lydia haley

I just love Naley so much like they started dating in high school and they both improved because of the other then they got pregnant && married IN HIGH SCHOOL. And they still stayed together and became well off financially and their whole world never came crumbling down no matter what was thrown at them and I just love them so much they’re the couple that got pregnant and married “too young” and they still made it and I really really appreciate One Tree Hill for giving that to me.

NWSL saves per goal allowed in 2017

For 3 starts unless specified otherwise. As with all shot-stopping stats, this is not a direct indicator of GK quality.

Lydia Williams, HOU: – (2 starts, 4/0)

Adrianna Franch, POR: 14 (14/1; includes 1 PKS, 13 SPG without PKs)

Abby Smith, BOS: 7.5 (15/2)

Kailen Sheridan, SBFC: 6.5 (13/2; 1 PKA, 13 SPG without PKs)

Stephanie Labbe, WAS: 5.66 (17/3)

Nicole Barnhart, FCKC: 5.5 (11/2)

Sabrina D’Angelo, NCC: 5 (5/1)

Alyssa Naeher, CHI: 3.66 (11/3; 1 PKA, 5.5 SPG without PKs)

Ashlyn Harris, ORL: 3 (18/6; 2 PKA, 4.5 SPG without PKs)

Haley Kopmeyer, SEA: 2.4 (12/5; 1 PKA, 3 SPG without PKs)

Jane Campbell, HOU: 0.6 (1 start, 3/5)