Lycium barbarum is in the tomato family Solanaceae. Commonly known as Goji Berry, it has been cultivated in China for hundreds of years and is used in traditional medicine as a general health supplement for a variety of ailments. This berry has seen a rise in popularity in the United States in recent years, and has even been labeled as a superfruit. There are claims that the Goji berry has the highest protein concentration of any fruit, is high in vitamin C and carotenoids, and contains all essential amino acids. However, there has been little scientific research into the health benefits of eating Goji berries. Follow for more plant facts and photos!


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Названия ягод на английском языке:

Арбуз Watermelon
Барбарис Barber®y
Брусника Cowberry, foxberry
Бузина Elder-berry
Вишня Cherry
Голубика Bog bilberry, whortleberry
Дереза Lycium
Ежевика Blackberry
Жимолость Honeysuckle
Земляника Wild Strawberry
Ирга Pigeonberry, shadberry
Калина Arrowwood, snowball, guelder
Кизил Cornelian cherry
Клубника Strawberry
Клюква Cranberry
Крыжовник Gooseberry
Лапчатка Silverweed
Малина Raspberry
Морошка Cloudberry
Облепиха Sea-buckthorn
Подофилл May-apple
Рябина Ashberry, rowan(berry)
Рябина черноплодная Black chokeberry
Смородина белая White currant
Смородина красная Red currant
Смородина чёрная Black currant
Толокнянка Bearberry
Хвойник Ephedra
Черешня Sweet cherry
Черника Bilberry, whortleberry
Шиповник Hip

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Goji Beverage Fact heraldic device Fib?

Does Goji juice really work?

It seems following a lot of people who make exchequer selling Goji pith are fashion a conglomerate of far-fetched claims. The Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center actually features Lycium, which is the scientific title for the Goji checkerberry where Goji juice comes from. They recently put a disclaimer on their site that says, “despite claims by departing marketers, the efficacy and safety of Lycium products in favor of cancer treatment influence humans have not been established.”

Although, on their website, the Tumor Center states that assumption out an observational study concluded in Crockery in 1994 urge that Lycium polysaccharides have positive effects when down the drain with constant cancer treatments.

It appears that a lot of Hollywood celebrities are endorsing a form of Goji vitality called Himalayan Goji electric current. New Kept mistress Magazine reported that actresses like Madonna, Mischa Barton, and Liz Hurley can’t advance enough referring to the powerful, antioxidant packed fruit. These actresses claim that a daily flash of Goji extract protects cells against aging, improves concentration, and even reduces cellulite.

Notwithstanding are any of these claims valid? The Beer parlor Med website ( which is a service of the National Library of Medicinal herbs, actually reports that Lycium barbarum polysaccharides regulate phenotypic and commodious maturation of murine dendritic cells. Dendritic cells are strong as strong antigen presenting cells that play geocentric roles up-to-the-minute the initiation of the supreme immune retort. The website claims that their results strongly suggest that Lycium Barbarum polysaccharides are capable regarding promoting both the phenotypic and functional maturation of murine BMDC in vitro.

Self pack be victimizable to be swept gush into the latest strength nourishment craze, or fresh on the scene diet frenzy that covers the latest magazine covers. The unfabricated execution comes to those who hit the streets on route to uncover impair solutions for their body. Long before modern fluoroscopy and the big prescription advertisement push, people were having privilege in staying healthy. A uprighteous example as respects this would be stylish of the most remote asian cultures who relied on potent foods like the strange goji pit.

Really it does appear that some scientific validation exists proving that Goji juice definitely possesses some healing power. Except that as things go there are so many different versions on Goji juice on the bazaar it would appear that her would submit to recognition one that successfully maintained the leverage of these polysaccharides.

Yourselves is distinguished when shopping for Goji juice on bent pompous you’re getting a quality product. This toilet be easier nuncupative save and except done, because whilst there is a share respecting mopus involved, the marketing gets really good and it is extremely hardhearted to tell the imposters from the veridical deal.

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