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My Ten Year Old Brother Watches Teen Wolf 2x01 – “Omega”

Ever since my little brother sat down to watch the last episode of season one on Christmas Day, he’s been very eager to watch season two. (Note: He covers his eyes during sex/gory scenes, which I tell him to do, I also mute the tv)

My brother does not know who I ship; all he knows is who my favourite character is -Stiles.

Quotes from my brother about tonight’s episode:

“Why is Stiles at the hospital? Lydia doesn’t even like him, where’s Jackson?”

“Ha, Stiles broke the vending machine!!” *turns to me* “That’s something you’d do.”

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“Ugh, why is Lydia’s bath water dirty? Ah..There’s hair in it!!!” *covers his eyes* “I’m never taking a bath again!!!” *looks* “Oh, she was imaging it, but now she’s gone outside naked…weird.”

“Why does Stiles know all these things about Lydia? It’s creepy…he doesn’t even know her.” (Ha my brother is ten and he’s already hating on Strdia…hehehe)

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“Are Allison and Scott together, like boy and girlfriend?” *I nod* “Good, they are really cute….they don’t die do they?” *I shield my face, so he doesn’t find out Allison’s death*

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“Jackson is a werewolf!!! Wait, no he isn’t? He’s dying!!!! Derek, stop being a weirdo!!!”

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“Why does Stiles care about Lydia so much??? I thought Jackson was her boyfriend” *I explain that they broke up and Stiles went to prom with Lydia* “Well, I like Jackson and Lydia, like Allison and Scott.

Guys my brother ships Scallison and Jydia!!!

“Who do like together?” *I don’t mention seasons past the ones he has watched*

My answer: I like Allison and Scott, I like Stiles and Derek.

“Stiles and Derek…..interesting, they talk more than Lydia and Stiles, I like it too!!”


“Allison’s Grandpa is strange….if it hurts Scott, I’ll kill him” - he’s protective over his favourite character

“I loved this episode, but WHY WAS THERE NO LACROSSE???

Part 2 is up now!!!


FULL BRIGHTNESS // a finchey mix (all the bright places)

01. drive — halsey (all we do is drive) // 02. sing to me — mary lambert (i’m miles away, but my voice carries) // 03. hospital — lydia (all we want is to be enough) // 04. dark blue — jack’s mannequin (have you ever been alone in a crowded room?) // 05. greek tragedy — the wombats (she hits like ecstasy) // 06. feel again — onerepublic (i’m feeling better ever since you’ve known me) // 07. colors — halsey (you’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece) // 08. style — taylor swift (he can’t keep his wild eyes on the road) //  09. force of nature — bea miller (i’m a caution taker, but baby, you’re a force of nature) // 10. saving grace — the maine (hearts so pure in this broken place) // 11. st. patrick — pvris (something to think about that’s not the shit in my head) // 12. ghost — halsey (my ghost, where’d you go?)

Bad Memory


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: I was wondering if you could do a Theo fluff where instead of Malia it’s you in the driving scene where you get a bad memory and you almost crash but Theo helps her and later on he takes her home, cleans her up, and tells her that everything is okay?

Side Note: I tried, sorry if it sucks :/

You had told Stiles to go and visit Lydia in hospital, since he had been driving you mad the moment he heard only family was allowed.  But it was Stiles and if he wanted to do something, he always finds a way to make it happen.

He had left roughly half an hour ago, leaving you, by yourself to keep on researching chimera’s. Slamming the current book you were reading shut, energy was decreasing and exhaustion was starting to set in. Tidying up the desk and collecting the notes you had gathered, pushing in the chair you made your way out of the library.

Passing a few students who too were staying back late, there was one person you had to do a double take on, to make sure your eyes weren’t deceiving you. Theo was sitting at a desk, smirking in your direction.

“How long have you been here for?”, walking up to him who was playing with a pen, twirling it around his fingers.

“Awhile, if I had known you were here I would of joined you”. This was one of Theo’s specialties, to always convey sentences that made it seem like they had a double meaning attached to them.

“I don’t think Stiles would have liked that very much”, looking down at his desk he had the maths book wide open.

“You and Stilisnki huh, didn’t see that one coming”. Raising his eyebrow at you, placing his pen down in the process.

Placing both hands on the chair, you kept your eyes on Theo. “We’re just friends, and you already know that”. Checking the time, it was getting late and if you wanted to get home before night really fell, you had best be going. “Nice talking to you Theo as always, but I should go”.

Theo straightened up and reached into his pocket, before dangling his car keys in the air. “The last bus has left and your car is in the shop. So let me drive you home”.

