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You see this face? This is the face of a flawless human being and an even more astounding best friend who 1000 percent understands what it means to hear the love of his best friend’s life cry and have her heartbreak because she didn’t get to say she loved him back. Scott McCall is an angel. He’s crying with her. His heart is breaking for Lydia because he KNOWS. He’s always known. He was there for every year that Stiles fell more and more in love with Lydia. He was there to hear how one sided the relationship used to be. He saw Stiles pine for Lydia. He saw Stiles save Lydia. He saw Stiles do anything–risk his life–for Lydia. He saw Stiles help Lydia become who she really is. He saw Stiles fall in love with Lydia. He saw Lydia fall in love with Stiles, and he hears her confess her love for Stiles before Stiles can hear it himself. Scott cries because she didn’t get to say it back. Scott cries because Stiles didn’t get to hear it. Scott McCall is my hero. gif source: @obriens

The first time Lydia Martin was ever in Stiles Stilinski’s room, he was comforting her and basically telling her he didn’t want to live in a world without her.

Now, she’s in his room because she’s tired of living in a world without him, and this feeling is so strong that she’s able to see through the shield or whatever that the ghost riders have cast over everybody.

She is able to pull things through this shield, making it possible for others to see what is being hidden, because she loves him so much, and she is so desperate to get him back I’m crying.

You see this face? This is the face of a boy in the most beautiful state of disbelief to ever exist. Stiles stilinski has loved Lydia Martin for years–since the third grade–and has always seen her for who she really is. He listened to her when no one else heard. He paid attention to her when no one else did. He remembered everything she ever tried to hide. He knew how smart she was despite how hard she tried to hide it, and he only loved her more because of it. He never underestimated her. He never sidelined her or blew her off or thought of her as anything less than important. He complimented her. He treated her as an equal. He did anything and everything for her. He risked his life to save hers. But, above all of this, more important than any of this, he LOVED her. He loved her before anything supernatural tested the limits of their emotions. He loved her before they had to fight for their lives and the lives of others. He loved her when he was just a boy and she was just a girl. He loved Lydia Martin like no one else has, and when he knew he was going to be completely erased from existence, he wanted to let her know that. After years of confiding only in his best friend about his feelings, after years of everyone but Lydia knowing about his feelings, after years of silence, Stiles tells Lydia to remember in any way that she can that he loves her. So, when his friends have saved him, when the love of his life made everyone they know remember who he is to bring him back, he finally gets to hear from Lydia. He never–not once–acted like he needed Lydia to admit anything to him. He never pushed her or pressured her or nagged her or coerced her to love him just because he loved her. He simply loved her, but he didn’t realize how, all this time, that was what was needed most. This is the face of a sarcastic and cocky boy with a heart so big that it stores not only unconditinal love but also immense darkness finally having all the love he gave given back. This is the face of a boy who can’t believe that the love of his life–the girl he’s always loved–loves him back. This is the face of a boy who’s heart is skipping beat after beat because he can not believe that Lydia Martin has come to love him. This is Stiles Stilinski learning that he is loved. This is Stiles Stilinski in heartachingly beautiful disbelief because he loves the same girl that loves him. gif source: @obriens


“Neither of them notice Scott standing in the shadows nearby. Having overheard the exchange, he’s smiling with pride in his best friend.”

I have a son. His name is Mieczyslaw Stilinski, but we call him Stiles. I remember. When Stiles was a little kid, he couldn’t say his first name. I’m not sure why, it pretty much rolls off the tongue, but the closest he could get was mischief. His mother called him that until…I remember when Stiles first got his jeep. It belonged to his mother. She wanted him to have it. The first time he took a spin behind the wheel, he went straight into a ditch. I gave him his first roll of duct tape that day. He was always getting into trouble, but he always had a good heart, always. We’re here tonight because my goofball son decided to drag Scott, his greatest friend in the world, into the woods to see a dead body
—  Noah Stilinski 

what I say: I’m good, how are you?

what I mean: when I think about having to potentially watch Stiles Stilinski die (and watch everyone else lose him) and how I am going to handle it, my first reaction is literally his voice saying “I’ll go out of my freaking mind” which breaks my heart and makes me 10000x more depressed and so my emotional state is hanging by a thread here and I’m on the verge of a breakdown



  • Scott Gregorio McCall 
  • Kira Ga Yoon Yukimura 
  • Lydia Camille Grace Martin 
  • Isaac David Lahey 
  •  Malia Elizabeth Hale/Tate 
  • Aiden Jacob Steiner 
  •  Ethan Conrad Steiner
  •  Liam Eugene Dunbar 
  • Celestine Allison Argent 
  • Brett William Talbot
  • Theodore Karl Raeken 
  •  Erica Carmen Reyes 
  • Cora Suzanne Hale


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When the memory of Allison allows him to break free from the Beast and give Lydia enough time to save Mason, there was a way to keep her as part of the pack. There was a way to really signify the strength of that original pack of Scott, Allison, Stiles and Lydia even after death.


12 days of stydiaday two (fav. episode) | 3x15 - the one where stiles encourages lydia to always trust her intuition, and scream when she feels the need to; in turn causing lydia to mention the next day that she “helped save someone’s life. that felt really good”. aka; the one where stiles believes so much in lydia that she in turn believes in herself.