Stiles: Meeting 2.0

This is the y’know. I wouldn’t call it a second half because I don’t do those. But this one does rely on the one before it for some details I guess? Whatever.

“Oh my god.” You whispered, shoving your entire head into your locker. It was them.

It was Claw Marks Stile and Starting Block Scott. Oh my god. You pulled back slightly, peeking out with one eye as you tried not to seem too sketchy to those around you. Scott was looking at you with… Was that a small smile? Stiles was oblivious, talking animatedly with the girl that stood with them, her expression frustrated as she ran a hand a hand through her red hair.

Technically strawberry blonde. Or apricot blonde? Or peach blonde? You always had trouble remembering which was which. Whatever. Not your concern.

Carefully, you took a slow step back, eyes still locked covertly on the group, Scott smirking slightly now, likely holding back some humour filled reaction. Quick as you could, you shut your locker and spun on your heel. This wasn’t the direction to your next class, you’d have to go the long way, but being slightly late would be excusable if the teachers knew your reasons.

“She’s here?” You heard someone exclaim loudly behind you and you winced, quickening your step, only to hear the sound of shoes squeaking and slapping down on the linoleum behind you. Dear lord.

“Fancy meeting you here. It’s me. Stiles.” He greeted amicably and you sucked in a breath, exhaling it slowly and carefully as you kept your face blank, steps even. “Amazing, we’re headed in the same direction. Is that a coincidence?”

You peeked at him from the corner of your eye, catching on his grin and you felt your face warm a little, and your heart fluttered. No. No flutters. You scolded yourself, trying to shake it off without actually obviously shaking it off.

“Do you have class down here?”

“No.” You replied curtly, trying to keep your pace casual, holding yourself back from changing gear and sprinting away.

“Why’re going this way then?” He smiled, as if he had nowhere else he wanted to be going.



“Because.” You snapped, sucking a breath through your nose and counting to ten. “I was avoiding your little group there.”

“But we’re so nice!” He protested jovially and the tight set of your mouth twitched unconsciously.

When you didn’t speak, he continued, blatantly ignoring your ignoring.

“Well, if you don’t have class down here, why are we going this way? Do you have a name? You should be on the track team, are you?” He pressured and you literally buckled, your shoulders dropping weakly as you turned the corner, him tight on your heels. “Ahh, we’re going the long way round. Right.”

“Y/N. My names Y/N Y/L/N, second best runner on the track team behind Cyborg Emma.” You gasped, hand shooting out and grabbing his arm in a tight grip. “You’ll never repeat that name again; Emma is a lovely person.” You growled and he nodded seriously, giving you an appreciative look.

“I’ve heard of you. You’re the one that’s always running with a pack of wild dogs through the preserve, hey.” He recalled obnoxiously, his voice sounding as if it was a pleasant shared memory.

“They’re not wild! And it was one time.” You snapped. One time you’d walked the dogs on a public trail and suddenly you’re the crazy girl who was raised by wolves.

“So you do have four dogs though. Glad I didn’t get caught while making sure you got home safely last night.” He grinned like he’d done you a favour when all you wanted to do was shiver because now he knew where you lived and even though he didn’t seem dangerous or creepy, you never can be sure. He started at the look on your face before sighing and rubbing at his own face with a large hand. “That was creepy. I see that now. Sorry. I just keep apologising, don’t I?”

He grinned sheepishly and turned away. Attractive wasn’t part of the deal when you’d decided to run them over. Without a word you stopped completely, only for him to half trip over you, making you grin helplessly at his wobbling. When he turned back and caught sight of the smile, his entire face lit up.

“Why’d you stop?” He grinned, still glad looking and you smiled slightly at his smile. You gestured to the door beside you.

“My class.” You shrugged and his expression got brighter and a trickle of dread ran down your spine.

“Wow, mine too.” Maintaining his grin, he opened the door and gestured for you to go first. Carefully, so as not to touch, you slipped past him and slid into the closest seat under the disgruntled glare of your teacher, only to have Stiles slide into the seat beside you, giving you a thumbs up.

Of course he would.

Dedication to the cute gif where he does the thumbs up. It’s at Scott but that means nothing.


ѕтιleѕ + lydιa l ѕтιleѕ saved me {5x16}  - “It needs to be someone who can pull you back” 

So much growth between them since season 1:’)