He couldn’t be serious? Except he was and jingled the keys for that extra effect. “Only if I get to drive your truck?”.

He stood up and closed the proximity between the two of you, “Babygirl you can drive my track anytime you want”.

There was that double meaning again, snatching the keys from his grasp, he grinned. Before collecting his bag and exiting the library, with you following behind.

Sitting in the front seat, the keys were in the ignition and you had no trouble starting the truck. Everything was going smoothly, the light sound of the radio could be heard and Theo was surprisingly quiet, however every so often his eyes would flicker to you.

Driving down an empty road, night had officially fallen. Observing your surroundings this road felt oddly familiar, a shiver ran up your spine and that’s when it clicked. You had pushed that memory so far from your mind that it was only now, due to being on this road again, that it resurfaced.  Things happened in slow motion, just like in a movie.

Flashes layered upon another one, you didn’t even realize that the car was swaying from side to side, until Theo’s hands gripped the sterling wheel. “Y/N, Y/N what’s wrong?”, his voice sounded like a faint echo, despite the fact he was sitting right next to you.

The car halted, you pushed open the door and stumbled a few meters ahead. Another flash hit you, this one more clear than the last. It was of you sitting in the back seat being so entertained by some sort of toy, your parents were at the front smiling, glancing in the rear view to make sure you were okay.

Falling to the ground, Theo’s footsteps indicated he was right behind you. Another flash hit, and all this one showed was a shadow figure, then the wrecked remains of the crash that took your parents from you.

Back to reality, a pair of headlights shone right into your eyes. Theo’s arms held onto your waist pulling you back. A car honked as it drove past. Catching your breath, he was still holding onto you, turning to face him, something between the two of you connected almost….a spark perhaps?

After a few minutes, Theo had gotten you back into his truck. Not saying a word for the entire car ride. When the car stopped again it wasn’t out the front of your own house, instead it was Theo’s. Turning off the car, he turned to you. “I’m not going to leave you alone after what just happened, plus you’re bleeding and that needs to be cleaned up right away. So come on, let’s go inside”.

In all honestly no part of you was willing to argue with him, so doing as he said you followed him into his house. Sitting on the couch, Theo lifted up your shirt revealing the starches on your upper arm.

“What happened out there?” he asked, applying disinfectant and a bandage.

“I had a memory. I’ve never told anyone this, not even the pack….but um, my parents died along that road. I was little so of course I can’t remember exactly what happened, but when we were on that road something triggered inside me, allowing me to remember”.

A unpredictable thing occurred, Theo placed his hand on top of yours. His soft touch made you stare into his eyes, ones that usually were hard to read. But not here, not with you.

“It’s going to be okay Y/N, your strong, a fighter, you’ll get through this”, he whispered.

Who would have foreseen that Theo Raeken was able to have a soft spot for someone, you didn’t know what to do right now, all this was all so new. “Why are being so nice?”, asking him.

“Because I care about you”.

And that one moment changed how you saw Theo.

The scene with Lydia in her bedroom in 6x02 is like in 3x18 when Stiles was in the hospital and Lydia was in the car. Even when Stiles is erased from reality, Stiles and Lydia’s emotional tether cannot be severed. Someone hold me omg

Valkyrie Part 15: The Past And The Present

A/N: You can find all the other parts to this series here. If you have any suggestions for the story or want to read a specific scene etc, please let me know. :) 

Plot Summary: The pack has finally captured Theo and while Y/N is watching, Stiles starts to interrogate him intensely, much of it being about her. Afterwards Y/N needs Stiles to finally show her what he wants and is afraid of it at the same time.

Warnings: None. It’s intense but also fluffy.

Persons involved: Reader, Theo, Stiles

It’s 1 am in the morning and you’re standing in the almost empty sheriff station. You’ve crossed your arms in front of your chest and you can feel Kira’s and Isaac’s presence next to you. The rest of the pack is either with Lydia at the hospital or still cleaning up the mess at the bar. Just like you, Isaac and Kira are staring through the window in front of you with stern expressions. However, you’re pretty sure they’re not being as tensed as you.

On the other side of the window is the interrogation room. Placed in it are one table and two chairs. That’s it. The room is empty and not very welcoming. But Theo doesn’t seem to care. He’s sitting there, hands folded on the tabletop and with a perfectly relaxed face. Of course you bound him to the chair and made sure that he can’t escape but he didn’t even make any attempt. It’s almost like he enjoys being here. And you hate that. Actually, you’d much more prefer not having to look at him.

