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Omg what if that little sneaky shit stiles video chatted her while he was in her drive way in Beacon Hills but he was pretending he was still in his dorm. And she’s completely clueless because she’s tired but as he’s talking to her he unlocks the door to her house and starts walking up the stairs and he ends the video call with “I’m gonna have to go now lydia.” Then he walks into her room still on the video chat “but I love you” and she turns around to see him in her door way holding his phone in the air and smiling like an idiot

Your duty

Fandom : Teen Wolf

Request? : Yass, this is for @thejulietfarciertlove, pack mom imagine

A/N :  So I don’t know if it’s good but here we go. Sorry I took so long to publish this, I had a lot of things going on lately. I hope you’ll enjoy it ! Feedbacks are more than welcome ! ;p 

Also, there are a few references to supernatural but nothing that you can’t understand if you don’t watch the series, don’t worry.

Word count : 1522

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You had to, you had to protect them, it was your duty

The pack, Scott’s pack, it was the one who saved you. They took you in without even hesitating. You couldn’t return home, heaven, it was your home. You were an angel of the Lord, not the blond, blue eyes kind of way, the warrior one. Your existence consisted in fighting for God and his creation. The thing was, you couldn’t anymore, you couldn’t take orders from selfish, manipulated angels who would do anything to take full control of Heaven and Earth. So you ran, you shut the angels’ radio and went on your own way. 

Except that Heaven doesn’t let anyone go that easily…

** 6  months later **

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Unspoken (Part 2)

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Requested by: anon and @forext20

A/N: Finally it’s heeerreee! I hope you like it.

Stiles was shaken up due to prior events. Going to school the next day wasn’t appreciated, especially because of the lack of sleep that caused groggy eyes and dark circles that occupied them. He walked into the building while maintaining to keep his head down. 

Somehow without Y/N, he felt so small, so insignificant. He walked through the hollow hallways straight to his locker. After Chemistry, Stiles managed to dash out of the class without making eye contact with his now former lover; he didn’t want her to see him in this pitiful form.

But she did.

And felt extremely guilty, knowing that she is the cause of his sadness. “How’s he holding up?” She said to Scott whose eyes were observing her for too long. “Not good,” he spoke honestly. “All he can think about is you. He loves you, you know” he stated matter-of-factly. 

“I know, and I do too. But you have to admit, what he did was wrong. He could’ve told me at least. Instead, I was left alone with my intoxicating mind” she leaned against her locker and rested her head on it. “With all that’s been going on, it’s better if  they worked together love, you know that” his hand stroking her shoulder as he talked. 

“You would’ve known that if you were involved. But to your request, you wanted to stay out of the ‘supernatural’ shit” he hand quoted the word supernatural. “Oh, so this is my fault?” her skeptical brow raised on the beginning of her words. “No! No, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that..” he sighed. “Stiles means well, he never intended to hurt your feelings or deprioritize you. We’re only trying to keep the town safe. Lydia and Stiles make a good team, but that doesn’t mean that they make a good couple” remorse flooded your heart as Scott rendered you speechless.

The crestfallen boy envied his werewolf friend’s enhanced hearing at that moment. He was eager to find out what Y/N and Scott were talking about. He relied only on his human senses and tried to make out their expressions and continued assuming. 

However, his assumptions only caused more anxiety; he wasn’t to blame, after all, he was oblivious to the fact that his assumptions were too far off from what was actually being said.

“What’d she say?” Stiles bombarded Scott once he reached him. “I think it’s better if she tells you” Scott smirked and walked away from his dumbfounded friend.

Later that day, Y/N asked her father to drop her at the Stilinski’s after school. Upon seeing Stiles’ Jeep in the driveway, Y/N took a deep, nervous breath. She rang the doorbell and it was only a matter of seconds before Stiles welcomed her with widened pupils. 

“May I come in?” she smiled at his taken back expression. “Oh! Yeah, sure” he frantically blabbered as he stepped aside allowing her to walk in.

“Can I get you anything to drink or ea-”

“Stiles” she cut off his rambling. 

“I’m good, thanks” she said, patting the empty space next to her on the couch. Stiles, obliging like a puppy, walked carefully and sat next to her; him facing her. “I talked to Scott today,” she started. “Yeah, I saw you guys- well, I mean, I wasn’t stalking you or anything, I was just-” her giggles interrupted him, causing Stiles to chuckle at his own anxiousness. 

“I’m sorry Y/N” he said as the euphoric atmosphere died down. “I know, I’m sorry too” he shook his head while she spoke. “You have every right to be mad at me. I’m going to man up and admit to my fault. You did come second to Lydia, but never again. If you’d let me, I’ll show you, with time, that you’ll always be my number one. I can’t make the stars shine, but for you I’ll try” he was in tears. Y/N’s heart fluttered at every word that came out of Stiles’ lips. 

