modern pride and prejudice
↳ the bennet family

gugu mbatha-raw as jane
antonia thomas as elizabeth
natalie emmanuel as mary
jessica sula as kitty
amandla stenberg as lydia
colin salmon as mr bennet
sophie okendo as mrs bennet


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary - My Name is Lizzie Bennet - Ep: 1 (April 9th 2012)

Who am I? I’m a 24 year old grad student with a mountain of student loans, living at home and preparing for a career.

  • [the Bennets are standing around the broken coffee maker]
  • Mr. Bennet: So. Who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
  • Jane Bennet: ... I did. I broke it.
  • Mr. Bennet: No. No you didn't. Lydia?
  • Lydia Bennet: Don't look at me. Look at Kitty.
  • Catherine "Kitty" Bennet: What?! I didn't break it.
  • Lydia Bennet: Oh that's weird. How'd you even know it was broken?
  • Catherine "Kitty" Bennet: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken.
  • Lydia Bennet: Suspicious.
  • Catherine "Kitty" Bennet: No it's not!
  • Lydia Bennet: If it matters, probably not, but Lizzie was the last one to use it.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Liar! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Lydia Bennet: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Elizabeth Bennet: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that Lydia!
  • Jane Bennet: Okay let's not fight. I broke it. Let me fix it Papa.
  • Mr. Bennet: No! Who broke it?!
  • Catherine "Kitty" Bennet: Papa... Mary's been awfully quiet.
  • Mary Bennet: REALLY?!
  • [everyone starts arguing]
  • Mr. Bennet: [to Mrs. Bennet] I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

the lizzie bennet diaries meme:

five characters; lydia bennet
“I can be loud, and obnoxious. I enjoy partying, occasionally too much, and I don’t always avoid trouble very well. I nag on my sisters, and my cousin, too, and sometimes I forget that the world doesn’t revolve around me. I think I’m getting better at that. Everything that I am is made up of both my failures and my successes. My attempts and my stumbles. I’ve learned that in order to rise up from failure, and move forward, you have to acknowledge when you’ve failed to begin with[…]Because another thing he has failed at doing is taking my identity, and taking my voice. Those are mine. And with them, I can always turn my failures into strengths. That’s kind of the point, isn’t it?“

Lizzie and the Bennet Hipsters

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary -  Snobby Mr. Douchey - Ep: 6  (April 26th 2012)

Darcy’s boring, stuffy, unbelievably rude. He thinks he’s too good for us “common folk.” But he’s handsome! And rich! Even richer than Bing Lee!

The Ly-di-yuh 🤗

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube is one of the best modern adaptations of Pride & Prejudice ever. Seriously. Like it’s really fucking brilliant and I wish I had it as a supplement when I was studying P&P in high school. I love this show and this cast so much, and the way they adapted the story, and how they’ve used social media… just brilliant. Also just found out it’s actually the 5 year anniversary of the show!


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary - Bing Lee and his 500 Teenage Prostitutes - Ep: 4   (April 19th 2012)

Bing Lee is currently on his way to the airport to return with an entire harem of women.

  • Lizzie: Hey, Darcy is making dinner. He asked if you wanted to come.
  • Lydia: Yeah, sounds fun.
  • Lizzie: He's making spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Lydia: Swaghetti and memeballs?
  • Lizzie: You're uninvited.
  • Lydia: That's fair.