Your distress about this whole situation eases a bit as Stiles finally enters the room. He sits down in front of Theo and looks at him, pure disgust showing in his hazel eyes. A small smile appears on Theo’s lips that makes Stiles frown.

“You think that this is funny, don’t you?”, he asks him coldly, flexing his fingers as if he struggles to keep himself from using them to punch Theo in the face. You swallow hard. Suddenly you’re worried about Stiles and that Theo could find a way to hurt him although that’s pretty much impossible. Only as you feel Kira’s hand on your shoulder you relax a bit.

“Not funny, just lovely, really”, Theo answers casually. “I always enjoyed our conversations, Stiles. They never get boring.”

“This is not a conversation. You’ve killed people. You tried to kill Y/N. Man, you’re lucky you’re still alive”, Stiles growls, leaning in and glaring at him.

Theo pushes out a little laugh that gives you goosebumps. “Sweet. This is so cute! Saving the damsel in distress, right? Only that Y/N is no damsel. I mean she obviously made you believe that. Look how smitten you are. But you don’t know her. I do. God, I know her so very well. Every inch of her.”

He openly grins at Stiles and while you’re filled with dread, you can literally sense how Stiles’ anger grows. He jumps up and circles the table, grabs Theo’s face and forcefully makes him look at him. His teeth are clenched and for the first time ever, you’re actually a little bit scared of him.

“I don’t give a fuck about what you believe you know about her! You have lost every right to even talk about her! Every memory she has about that time with you has turned poisonous when you hurt her in that shack. And believe me when I tell you that you’ll never get to touch her again. In fact, you don’t even deserve to see her face again. You lost her in the most douchebaggy way possible and you’re such a fool because she was probably the best thing that has ever happened to you.”

Theo’s smile has vanished. Finally. “Maybe she was. But she’s a Valkyrie, Stiles. They’re practically death on two legs. It’s really weird that you like her. I always thought you have experienced enough death in your life.”

“Oh she’s so much more than that but you’re too stupid to see it.”

You wanna leave. You don’t want to hear that. It just feels weird and every word coming out of Theo’s mouth is painful. However, you are unable to move an inch. Your body is frozen in this observation of your past and present clashing together in the most horrific way.

“Is this what this is gonna be?”, Theo asks now, almost bored all of a sudden. As if Stiles isn’t meeting his expectations. “Are we just gonna talk about Y/N the whole night?”

Stiles snorts. “You wish. I wanna know how your boss bitch plans to raise hell and who that chick is. That’s what we’re gonna talk about.”

“Not gonna happen.”

“Really? Because I don’t only have a lot of time but also some effective methods that will definitely get you talking.”

Theo blinks at him. There’s a trace of uncertainty in his eyes for just one second but you see it and it gives you satisfaction. “You’re a cop. You’re not allowed to use methods.”

“Yeah, right”, Stiles chuckles humorlessly and takes a few steps back. “Thing is: I’m not a cop. I’m the sheriff. This is my station. And everybody who’s currently in this station hates you. I hate you. Parrish hates you. Everybody hates you. Also: this is Beacon Hills, man. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

It becomes silent in the room and while Kira is shifting uncomfortably, Theo is observing Stiles’ face for some time, obviously considering his options. After a little while, the grin returns on his face and it looks fake. Even more than usually.

“Great. You can try. But I am used to a lot of pain.”

Stiles sighs and slowly shakes his head before he sinks back onto his chair and locks eyes with him. “Why don’t we start with some easier questions?”

In the end, Theo talks. He hesitates but seems to come to the conclusion that a certain amount of knowledge and information about the story won’t help you too much. He tells about how he met the siren back in New York. How she approached him at a pub after she heard that he’s searching for help in a certain matter. How he realized immediately that she was the one he was looking for the whole time. And he doesn’t mention you once although you had still been together back then. While it’s getting very late, he even admits that they visited some towns on their way to Beacon Hills, killing supernatural creatures and causing the chaos they need. But Beacon Hills was always their destination. The last piece of a puzzle. As he says that he smirks brightly, almost feverishly and Stiles decides to end the interrogation for the night.

“We still have a few days left until summer solstice”, Stiles mumbles and he leads Theo out of the room with Isaac’s help.