“I love you Y/N” he concluded before colliding his lips with Y/N’s. Her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck. “I love you too, you idiot” she rested her forehead against his. He let out an airy laugh and kissed her once more.

“Good to see you too making up, or rather, out” Sheriff Stilinski had his own way of announcing his presence.

“Daaaad” Stiles groaned and threw his head back on the couch. Y/N giggled as the color pink tinted her cheeks.

Double Trouble//TVD & THE PACK

Characters: Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Derek Hale, Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Void!Stiles, Alan Deaton, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce, Tyler Lockwood, Reader.


Damon and Stefan showed up to Beacon Hills when they found out Katherine had fled here. They were simply coming to get her, but when they found out she had a partner in crime they had to team up with your pack to help solve both of your problems.

“We just to have to locate Katherine. Stiles can’t be far behind.” Stefan crosses his arms as he examines everyone.

“Mom said to call Katherine. She could trace the number.” Caroline rises from her spot on the couch.

“Yeah, Stilinski said the same thing about Stiles.” Scott looks over at Caroline and shrugs.

“There’s no harm in trying.” Stefan checks his phone for the umpteenth time.

“I could do a locator spell.” Bonnie suggests.

“Or we could just find Stiles and kill him.” Damon raises his glass of liquor to everyone. “That would draw Katherine out…sans Bonbon’s witchy woo powers.”

“Well, we aren’t going to do that.” Isaac raises an eyebrow. “As much as I’d appreciate it.”

“Isaac.” Scott grunts.

“Forgive Damon, he has no regard for anyone other than himself.” Elena throws him a look.

“I just say what we’re all thinking. How important is Stiles anyway?”

“We aren’t killing Stiles.” Derek says over Damon.

“Fine. Don’t bring your wolfy tears to me when everyone gets killed.” Damon throws his hands up.

“We can’t technically come to you if we’re dead…or cry for that matter.” Isaac shrugs.

“Isaac can you be quiet…for like one single minute?” Scott sighs.

“We need need a solid plan. This is going to fail if we all just stand around and fight.” Allison looks at Scott and Isaac.

“Agreed.” Both Lydia and Elena raise their hands.

You stand up, deciding to take charge. “I saw him yesterday.”

“And you didn’t say anything?” Isaac questions.

“Let me finish.” You give him a warning glance.

“He wasn’t void. He was himself. If I could call and get him back home as himself, we can lock him up.”

“Too risky. We have to go to Mystic Falls.” Stefan says.

“Okay, then we leave Beacon Hills and tell Stiles to meet me in Mystic Falls. He’s my best friend, he’ll come.”

“You trust that?” Damon points at you and looks at everyone.

“Yeah.” Tyler shrugs.

“What about getting Katherine there?” Caroline asks.

“I can handle that.” Stefan nods.

You were on the road to Mystic Falls, you rode with Scott, Allison, Elena, and Bonnie.

You dial Stiles’ number, hoping it’s him that answers.


“Oh, thank God it’s you.”

“Where am I?” He asks quietly.

“What do you see?” You press your finger in your ear. He was talking very softly.

“I’m with someone…I’m not sure who it is.”

“What’s she look like?”

“She’s got dark hair…I don’t really know. It’s dark, Y/N.”

“Stiles do you know where you are? Even a state?”

“I’m not in Beacon Hills. That’s for sure.”

“Stiles we need you to be a bit more specific.” Scott yells.

“Can I get back to you on that?”

“Not really no.”

“How long as he been on the phone with you?” Elena asks quietly.

You pull your phone away from your ear and look.

“One minute. Someone contact Stilinski.” You whisper.

“On it.” Allison already has her phone out.

“We’re coming okay? I’ll call you in a bit.”

“Okay.” Stiles breathes out. “Please hurry.”

“He got it.” Allison looks at you over her shoulder.

“Okay, where is he then?” Scott asks.

“Right outside of Mystic Falls. Looks like he’s at a motel.”

“We got them.” Bonnie says to Elena.

When you arrive you hop out of the car, Stefan holding you back from going in. “Katherine’s smart. We have to be smarter.”

“Let me go. I can handle it.” Bonnie starts for the door.

“Bonnie, I don’t think you should-” Caroline leaps forward, Katherine swinging the door open as Bonnie approaches.

“Well if it isn’t the rescue squad.” Katherine smirks as she saunters out the door, Stiles follows closely behind her, the same wicked smirk on his face. “He’s fine, you know. He just loves me, don’t you Stiles?”

“How could I not?” Stiles grins at her, giving her a once over.

“We don’t care about the gory details of your deranged, and also quite disgusting relationship. Just give us the kid.” Damon walks over to Katherine.

She smiles, “Damon, you know I can’t do that.”

“And why not?” He raises an eyebrow.

Before you know it she’s got your head pulled back, her fangs are out as she examines your neck. “I could kill her. Right now. Right here.”

