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What’s with high schools in teen dramas not locking doors. Like seriously. Lock your schools up at night. Beacon Hills constantly had kids roaming the halls day and night. Troy Bolton managed to dance and sing his way through his school at night. Is this a weird American thing to not lock up schools?

  • Male fave character: *exists*
  • Me: MY SON. Look at my son. Pride is not the word I'm looking for. There is so much more inside me now!
  • Female fave character: *exists*
  • Me: When you smile, you knock me out I fall apart. And I thought I was so smart.

two things:

1. there are other deaf theatre companies than deaf west, including multiple in new york alone

2. stop writing ableist “deaf west” versions of musicals. ableist aus include

  • characters hating themselves because of their d/Deafness
  • placing an importance on a character being heard/heavy emphasis on their voice vs their actual self
  • anything that would make a show incomprehensible for d/Deaf people, including but not limited to: “sloppy” or “shaky” signing, people standing in front of a character that’s signing, generally obscured hands or faces

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