Afterwards you wait for Stiles in his car. You’re tired and confused and what makes all of this even worse is that you’re suddenly also feeling awkward. This feeling becomes stronger as Stiles climbs onto the passenger’s seat . It’s the first time you’re alone with him since you kissed him. And you realize very painfully that he hasn’t said anything about it yet. What if he didn’t like it? What if the doesn’t like you in general? It didn’t really sound like that in that interrogation room but maybe that’s just been a strategy to get Theo talking, who knows? Also: Theo’s captured now. Your apartment is safe. However, you don’t wanna go back there. You wanna stay with him and you don’t know how to say that without sounding like a lunatic.

You are biting your lower lip and stare out of the window while Stiles’ hands are hovering over the wheel. An embarrassing tension builds up between the two of you until he finally says: “Soooo….you know…I get if you want to go back to your apartment. He won’t be able to hurt you now. But…I guess this siren knows where you live too so maybe…maybe it would be safer if you’d…”

“Stay with you?”, you blurt out, too loudly and far too relieved. You are blushing. “Yes. I think that would be…safer.”

Stiles nods and starts the engine, suddenly very determined. You are not talking. You don’t know what to say. ‘Just in case’ aren’t really the words that express how you feel but you have never been good at talking about this. It’s his turn anyway.

He pulls into the driveway and you are entering the house, still in silence. You are mumbling good night to Stiles and walk up the stairs, the door to your room standing open. Only as you already reached the upper floor, he finally calls after you and your heart makes a little jump as your name drops of his lips.

“Y/N, wait.”

You turn around to see him hurrying after you. He stops right in front of you and his gaze is worried as he looks down at you.

“I just…I’m sorry, Y/N”, he declares. Your heart cramps as you are dreading the worst.

“For what?”, you ask weakly.

“For what Theo said in there. You loved him and it must’ve hurt. So…I’m sorry for that.”

You smile a little. It’s a sad smile because you definitely are sad but not for the same reasons anymore. It’s just how you feel when you have to say goodbye to a good memory that has turned bad. “It’s okay. I have accepted that the Theo I knew is gone. It doesn’t matter anymore what he thinks about me.”

Stiles looks at you for a while with that thoughtful expression of his. Then he lifts his hand and softly strokes over your hair, his fingertips brushing over your skin. As soon as he touches you, a wave of electricity drives through your body and your heart beats faster, spreading warm blood through your veins.

“He has no idea what he has lost. I can only pity him”, Stiles mumbles, his words soothing your soul until you feel like you’re floating. You lose yourself in the observation of his perfect face, in the wonder that you were so very lucky to meet him. Only as he leans down and presses his lips onto yours, your brain shuts up.

It’s very different from that first kiss on the parking lot. It starts gentle and careful. Stiles obviously waits for a sign of your approval and you give it to him at once. You stand on your tiptoes, wrap your arms around him and deepen the kiss, turn it into something more passionate and intimate. You are feeling drunk. Your legs become shaky, your lips more eager and you cling to him like he’s a life saving device. He places his hands on your back and pulls you even closer although that’s almost impossible.

You don’t want to stop. Thankfully enough, he doesn’t want too either. At some point you both lie down in your bed and continue to kiss, his hands caressing your cheeks and yours running through his hair. You haven’t felt that close to someone and that comfortable with someone ever. This is a first. This is affection and not simple lust.

In the end your head rests on his chest and he’s softly drawing lines on your shoulders. You are still wearing all of your clothes but you are too tired to undress. You can feel the sleep creeping up at you gratefully await it, feeling perfectly safe in Stiles’ embrace.

“You’ll stay, right?”, you mumble, just to make sure. You want to wake up next to him.

“Sure”, Stiles answers and you can hear the smile in his voice. A second later, you’re asleep.

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–> Part 16

Here's a thought

Stiles is at the hospital in ICU because of the glass. Sheriff is talking to a random nurse when Lydia and Natalie show up. Lydia goes to open the door to Stiles’ room when the nurse stops her, saying that only family is allowed. Without missing a beat, Sheriff says, “She is family.” and opens the door himself, gesturing for Lydia to enter. Natalie looks at Sheriff, remembering when she kicked Stiles out of Lydia’s room and previously barred his entry, and her discomfort is plain to see. Sheriff turns to the nurse and says, “Natalie and Lydia Martin are our family, make sure they’re put on the list.”

When Lydia leaves the ICU, she sees her Mom concentrating on a chess board pulled from the pile of boardgames next to magazines and toys in the Waiting Area. Sheriff Stilinski is speaking softly while alternating between scribbling on a pad of Post-Its and carefully affixing the torn strips to the plastic pieces. Lydia smiles and quietly snaps a photo to send to Stiles, then pulls up a chair next to her Mom and sits down to help.

Is this fic, meta, off-camera scenes, wishes or…?