus teaches her to do with her magic is fix things, so that she doesn’t need to be scared of breaking anything.

Her bedroom is turquoise.

Alec teaches her to read, Iris was always too busy for things like that. Afterwards she almost always has a book with her.

Alec and Magnus almost always have hair ties on their wrists because she loses and breaks them all the time.

When Catarina visits and meets her for the first time she talks to Magnus about her being Autistic.

After seeing a Mundie Doctor they realise she is autistic.

After her diagnosis things get a lot easier. Her nonverbal tendencies make a lot more sense, as do her meltdowns.

They settle into a daily routine, which both Alec and Madzie take comfort in.

Magnus teaches her ASL for when she doesn’t want to talk, he also teaches her how to project images into the air with her magic so that she can communicate that way if she wants to.

The whole gang make it their priority to learn ASL.

When Madzie gets really excited she bounces or rocks from her heels to her toes and back again.

When she’s upset she will wrap herself up in the blanket that Alec bought for her and she will take it everywhere with her.

Although she no longer has to hide her Warlock Mark, she still doesn’t like to have it on display all of the time, so Isabelle buys her so many scarves; Alec has to persuade her not to wear three at once.

Her magic is orange.

She goes to school in the Institutes Library with some other Shadowhunter kids.

Most days her and Alec walk there and home rather than portaling.

Jace takes her to an aquarium one day and Madzie falls in love with the fish.

She and Clary paint glittery fish all over her bedroom wall.

Her favourite colour is turquoise.

She spends all of her free time reading about fish and things that live in the water.

For her birthday Magnus and Alec buy her a fish tank with several kinds of fish in.

On her quieter days she likes to spend time with Raphael, they’ll sit and sign together, or he’ll read to her, or sometimes they’ll just sit together.

Although she’s a Warlock and practices her magic everyday with Magnus, she’s more like Alec.

When she’s a little older Alec teaches her Archery. So of course Isabelle teaches her to use a whip and Jace teaches her to use a sword.

When she first moves in Max buys her a little dark brown teddy as a welcome home present. For her first birthday with them he buys her turquoise fish that has sequins on and is sparkly.

Jace teaches her to play the piano.

Simon teaches her to play the guitar.

When Luke and Jocelyn babysit (they love to babysit), Maia will find excuses to drop by and just happen to get roped into playing with her.

Maia and Isabelle take her shopping, she’s the best dressed kid in New York.

One day while shopping Madzie see’s a woman who looks like Iris and she has a complete meltdown. Isabelle rushed her out of the store while Maia phoned Magnus to portal them out of there.

She has so much trouble sitting still for a long time, so Alec buys her fiddly and sensory toys to help her, she doesn’t leave the apartment without at least one of them.

Lydia teaches Alec how to do really intricate braids in her hair.

She didn’t speak for three days.

She calls everyone Aunt or Uncle.

Jocelyn and Luke become honorary grandparents.

Alec’s her Dad. Magnus is her Papa.

Things I want in 2b

~ Alec and Magnus waking up together 

~ Izzy to apologize to Raphael (vise versa)

~ Izzy and Raphael to be friends (or at least not hate each other?)

~Malec holding hands or cuddling (both is preferred) 

~Jace to be happy for at least one episode

~Acknowledgement of Ragnor’s death

~Luke being dad goals af (he always is)

~ Maryse to start being a good mother??

~More Magnus and Raphael 

~Clary to draw more

~what is my queen Lydia up to?

~More Maia Roberts

~Lily Chen

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shadowhunters | the mortal instruments girls as dc superheroes

clary fray as batgirl;
isabelle lightwood as cat woman;
lydia branwell as supergirl;
maia roberts as wonder woman;

let me know if you want to see this thing with boys. i have some thoughts on who is who but i really want to read your opinions;