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Autistic Witches/Warlocks/Wizards (Especially at Hogwarts cuz HP is my SpIn)

-Who stim with little bursts of spell lightning. 

-Who have special robes that can transform into sensory-safe material. 

-Who are allowed quick-quote quills/self-writing quills for class and for essays if need be because their handwriting can be too messy to read.

-Who have sneakoscopes on hand in order to tell who to trust or not.

-Who are overwhelmed by the regular Hogsmeade trips, so McGonagall allows them to take private trips to Hogsmeade to avoid getting too overwhelmed.

-Who befriend Luna Lovegood quickly because she makes them feel comfortable with themselves. Also she’s possibly autistic and knows the best coping methods.

-Who organize private study dates in the library with the help of Hermione.

-Who get extra sessions for mastering the patronus charm because it’s sometime difficult to focus.

-Who are allowed Remembralls.

-Who are in Gryffindor and use it to promote #RedInstead in Hogwarts and focus on becoming braver because they know there’s different types of bravery.

-Who are in Hufflepuff and are so kickass at Herbology and are allowed second chances to tap the barrels if they can’t remember the code.

-Who are in Slytherin and become hyper fixated on learning parseltongue because it’s so intriguing, yet makes sense to them.

-Who are in Ravenclaw and can find multiple answers to the riddles because of how their perspective is so different. 

-Who befriend the ghosts because they don’t see them as ghosts, but as people.

-Who have ear protectors in the Great Hall during meals and sometimes have separate meals.

-Who have seen Death and take trips to the Forbidden Forest often because the thestrals comfort them. 

-Who rejoiced by stimming with their wands when Fred and George stood up to Umbridge. 

-Who befriend Lydia Scamander because she’s autistic too and has lived in a family that accepts and embraces differences wholeheartedly. 

-Who aren’t accepted by their families because they’re autistic and go home for the holidays with Lydia, Lorcan, and Lysander. 

-Who talk to the House Elves and respect them because they take things at face value and see them as elves, not as slaves. 

-Who tell the House Elves their sensory-safe foods.

-Who are allowed extensions on essays if need be.

-Who can write essays on their special interest and how it relates to the wizarding world for a few extra house points.

-Who are allowed, with supervision, to check books on their Special Interest out of the Restricted Section as long as the book doesn’t leave the library.

-Who go to Hagrid’s Hut to cuddle Fang when they’re melting down and Fang knowing just how much pressure they need to calm down. 

-Who had the guts to confront Umbridge about her punishments because they believed honesty is the best policy and it angered them to see other students in pain. 

-Who have the biggest, gaudiest patronuses because they often feel like outcasts and need some extra self-protection.

-Who, while not willing to join Voldemort, developed a special interest in the history of Voldemort after the second wizarding war. 

-Who take on some jobs at Hogwarts to earn some galleons or house points, as well as job experience. 

-Who amaze others with how extensive their knowledge is on a certain subject.

-Who merely laughed at the Carrows when they tried to teach them that muggles and muggle-borns were lesser because the autistic witches/wizards/warlocks just see muggles and muggle-borns as people, like halfbloods and purebloods.

-Who hate how quickly the stairs changed and manage to find the least treacherous paths to class.

-Who worked to develop a spell that could analyze and tell you how someone was truly feeling.

-Who joined the D.A. because Umbridge’s decrees largely went against their stubborn and strong sets of morals.

-Yet were also somewhat relieved with the boys-and-girls-not-permitted-within-eight-inches-of-each-other because that decreased the likelihood of physical contact. 

-Who use the Room of Requirement when they’re having sensory overload or a meltdown or a shutdown. 

That’s all I’ve got for now. Let’s call this part 1, because I guarantee, there’s probably gonna be a second part to it.


Lyric Video for Lydia’s “Holidays” off of Devil.

I started this project 5 months ago back in May and I finally got around to finishing it. 


Teen Wolf Preference:  Caught Under Mistletoe

A/N: I’m pretty sure this is the second time that I’ve had this blog around the holiday season. So, in tradition, I wanted to return to how I started this blog off, preferences.

Also in tradition, I tried to keep this gender neutral for the reader (and I don’t think that I used any pronouns)

(Kira, Scott, Allison, Derek, and Lydia)

Kira Yukimura 

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Her Dad’s family was holding a party, and Kira was ready to die of boredom before her Mom said that she could invite you. Her eyes lit up when she saw you. “Hi sweetie,” she said with a smile as she grabbed your hand.

“Hi Kira,” you smiled back at her, squeezing her hand. You spent the next hour meeting Kira’s family, trying your best to be polite to all of them. Most of her relatives were older, and you were scared about being disrespectful.

You immediately relaxed when Kira’s aunt walked away from you. She kept on asking you questions, from where you wanted to go to college to how many speeding tickets you had. Kira walked back towards you, her conversation with her Mom barely ending.

“Are you exhausted too?” Kira whispered as she stood across from you.

You nodded with a sheepish smile. “I like your family, trust me, but they’re…”

“Intense?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Yup,” you agreed with a laugh.

