Listen my lovely stydia shippers,

I understand that the official Teen Wolf blog/twitter is giving all of you these exciting tidbits (”If they don’t save her, Stiles will never be the same…”) but I don’t want you to get your hopes up so you’re not crushed when a big stydia moment doesn’t happen. It’s a marketing strategy - they want you to watch the episode. 

They don’t care about the ship, but they know that you do.

Just try to keep your expectations in check, I don’t want anyone feeling disappointed after the episode comes out!

Lots of love, less than 2 days to go!

  • Josh:I don't want to kill our romance but I need help with Spanish and you're the only person I can listen to talk for longer than a minute without falling asleep.
  • Josh:Are you feeling better btw?
Blood is thicker than water ~Teen Wolf~

You are Scott’s younger sister. Despite the fact that you were close along time ago, he is now very distant. Not talking to you and not acknowledging you much. He has currently just started his last year of schooling but you also entered a new stage in your life. One that consists of nightmares, dead bodies and mysterious voices. One that you are too afraid to share with Scott or even Stiles. 


You walked along the halls of the Beacon Hills High School. Two more years, then your done. Then you can finally get out of Beacon Hills. Away from your mother, your so called friends, your brother and his gang but mostly away from all the terrible things that you have witnessed in this town. 

You passed Lydia and Malia, in the hallway. Lydia giving you a sympathetic glance. You quickly averted your eyes, down to the floor. But unfortunately for you, you ran into a rock hard body. You dropping all your belongings on the floor. 

You looked up to see a very unfamiliar face, smiling down as he helped you to pick up the pens and books scattered across the floor. The tall boy- or should you say man- had dark hair, a friendly smile but harsh and dangerous eyes. He smiled, his pearly whites glistening in the dullness of the school. 

“Theo Raeken” he spoke in a firm and confident voice. You nodded in both thanks and confirmation that you had heard his name, 

“Y/N McCall” you replied and something snapped inside of the dangerous eyes everything turning into slyness and mischief. You returned a faint smile but just as you wanted to push past him, he gently grabbed your arm. 

“Honestly Y/N, it’s my first day back here and I have no idea where I should be. Would you mind?” he asked, indicating that he wanted you to show him around. You sighed irritably and looked over to your AP Biology classroom that kids were piling into and then back at Theo. 

“Fine, but then we are both missing the first lesson Raeken” you stated firmly as he smiled. 

“Of course Ms McCall” he returned. You glanced over at where Malia and Lydia stood a moment ago only thing different now was that Scott, Stiles, Kira and this kid Liam had joined them. Scott was staring intently at Theo and Stiles had an exhausted expression on his face. 

“What do you have first Theo?” you asked, ignoring them all. He smiled, 

“It was gym I’m pretty sure” 

You nodded, “We’ll swing by there very quickly as coach, will flip his lid if he was to see you skipping gym” 

He laughed, it audibly vibrating in his chest. Your tummy made an unexpected flip as you continued along the corridor. Theo had told you were he came from, how is family was like and how he would love to meet up with old friends again that was in town. He also wanted to meet your family and your brother but you stepped against that which he didn’t take much notice to. 

You liked him. He was a nice and open guy but his eyes were the problem. He was hiding something darker than all of the darkest nights in the universe behind those eyes. 

But you ignored it, accepting the fact that it was just your over reactive imagination talking and that he was not some psycho serial killer. You wondered along the hallway coming nearer and nearer to the music room which no one ever even uses anymore and the back door to the boys’ locker room. 

You glanced in to the locker room, no one was there. 

“Hey Theo are you sur-” but as you wanted to ask him if he was sure he had gym a strong hand with a white cloth came in contact with your face and another held your body in position. The cloth muffled your questions and as you inhaled a strong sent coming off the cloth your eyes drifted close with a faint whisper from Theo Raeken. 

“The doctors will see you now, Y/N” 

Your eyes sprung open as you gasped for fresh or any air possible. You inhaled and exhaled not knowing where you were. You then glanced around you, not knowing if you were dreaming or if you walked into a book of Stephen King. There were pipes everywhere, tanks filled with water containing unknown beings and then glancing to your right a room with a what looked like surgeon’s table. 

“What the hell?” you whispered, your voice groggy from being silent for so long. Then you recalled the last memory before you passed out. Theo fucking Raeken. You sat up straight but some form of restraints held you down to to the ground. You were to scared to look but you had to. 

But as you did, you immediately regretted it. There were three pipes in total stuck into your body, one pumping or draining blood you were not to sure, the other pumping a yellow liquid in and the other a bright purple. All three was in the right arm but your left hand ached even more but as you looked down you saw that wires were wrapped around the whole of you lower arm making the finger tips of the left hand purple. 

You started pulling and phrasing but it was no use. You couldn’t move and it pained you to move in anyway. You laid there in the middle of a psychos lab, awaiting any movement. That is when you heard the long lean footsteps. Your head snapped up seeing Theo edging closer to you. 

“Get the fuck away from me” you called out as he smirked at you playfully. 

