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teen wolf is back at it again with the “let’s neglect arden cho exists” thing
it’s worldwide puppy day or whatever and they post this picture without even featuring her with chewy and the fact that she was a part of the show

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Fantastic people that makes work bearable! Cause, who is working? Not me for sure. Anyway. Do you know the fic Hello Heartbreaker by astoryaboutwar? Do you, by any chance, know any other "meddling evil Laura"? Thanks a bunch

I just did a list of mean!Laura which you can find here, so I’ll do a list of meddling!Laura here.  Enjoy!  -Emmy

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Kidnapping Boys Doesn’t Make Them Like You (Or Does It) by Dani Mahealani (ProtectJeanKirschtein) 

(1,816 I General I Complete)  *sterek, high school au

“Hey, he’d be lucky to have you as a boyfriend.  It’s just my job as your older sister to tease you.”

He looks up to see her giving him one of her warm smiles, one that doesn’t give him nightmares.  “I don’t even know if he likes guys,” he says after a few moments.

“I can think of a few ways to find out.”

Derek’s eyebrows twist in confusion and he’s fairly certain he doesn’t want to know what sorts of plans she has in mind.  “Just let me handle it, alright?  I can do it.”

Laura gets up from her chair and comes around to his side of the table to ruffle his hair.  “Never be afraid of asking for help, Der.  You have a big sister for a reason.”  She steals a sip of his Coke before heading upstairs to her room.

Not for the first time that night, Derek presses his face into his arms and groans.

or the one where laura and peter kidnap stiles because derek likes him

Never a Second Chance by haleofStilesheart 

(2,772 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, meeting the family

Derek was planning on a lazy day in with his boyfriend. But then his sister shows up unexpectedly and things take a much more awkward turn. After all, Stiles never was one for finesse.

Laura Hale - Matchmaker Extraordinaire by 42hrb 

(3,066 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, laura/lydia, human!au, lawyer!stiles, grad student!derek

All Laura wants is for her brother to be happy and he would be if he would just listen to her for once in his life.

It Just Is by Marishna 

(4,294 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, steo, jealous!derek, human au

“Thanks, man,” Stiles said to Derek.  He hopped off the stool.  "I’ll leave you alone now.“

Derek nodded but then, before he realized what he was saying, he said, “You don’t have to go.”

“I thought you didn’t like strangers?” Stiles shot back but he sat back on the stool.

“Then tell me more about yourself.”

In the Blinded Parade You Are the Only one I See by pseudofoucault333 

(8,790 i Mature I Complete)  *sterek, coffee shop au, baker!stiles, barista!derek

The day that Cora’s Bakery gets a new Delivery guy is the day that Derek finds a new crush. Someone that he desperately wants but seems taken, or is he really all that he seems?

Is the Sun Coming Up (Or Are You Just Smiling At Me) by AsagiStilinski 

(8,980 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, celebrity au, spark!stiles, singer!stiles, baker!derek

Derek knew his sisters were trouble, and they always ended up meddlnig in his love life (or lack thereof) but he had never thought they’d go THIS far, entering him into a raffle to win a date with his celebrity crush behind his back…

Now Derek had won and he didn’t know what the hell he was going to do, he wasn’t good with people, and he sure as hell wasn’t good with people he LIKED, worst of all, Stiles was excited to meet him, how was he supposed to tell Stiles not to get his hopes up? Because seriously, Derek isn’t worth it

Bittersweet and Strange, Finding You Can Change (Learning You Were Wrong) by me

(17,106 I Explicit I WIP)  *sterek, werewolves are known, fake boyfriends, sugar daddy

When perpetual loner and failwolf extraordinaire Derek Hale finally loses patience with his meddling family, he grabs a confused Stiles Stilinski, unsuspecting diner patron and herbal medicine student, off the street to pose as his new boyfriend. Hijinks ensue.

My Taco Sparkles by butyoureyessaidyes 

(36,891 I Teen I Complete)

The first time he sees Stiles Stilinski, the kid’s on his hands and knees in Derek’s office.

Or the one where Derek has to battle corporate espionage, meddling family members, clothing turned choking hazards, and inappropriate feelings for his obscenely attractive new intern.

Bonds of Blood, Bonds of Family, Bonds of Love by TyReed 

(44,003 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, alive hale family, werewolf!stiles

After being beaten up by a door, werewolf Stiles Stilinksi finds himself bonded to Derek Hale, of the Hale Noble Bloodline.  For a scrawny, wimpy, Tainted Bloodline werewolf, Stiles runs away, embarrassed and humiliated as he worries about bringing shame to the Hale Family, and even more shame to himself.  Because the Nobles and Tainted just don’t mix, never have, never will.

Except, things aren’t exactly what they seem.  

With the help of the (meddling) Hale family, his adoptive (meddling) human parents John and Claudia Stilinksi, and one very persistent Alpha Derek Hale, Stiles might come to see himself as more than just the blood that runs through his veins, and open his heart to find the happiness, friends, pack, and the family that he’d always wanted.

Dealing With Werewolves by foolish_mortal

[2565w | General]

In which Stiles runs away to live with the dragons and meets a werewolf.