Kira was about to say something when one of her cousins walked up to the two of you. “Look!” he said, pointing to the ceiling. You both looked up, and you saw Kira freeze when she noticed it was mistletoe. Her cousin dropped his hand. “Momma said that the people under mistletoe kiss,”

Kira coughed and sent you wide eyes. She didn’t want to kiss you. Well, she did, but not in front of her five year old cousin that she had vivid memories of teaching him his alphabet just a few months ago. Especially when he was sitting there like he needed someone to show him how the tradition worked.

You pressed your lips together, not being able to stop a tiny smile from your face as you stepped closer, pressing a kiss to her cheek. She took a deep breath, starting to calm down.

“A cheek kiss doesn’t count,” he grumbled.

Kira stared at you with wide eyes before turning to him. “They totally count. They’re kisses, aren’t they? It’s in the name, cheek-kiss,” Kira stuttered out.

She was about to ramble on when you put a hand on her shoulder with a small smile. “Like she said, they totally count,”

He furrowed his eyebrows at you both before nodding. “Yeah. That makes sense then. Thanks Kira!” he smiled before running to the other kids to play with.

She let out a huge breath as he walked away and leaned against the wall. “You saved me,”

“Yeah, I’m your knight in shining armor, saving you from family embarrassment,” you smirked. She smiled as she took a sip of her drink. “By the way, if our kids every ask you something like that, send them to me, you’d die,”

Kira’s eyes widened as she spit out her drink, trying to sputter out words in between coughs. You covered your mouth to muffle your laughs as you rubbed her back with the other hand. “I hate you. You could’ve killed me right now,” she coughed as she glanced up at you, “I could’ve choked to death,”

You were about to respond when Kira’s Dad walked up to you both. “Hey. We’re getting about ready to lea- Oh is that mistletoe above you?”

Kira let out a strangled cough as she looked between her Dad and you.

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Lydia Martin x Reader:  When the Ball Drops

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Request: it’s new years’ eve and i am so determined to kiss you when the ball drops or the one about ice skating for lydia (i love ur imagines btw)

A/N: This is the last holiday request! I’m posting it just as it turns midnight where I am! Sorry this is kinda short, I didn’t really see where else I could take this prompt. 

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the new year treats you all well. 

The reader should be gender neutral. 

Lydia was getting quite fed up with fate if she was honest. She had tried to ask you out and kiss you more times than she could keep track of. She practically covered her ceiling in mistletoe at her holiday party, and then you couldn’t show up. She tried to ask you out at the homecoming dance, and then the Alpha pack strolled into town. Lydia decided that she would ask you out during chemistry one time, and then she left early because of a doctor’s appointment she forgot about. At this point, Lydia would be willing to ask you out whenever, but there was always someone from the pack around. A part of her cursed her feelings for you when it was so obvious that the universe didn’t want her to ask you out.

One of the guys on the lacrosse team announced that he was holding a New Year’s Party a few days before winter break started. Most of the pack was going, and Lydia held out some hopes that you would manage to go, even if she hadn’t built up the courage to ask you out again.  She sighed as she checked her make up again and asked the universe one more time to just let you be at the party.

You were talking to Kira and Scott before you noticed something over Kira’s shoulder, making your smile broaden as you recognized the girl. “Hey Lydia,” you said, hoping that you didn’t sound as excited as you were. You were disappointed when you ended up needing to ditch her party in order to work because there was a holiday sale going on at the time.

Lydia’s eyes widened when she saw you and she smiled back. “Hey Y/N,”

Scott glanced in between the both of you before he smirked at Kira. Kira smirked back at him before she cleared her throat. “We’ll see you guys later. I wanted to talk to the host,” Before either of you could say anything else, the couple walked away, both smiling brightly.

“Did Stiles tell you about his bet with Liam?” you raised your eyebrows. She shook her head. “Whoever gets a new year’s kiss wins twenty bucks,”

She laughed and rolled her eyes. “What if neither of them get a kiss when the ball drops?”

“I guess they don’t lose their money, but they are going to be humiliated when the pack asks them about it,” you smirked.

“Have you ever had a new year’s kiss?” Lydia asked with raised eyebrows.

“No,” you shook your head, “Have you?”

Lydia nodded. “Once when I was with Jackson,”

“It seems like a nice tradition, but I’ve never been with someone around New Year’s,” you shrug.

“Yeah, even when I was with Jackson, it only happened once,” Lydia said as a plan began to form in her mind.

Lydia pressed her lips together, eyes narrowed as she searched the crowd in the party. “Of course this would happen,” she mumbled with a low laugh. She had talked to you the entire night, and the second she thought about maybe kissing you when the ball dropped, you suddenly vanished. She glanced up at the TV that was flashing the time. Maybe I’m just destined to just always only be Y/N’s friend… She sighed.

Lydia glanced at the crowd again. Did you leave early? She felt all her hope drain when the countdown started. “Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Tw-” Lydia was cut off when someone grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. Her eyes widened as she recognized you. “Y/N? What ar-”

“One,” the party counted.

Just as the crowd yelled “Happy New Year!” you pressed your lips against Lydia’s, making her freeze. It only lasted a few seconds, but she had to take in a deep breath when you pulled away. “Happy New Year Lydia,” you said as you pulled a strand of hair behind your ear.

She stared at you with rosy cheeks and a small smile. “Happy New Year,” she smiled before she leaned closer and pressed her lips against yours together.

She wasn’t meant to ask you out, but that didn’t mean you two weren’t meant to be.

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