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Lacrosse player in art? (Isaac Lahey)

THRID TIME TRYING TO POST THIS. SORRY NO GIF. TUMBLR KEEPS ON CRASHING. Plz enjoy this short&cute Isaac Lahey imagine :)

Word count: 568

Triggers: none

“Later Lyds, I’m off to art class now!”
You waved goodbye to Lydia as You walked into the art room. Well, the class is more drawing than anything. The teacher is a mixed arts teacher, and he does a little bit of everything. And with his seating arrangement, he sat you next to a pretty shy person. Well, he seems shy anyway. Isaac Lahey sits to the left of you. He’s nice, but he’s only talked to you like 3 times this whole year. You were working on your notebook drawing when the teacher told you that you were going to have partners for this next project. The only problem: this is the one class you don’t have any friends in
“So guys, I am giving you the decision of choosing your partner. Please do not make me change my mind about this decision.” He explained. He then sent everyone off to pick their partners. Everyone immediately started to go off towards their friends. You just sat there and put in your earbuds because you knew no one was going to pick you. As you sat there drawing, someone tapped your shoulder. You took the buds out and look to see who it was.
It was Isaac.
“Um, seeing as we both don’t have partners, I was hoping that you would want to be my partner.” I glared at him like I would any lacrosse guy. (Even though he’s never really talked to you, you just have a thing about the lacrosse boys being in art - especially the ones you aren’t friends with.)
“Yeah, like you - a lacrosse guy want to be partners with an arts student.” You roll your eyes.
“I promise I’ll listen to you. And I’m not very good at lacrosse anyway, I like art better.” As he said this made your cocky smirk slowly faded And mouth an ‘oh’.
“Then sure you can be my partner. I overheard someone say that the project is a huge drawing of whatever we want.”
“That sounds fun. I have a place in mind. But you’ll have to wait and see.” He smiled which caused you to blush.
“Everyone got your partners? Awesome you guys might want to discuss things/scenery that you would want to work on together. This will most likely be an independent out of class project so you better get your partners phone number if you don’t have it already!” He said. Then the class went off into their own little world.
“Umm so I guess I need to give you my number now.” He chuckled. You giggled back and pulled out your phone.
“Yeah, I guess so. When are you free to work on this?” You asked while he put his number into your phone.
“Whenever you want. Well, it can’t be after school because of practice. So that doesn’t end until 6. And you also can’t do Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. That’s game day. And I can’t-”
“Isaac, just text me when you are free.” I smiled. He smiled back.
“I promise I’ll be able to within the next two days. And weekends.” He stuck out his pinky.
“Pinky swear.” He solemnly said.
“Pinky swear.” You hooked pinkies and the bell rang. You gathered up your stuff.
“Glad I’m your partner Isaac.” You smiled. He shot you a toothy smile back.
“Me too.”
Maybe a lacrosse player in art won’t be that bad….