lydia martin is a gift


Why is Lydia fucking mishandled and traumatized every season? The worst shit happens to her every. fucking. season. You’d think she was the main character with how often she’s targeted. When someone needs to be kidnapped, it’s always Lydia. Need a someone to emotionally tortue to the brink of insanity to bring yourself from the dead, there’s Lydia. Want to put someone in a high security fucking mental hospital, why not Lydia??

Lydia Martin deserves better.

Stydia Cliché Stepsiblings AU where Stiles used to have a crush on Lydia and she knows it but then Stiles’ Dad and Lydia’s Mom start dating and plan to marry each other so Stiles and Lydia are forced to live together and they hate it and they start to hate each other so they decide to team-up in order to reverse-parent trap their parents and break them up but as they do so they start becoming friends and start to realize that they kind of feel something for one another but they don’t know what but then their plan works and Stiles’ dad and Lydia’s mom break up and Lydia’s Mom decides that is best for everyone if she and Lydia leave town and the AU ends with Stiles and Lydia kissing under the rain before she has to take a plane to London with her mother and leave him forever.

What, too soon?


Jordan Parrish x Lydia Martin [AU]

Lydia Martin becomes obsessed with the idea of her lover’s gifts, which he had received by strange crucible. She tries to figure out what happens to Jordan, remembering the days when it all started. (more)