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Imagine talking to Noah about his obsession with serial killers, and how you think that somehow he admires them

*You are talking to Noah about slasher movies, he is recommending, some for you to watch alone. You notice that he talks very passionately about the serial killers, in the movies.*

Y/N: You know the way you talk about the serial killers, it is almost like you admire them or you’re obsessed with them.

Noah: Well, you know Y/N some guys like sports. I like serial killers.

Y/N: You are so weird, Noah. But, anyway I never really liked jocks.

Noah: Good to hear that. How about socially awkward guys, who are obsessed with serial killers?

Y/N: They are kind of growing on me.

*Noah smiles and you smile too.*

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Actually , i took my love for scream& teen wolf and took it to far .. OH WELL.

I actually got inspired to make this in honor of the late Mr. Wes Craven & jeff davis because i love their works …

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Although those at the party felt like they had been trapped inside forever, it had actually only been about two hours. But with every minute that passed, people were getting more desperate to bring back their loved ones. It wasn’t looking like the basilisk controller was going to give up until he had everyone on the list and citizens of Beacon Hills were determined to get them. The wolfsbane had gotten to their hands- everything had been going according to plan. That is, until Jack Foster and Lydia Martin came up with a plan of their own. An arrow mixed with basilisk venom was shot at the snake, and it was something the controller did not see coming.

The venom made the basilisk fall to the ground and while doing so, it knocked out the trail of venom that was surrounding the hostages. Every single one of them managed to escape unharmed. And with that, the controller was whistling for the basilisk. It slithered away immediately and the lights turned back on. The familiar voice from earlier echoed through the speakers.

Congratulations! You have all survived the black-light party. I do hope you enjoyed your night. This may not have been the outcome I was expecting but I’m pleased that your loved ones have been returned safely. Please don’t forget, however, that I am still in control. Now more than ever. Your friends may be safe for now but that doesn’t mean this is over. I will continue to control this town for as long as those mentioned earlier roam the streets. You may bring them back to the church- dead or alive- at any time. Once they are all wiped out, the town can be safe for good. Once again for those of you who forgot, I will read off the names of the people I want.

Lydia Martin, Jackson Whittemore, Stiles Stilinski, Avery Frost, William Stark, Talia Black, Nate Sinclair, Ariel Hale, Anastasia Vasiliev, Kira Yukimura, Juliet Raeken, Kai Argent, Allison Argent, and Alexander Collins.

My new friend Jack Foster has also been added to this list. And I’m extending this to anyone who is seen helping or being associated with these people. Friends, family. Bring them all to me. Remember that I am not the enemy. They are. These people are responsible for everything that’s happened in this town. One way or another, they’re connected. I’ll be seeing you soon.

And with that, the doors to the church flung open. The mountain ash barrier that surrounded the building had disappeared and anything that blocked the police from entering was now gone as well. There was an eerie feeling in the air as people were reunited with friends and family. Half the town had just tried to kill each other- and the hit list still stood. Would they try to eliminate those in Beacon Hills that were wanted now that the wolfsbane was out of their system?

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honestly guys it really bothers me that scream isnt as big as it should be. Scream has so many amazing qualities to it and also protrudes a lot of similar aspects like other really big popular shows out there. For example, Teen Wolf is one of if not the BIGGEST show on MTV right now and scream is so similar to Teen Wolf. Scream has a similar theme to Teen Wolf and i totally see similar parallels between characters. I see a Brooke x Lydia parallel and i see a Stiles x Noah parallel. Scream and TW both have similar dark themes that revolve death and murders, only difference is one is supernatural and the other is serial killer(s). So to me, in my own personal opinion, i find it hard for someone to watch one but not the other?

Also, Pretty Little Liars is also a really BIG show with an enormous fandom and i see TONS of similarities between both shows. the whole concept and plot line of pretty little liars in its entirety is to find out who A is, thats it. The whole show is based on finding out who is the person (A) that has been harassing and stalking these 4 girls. Well, guess what, so is Scream. The whole point is trying to find out who the killer is stalking the Emma (well in this season, just Audrey) and who is the killer killing everyone in the town. Both shows have fandoms forming long theories and turning us into little theorist. There was even a PLL reference from Noah in season 1 of Scream. Plus a benefit to scream is it doesnt DRAGGGG the same plot forever like pll. I’m not in anyway shape or form trying to throw shade at PLL, i’m just pointing out the fact that it took PLL 6 seasons before they told us who A is while it only took Scream 10 episodes to tell us who the killer was in season 1.

But what makes Scream unique is that its based off a movie franchise. Scream has qualities and elements of really popular shows out there plus its franchise theme based off the original movies. “You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series.” i mean scream is just amazing all around and i dont understand why it isn’t as big as it should / has the potential to be, especially when it possesses similar themes and plots as other really big shows out there. Lastly, i am in no way, shape, or form trying to say that Scream is superior to TW or PLL, i’m simply just saying that Scream should be just as big and TW and PLL. Scream shouldn’t be at risk of being cancelled, it has so much going for it.