Note: This is apparently an AU involving a book series I’ve never heard of, and something like that would usually put me off. But since embracing this blog’s mindset of giving every fic a chance no matter what, I gave it a read. And I’m so glad I did. It’s seriously good. I never wanted it to end.

Basically, Stiles has gone to live with a dragon (perfectly cast as Lydia) and an unending string of knights turn up at the door planning to slay the beast and win his hand, no matter that Stiles is happy exactly where he is. And then along comes Derek.

I really cannot stress enough how wonderful this fic is ;v; Give it a go!

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Any slow burn sterek high school AUs. Thx

Do we!? We do. We do. I really love high school AUs. Especially how they are nothing like actual high school. That’s the best part. - Anastasia

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Sterek Baby by fandomismyship, Vixenmoon

(3/3 I 5,447 I General I Sterek, Scallison, Petopher, Berica I No Hale Fire)

After Paige dies, Derek and Peter’s relationship falls apart. When Derek starts to show interest in one of Peter’s close friends, Stiles, the man hatches a plan to make ‘Sterek’ a reality. Even the rough patches throughout it made the end game worth it.

You Fixed My Life by LoveActually_rps

(1/1 I 10,992 I Teen I Sterek I Tutor!Derek)

John Stilinski had had to change tutors for his son five times in a single month so far – ranging from professors and experienced private tutors to intelligent college and university students. None of them had survived more than a week. Greenberg had had given up after just four days.

“Beware of the boy,” Greenberg had warned Derek. “And…stay away from Roscoe,” he had muttered, looking weak and terrified, as if he was recollecting some nasty nightmare.


Greenberg had already fled before he could entertain further confused queries from Derek.

(aka - Stiles is a rich, spoiled brat, struggling academically(or is he?). Derek is his new tutor, who just needs a job.
Of course, Stiles owns a grumpy cat – Roscoe - and Derek doesn’t get along with it.)

The Lawn Ranger by Snowjob

(5/5 I  47,796 I Mature I Sterek I Jock!Stiles)

In which Derek is an adolescent werewolf with a penchant for chocolate bunnies, and instead of the dream summer of lazing around the house playing video games and nibbling on his hoarded supply of easter candy his mother makes him get a job.

In which Stiles is a showoff jock with a broken arm and an embarrassing crush who can no longer push the lawn mower around the yard.

Catfish by crimandclove

(8/8 I  26,763 I Teen I Sterek I Catfish!AU)

cat-fish (verb) - to lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.

Stiles is sick and tired of being the only one without a date, so he decides to set up an OK Cupid profile. Little does he know, the guy he starts talking to isn’t all what he seems.

The Boy Next Door by dereksstilinski (greyslittlediaries)

(10/10 I  27,326 I Mature I Sterek I Fake/Pretend Relationship)

Stiles thinks he’s doing the right thing by distancing himself from Derek, but little does he know that Derek needs him more than ever.

OR in which Stiles and Derek are the same age and have been neighbors all their lives.

Match Made in Hale by iKnightWriter

(16/16 I 29,179 I Teen I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia I Stiles Finds Out About Werewolves)

In hind sight he probably should’ve paid attention to the signs that were given. Otherwise, he wouldn’t been so unprepared about the hell that he was going to have to face.

A Double Baker’s Dozen by Sourwolf and Stilinski (Kitsune_Moonstar)

(28/28 I 30,443 I Teen I Sterek, Scallison,Jydia, Berica I Alive Hale Family)

Derek hasn’t been having the best year what with his first girlfriend rejecting the werewolf bite and dying and his second girlfriend turning out to be a psychopath who wanted to kill his entire family. And with bad things happening in threes, Derek can’t say he’s completely surprised when his grandmother dies nine days before his seventeenth birthday. She was the only family member that ever completely understood Derek, and for the past year, she’d been the main thing that held him together. When he opens his birthday gift from her nine days later, Derek finds a cupcake cookbook and makes the decision to perfect one recipe a month until he’s mastered them all. And maybe along the way he’ll manage to pull his life back together too.

It’s gotta be a teenage love story by Niallergirl89

(14/14 I  34,162 I Mature I Sterek I Stiles Finds Out About Werewolves)

Derek Hale is new to school, on his first day Stiles shows him around on his first day of school, they develop a fast frienship but as time goes on stiles finds him falling for his new best friend. Will the feelings be mutual?

John Hughes Did Not Direct My Life by nascentgalaxies

(3/3 I  48,666 I Explicit I Sterek I No Hale Fire)

Stiles and Derek are childhood friends who drifted apart. When Stiles joins the lacrosse team against his will, the universe (with a little help from Laura and Lydia) chooses to push them back together.

Strut on a Line, its Discord and Rhyme by xiaq

(21/21 I 61,818 I Teen I Sterek I Magic!Stiles)

“Carry me,” Stiles says.


“But I’m injured.”

“You have a rash,” Derek says. “On your arm. Your feet work just fine.”


“No. You weigh almost as much as I do. And you ate a pound of chicken at lunch.”

“Well, yeah, but I pooped like an hour ago, so.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t play, you love me.”

I do, Derek thinks, relatively horrified. I really do.

