lydia martin is a gift


Death is certain. Death is final. Death comes to all and demands goodbyes as swiftly as the wind blows.

With one fateful exception.

The night Death came to call on a young woman and found himself unable to stand the thought of being parted from her for all eternity. A fate that was the only conceivable outcome, as companionship is a foreign concept to he who writes the final chapter of a person’s tale. And so Death, being burdened with glorious purpose that cannot be ignored or altered, must be sustained merely on loneliness and bitter longing alone.

That is, until he sees the young woman smile.

For time itself seemed to stop in that moment, prompting Death to grant the woman a final day to do with as she wished, a wholly unprecedented act. So overjoyed was the woman at this gift, she requested to spend her remaining time with Death itself; and that night instead of giving the woman a new bed, one that was six feet under the ground, the woman led him to hers instead.

However, as we have learned, Death was not created with a happy ending in mind, and unbeknownst to either was that the price of becoming Death’s bedfellow is a torturous one indeed. Forging emotions Death was never intended to endure twisted his lover in his image, cementing their blackened bond and creating a connection neither could have expected.

For now Death has a mistress, and forevermore when he comes to call, it will not be a surprise to those he visits–but a promise kept by the shatteringly shrill warning from his one and only sweetheart–a warning that her dark knight approaches and your tale has almost reached it’s end.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on how Stiles got a season of angst, development and rich character interaction because he was being tormented and possessed by an evil spirit, and how the banshee queen was ignored and called “the town whackjob” when the same thing happened to her.


love from the first
pairing: isaac x lydia

Lydia Martin swore this was the year she was going to swear off highschool boys. it was the simple fact that she was tired of highschool boys being well, exactly like highschool boys. It was an endless game and Lydia grew tired of playing. But enter a new player into the game, Isaac Lahey. He’s not exactly new but go through a grow sprut and have a couple brushes with the law and be marginally decent at lacrosse. It gains you some new attention. Isaac definitely caught the eye of Lydia Martin. It’s not long before they start the first level of the never ending game of love. Where some things get a little complicated but there’s always a happy ending.

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made for round three of the twrarepairexchange.

  • Me, Before Teen Wolf 5X09:Well, I had my concerns about this Season, but this episode seems good. Yeah, there's the Sciles break-up, but I'm sure is not going to be anything too bad. And as a Bonus, this is supposed to be a Stydia-heavy episode, as it as been teased since now, with even Lydia finally kicking Parrish's disgusting ass...
  • Me, After Teen Wolf 5X09:... Why did I ever started watching this Show in the first place?

Stardust AU: In a countryside town bordering on a magical land, a young man makes a promise to his beloved that he’ll retrieve a fallen star by venturing into the magical realm. 

Starring: Lydia as The Star, Isaac as The Young Man, Scott as The Captain of The Flying Ship, Allison as The First Mate, Peter as The Witch-King.

Pairing: Lydia/Isaac

for laheyes/from duskendales


Kira and Malia have been in the pack’s happiest relationship for many moons now, until they realize that something’s changed with Lydia. Little do they know, Lydia’s changing behavior might have a little to do with the fact that she has developed romantic feelings for the two. Kira and Malia, never looking to look a stunningly beautiful gift horse in the mouth, bring Lydia into the romantic fold.

And the three of them live happily and sassily ever after.

for @kirayukimrua
pairing: kira/lydia/malia


We’re Not Going Anywhere
pairing: derek/lydia/stiles

after too many nights afraid, too much danger faced, and too much darkness in the night, derek, stiles, and lydia realized the only safe place they know is e a c h o t h e r.

comments: i hope you love it! xoxo

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made for round three of the twrarepairexchange.


Tumblr Username: malieatate 
Recipient’s Tumblr Username: crossroadswrite
Rating: Teen
Main Ship(s): Erica/Lydia/Malia
Warnings: None

Gifset Summary: College roommates Erica and Malia decide to form a band when they find out that they both play instruments. (Erica can play guitar. Malia the drums.) But they need a singer. 

At the suggestion of Malia’s best friend, Kira, they check out Lydia Martin, a singer who is supposed to be really good. Not to mention incredibly hot. 

After convincing Lydia to join the band they enter a battle of the bands competition and feelings among all three of the girls deepen during all the time spent practicing. And when they win the competition they’re too happy and running on way too much adrenaline, and they finally admit exactly how they feel about each other.

Created for the Polyamorous Wolf Exchange.

Us: Scott McCall has been best friends with Stiles Stilinski since birth, and is probably the one who knows him best after Sheriff Stilinski (and probably more at the moment, since the Sheriff is not as involved in the Supernatural as they are); Lydia Martin, on the other side, hasn’t known of him for long, she might never have crossed path with him ever if it wasn’t for what happened with Peter Hale in sophomore year. Scott McCall, who also is the lead of the show, should, by logic be the one to remember Stiles. Why would Lydia be the one?

Jeff D.: she’s a banshee… yeah

Us: you’ve had heavily implied that banshees are involved with deaths and can sense deaths, it doesn’t say anything about memories, so how would Ly-

Jeff D.: well, uh… IT’S SUPERNATURAL!!!

Us: But-

Jeff D.: S U P E R N A T U R A L