“Oh come on now Y/N, don’t be like that” he whispered kneeling next to you. You turned your face away from him but he leaned in close to your ear. “The doctors had an emergency so they will be here shortly and so will your brother” 

“You leave Scott out of this you piece of work” you hissed, spitting in his face. He leaned back, taking the time to wipe your spit of his face and then he balled his fist planting it neatly on your cheek. You spat blood the opposite way and nearly burst out into tears because of the pain that was currently coursing through your body. 

His laugh echoed lowly in his chest. 

“He hasn’t told you a thing has he?” he asked, almost genuinely. You stared daggers at him. What was he talking about? 

“About what?” you snapped, angrily as his smirk was still plastered to his face. 

“I think we should wait for him, to tell you” he smirked, turning around as a door clicked opened. 

“Speak of the devil” 

You peered around Theo, seeing Scott being carried in by two monstrous things. Gas masks covering their faces. You could here their mechanical breathing. 

“Scott!” you yelled, pulling yourself in an upright position. You screamed in pain but that did not stop you from sitting up right. Theo looked back at you and for a second maybe two his facade faded and you saw what was truly behind the dangerous eyes. A boy that can’t be saved from the devil that he has morphed into. He then looked away towards Scott who was now phrasing against the doctors as they strapped him to the table. 

“Scott!” you yelled again and that is when his head snapped to you. 

“Y/N” he barely whispered but something snapped in him. Something that you wished hadn’t because what he did next shook your core. His eyes became a blood red and with that came all the strength and power. He threw one of the men into the wall making syringes and various other tools clatter to the ground. The other one he grabbed around the neck swinging him into a wall as well. He then stepped of the table or surgeon’s table. 

You then for the first time since the red eyes saw that he had changed. He had changed into something. His ears were pointed, he had hair on the sides of his face, he had claws digging out of his hands but he had to long k9 teeth making it hard for him to close his mouth. 

He walked over to Theo slashing his chest with one hand making him fall to the ground. You then realised he was on his way to help you, but before you could help it a scream erupted from inside you making Scott grab his head and forcing him down to his knees. You screamed, what the hell is this? What is your brother? 

A comforting pair of hands landed on your shoulders and made you cut the scream short. 

“Hey, Y/N, it’s me. I promise it’s me Scott” his voice soothed. 

“No, what was that, what are you Scott?” you rambled, your emotions taking control of what was being said. He started undoing the wires and pulling tubes out when clumsily someone ran in behind him. 

“Scott” a familiar voice said, but Scott didn’t even glance back knowing it was Stiles. 

“I’ve got her, Stiles.” he breathed, lifting you up in a bridal style position. Turning around. A relieved expression flashed across Stiles’ face as he flinched slightly seeing one of the men that Scott threw across the room move. 

“Let’s get out of here now!” he said using Scott in front of him. 

A few hours later you sat in the examination room of the vet. Dr. Deaton bandaging your arms, Scott leaning against the wall, Lydia sitting in a chair and Stiles pacing around the room. 

Scott looked guilty each and every time he looked at you as if it was his fault that you got hurt. 

“Well” you say as Stiles’ pacing immediately stopped “Your not going to tell me anything after what just happened, am I right?” 

Scott looked up at you biting his lip. “Of course not. Your just going to shut me out like you have done for the past two years right?” you snapped as Deaton nodded indicating that you were done. You hopped of the table grabbing at something stable to hold onto. Scott stepped closer. 

“You stay away from me. If your not going to tell me what you are and what the hell is going on here then I’ll just leave” you say but he shook his head. 

“I couldn’t tell you, Y/N. I thought by keeping everything from you that it would be safer for you” he defended. 

“Well how did that work out for you, huh?” you asked, sarcastically. Stiles and Lydia exchanged glances with one another as Scott looked over to them. 

“Scott she deserves to know” Lydia stated firmly and Stiles nodded in agreement, 

“You can’t keep her out of it any longer, Scott” 

He then sighed irritably, looking down. 

“I’m a werewolf, Y/N” he said, looking up to you. The same face you saw back where Theo had taken you. You stepped back slightly, 

“How’s this even possible?” you questioned but he smiled turning back to normal. 

“It’s a long story that I am willing to share with you” 

Stiles clapped his hands which made you stare at him, 

“This is all very touching and I love you to for patching up and revealing your secrets but we need to know who screamed like that?” 

You glanced over to Scott who had a tight facial expression. 

“I think we might have another banshee” 


Credit goes to the original owner of the GIF. I do not take credit for making this GIF. 

pink fuzzy socks & someone to confide in (magnus and alec)   by pynchs

As Alec becomes a wreck involving his future and sexuality, he often finds himself on Magnus’s couch, spilling his heart and soul into the glittery warlock who makes his heart skip a beat. He think’s he is foolish, and that Magnus must be growing tired of him by now, although Magnus can feel the facade he’s put up involving shadowhunters breaking down as he begins to feel things for the clumsy and insecure shadowhunter that he constantly hopes will show up at his door unexpectedly.


the face of a woman who totally doesn’t space out during conference calls daydreaming about the perfect hypothetical train robbery, nope, not at all