Just the Same by ericaismeg

(7/7 I  68,066 I General I Sterek I Alive Hale Family)

Something is seriously up with the captain of the lacrosse team. There’s just no way Derek Hale is human.
“I was wondering if you’re even human. You move so quickly. I mean, it’s ridiculously fast. No human should be able to move that fast, y'know? It’s unfair for us. I mean, it’s obvious you work out, and I don’t, so that could be why, but like…I was just wondering if you were human, that’s all.”

“Stop talking, Stilinski, or I'll—”

“Put me on the bench all season?” Stiles asks knowing full well that Derek Hale can’t threaten him with shit.

Bad Habits by Fudgebug

(12/12 I 108,298 I Explicit I Sterek, Berica I Mental Health Issues)

“Mmmmh pretty.“ Stiles purrs in a way that makes a wild fire torch the planes of his skin.
He knows Stiles is drunk and that the boy would probably stroke a pineapple and compliment its attractiveness, but Derek can’t help the way his heart starts to be a huge backstabbing dick, thundering uncontrollably against his chest.
It’s painful, because Derek knows it isn’t real.

A story about goody-two-shoes Derek crushing on a Polish Prince Charming with a drinking habit - also the universe keeps on shoving astral poop into his face. It’s utterly spectacular.

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Can you pretty please update the pining tag? 💕


what in carnation? by haleofStilesheart (1/1 | 2,985 | G)

Deliveryman wasn’t exactly Derek’s dream job but it helped put him through school so he couldn’t complain. Especially since it helped him meet the love of his life.

The Twenty Dollar Date by Lacrosse_CandyCorn_Puns (1/1 | 904 | G)

Derek pines, Stiles pines, and Finstock just wants the cafeteria to stop serving those god awful fish tacos. Is that too much to ask?!

Code Sea Witch by ANTchan (1/1 | 4,975 | G)

At Lydia Martin’s Nereid Crown they have a code: “Somebody asked for the Sea Witch.”

Valentine’s Day Prompt: “I’m the service worker who saw your datemate break up with you on Valentine’s Day. (Heartless!)”

What You Need by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 6,230 | NC17)

Derek is an alpha with unusual desires.

That’s Just My Face Stiles by 42hrb (1/1 | 1,040 | PG13)

After Scott manages to break all the centerpieces for Lydia and Jackson’s wedding Stiles and Derek are stuck together making new ones.

Pizza with a Side of Panic by SnazzyJazzyH (1/1 | 1,767 | PG13)

Stiles hates pizza but that sure doesn’t stop him from ordering pizza from Hale of a Pizza. Although the hot delivery guy probably had something to do with it.

Haven’t you heard the rumours? by fairyfey (1/1 | 2,162 | PG13)

Stiles is a drama teacher who tends to overshare, Derek is a nerdy english teacher who somehow makes cardigans sexy and the students think they should be together.


We’re both high school teachers and my students ship us but I won’t let them tell you au

I Want You to Show Me by hazelNuts (1/1 | 1,510 | G)

anonymous asked: “Hi i just wanted to leave this silly fun prompt with you to see if you can use it. Stiles is so surprise none of his neighbors have called his dad and complained about the loud slightly off tune singing that can be heard outside the Sheriffs house every night always around 3 am. Stiles himself finds it amusing and cute that the mighty Alpha Derek Hale chooses to sleep serenade Stiles with cheesey 80’s love ballards.”

Stiles slides out of his car and softly closes the door, wincing when the hinges groan. He trails behind Derek as they walk to his house, close enough that he can intervene if necessary, but far enough away that he knows he won’t wake Derek up. When they arrive at his place, he sits on the porch steps, pulls out his phone, and waits.

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Hey! Blog I'd looking as beautiful as ever, this has literally been the only thing keeping me sane whilst I've been ill with tonsillitis so thank you! Was hoping you could update the truth serum tag? I love how funny and fluffy they can be whilst also cool af and hot man. Would totally appreciate xxx

100% agree w/ you

I’m Sorry, What? by fancyachatup (1/1 | 2,416 | PG13)

Basically Stiles is Derek’s mate but Derek doesn’t tell him until Stiles is getting (fake) married

For Science! by AmyriadfthINGs (1/1 | 101 | G)

Lydia is a genius and science is her tool. Also, Boys should just get it together. They brought this onto themselves.

All You Need to Know by Dira Sudis (dsudis) (1/1 | 2,925 | PG13)

“Did Lydia give you some kind of potion that forces you to tell the truth even though you’d rather choke on wolfsbane and die?”

It started in the woods (this crazy day) by LycanFox (2/2 | 4,714 | NR)

They were in the Preserve, of course they were, because anything that goes bump in the night always managed to find its way out there.

You’re Gonna Kill Me When You Snap Out Of This (Bisexual Awareness Week) by totallyrandom (2/2 | 2,498 | PG13)

“Scott. You call me back right fucking now. What the unholy hell is going on with Derek right now? This is … this is NOT RIGHT. Is he possessed? He’s … talking. A lot. And SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT ME. Really specific, awkward things. What’s going on, man? Am I hallucinating? Call me back right. fucking. now.”