“Don’t.” Isaac starts forward.

“Bonnie, do something!” Caroline shouts.

“I-I can’’s like my magic’s gone!” Bonnie starts to panic.

“Yeah…that would be on me.” Stiles smirks. “Sorry, sweetheart. We couldn’t have any witches ruining our plans, could we, Katherine?” He kneads his hands together, almost comically villainous.

“What do you want? Do you have a specific goal or anything or is this just for fun?” Scott crosses his arms.

Katherine gives you a good hit to the head, rendering you unconscious. She smiles as she approaches Scott. “He’s a lot like you, Stefan.” She checks him out painfully slow. “He’s boring.”

“I could kill you. Right now.” Scott growls.

“Me too.” Isaac steps forward.

Derek simply raises a finger. “Yeah…me too.”

Tyler shrugs, the four of them have her cornered. “Add me into the mix here.”

Lydia and Allison are crouched over you, trying to make sure you aren’t concussed.

You rise up quickly, taking in a deep breath. Just as you do, Stefan and Damon capture Katherine. Scott sticks a vervain needle in her neck, injecting slowly. Stefan and Damon tie her up and throw her into the trunk of Damon’s car.

Stiles simply laughs, everyone slowly cornering him. You stand up, your head pounding as you examine the situation.

“You think this is it? You’re wrong.” Stiles steps down in front of everyone.

Damon lunges for him, Stiles quickly retaliating and knocking him off of his feet. “Son of a bitch, kid.” Damon groans.

Stefan goes in, Stiles reacting just as fast. Right as Stefan begins to run, Caroline does too, grabbing Stiles by the arms. Derek assists her, the strength of the two of them successfully trapping him. Scott helps tie him up.

“Really, Scott? You’re going to do this to your best friend?” Stiles teases.

“You’re not him. You aren’t Stiles.” Scott grits his teeth.

“Oh, but I am! It just sickens you to know that your little defenseless human friend is stronger than you.”

“That’s not true!” You shout, defending Scott.

“You too! Everyone loves you and Stiles. The two of you can’t ever do anything right.”

You take a step back, Elena right behind you. “It’s not Stiles talking. Remember that.”

You take a deep breath, “I know. Thank you.”

They load Stiles up into Allison’s trunk, everyone collectively letting out a sigh of relief.

“Let’s get them to the house.” Stefan nods as he gets in the passenger side of Damon’s car.

You all arrive, Damon and Scott escorting Stiles and Katherine to the basement.

“Wait! You can’t leave them together!” You shout.

“Why not?” Scott turns on his heel.

“She’ll compel him. Keep them separate.”

“Smart thinking.” Stefan nods.

Katherine was practically desiccated at this point. Stiles was still void. You were at a standstill.

You walked down to the basement, Tyler with you as protection. “I’m fine, y'know.”

“You’re fine because I’m here.” Tyler raises an eyebrow.

“Don’t get cocky now.”

“Will you two quit flirting and get me some blood?” Katherine groans.

“No.” Tyler states.

“Just let us out. What harm can we do?” Stiles grins.

“Haha. That’s cute.” You give him a sarcastic look. “I’m only here for you.” You tell him and he looks shocked.

“I’m not complaining.”

You open the gate and Tyler takes him upstairs where Bonnie is waiting.

“What’s going on here?” Stiles asks.

“We’re getting rid of you.” Bonnie smiles. She begins to speak incantation, the candles in front of her flaming up.

Stiles groans loudly, dropping to his knees. He screams as he clutches his head, blood coming from his ears.

“Bonnie, is this supposed to be happening?” You begin to panic.

“It’s fine.” Deaton reassures.

Stiles falls to the ground, the blood slowly turning black.

“It’s done.” Bonnie stands up, Scott looks relieved.

The pack paces around, waiting for Stiles to wake.

“What the hell is that smell?” Stiles groans.

“Of course the first thing you do is complain.” Isaac rolls his eyes.

“Shut up.” You swat his arm. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah…I think…I think the Nogitsune is gone.” He stands up.

“Really?” Bonnie asks. “The spell worked.”

“Spell?” Stiles raises an eyebrow, looking only mildly panicked when he feels the blood on his neck.

“We have a lot to explain to you.” You sigh.

“You guys aren’t going home.” Damon says.

“What?” You turn and look at him.

“We’ve still got Katherine to handle.”

Love Bites-(Lydia Martin)

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Characters: OC, Malia Tate, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin and Reader

Word Count: 1842

Warnings: some angry Lydia and making out??

Pairing: Lydia x Reader

Summary: you and Lydia (not so) subtly drop hints for the pack that you’re dating

(A/N) Woo, just in time before Pride month ends, here’s some gay stuff :) I’ve been wanting to write something with Lydia for soooo long and now I finally have a good idea so here it goes :)))

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Me encouraging my friends to make terrible decisions