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What are your wants/speculations for dragon age 4? (In light of the new concept art?) and when do you think it'll be released? And lastly, are you excited!

In looking at the new concept art (particularly the costume ref sheet), I suspect that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Nevarra than I had originally anticipated - which is awesome. While I obviously can’t know for certain, I’d almost bet money that design with the fanned helmet and skull-like mask is a Mortalitasi (second one from the left):

The variety of (what I assume are) Tevinter and Qunari armor designs supports my assumption that DA4 is going to feature the conflict between Tevinter and Par Vollen, perhaps even an escalation in aggression - unsurprising, given that they’ve been hostile enemies for generations and the next game will most likely take place in Tevinter, at least in part. 

The characters that look like they are dressed for desert climates make me wonder precisely where they will pop up. It could be somewhere in Tevinter, as the Imperium does cover quite a bit of land with a variety of climates. But they could also be from the Anderfels… which would suit the inclusion of Wardens in the mix.

Then, there’s everyone else: the return of the Crows (are we finally going to Antiva?!), donned in armor that is strikingly similar to that one piece of Zevran art from World of Thedas 2 (which makes me hope this means we’ll be seeing him again), two dwarven ladies in and out of armor, and the obvious return of both the Dalish and the ancient Elvhen. 

I have no clue when this game is coming. Assuming the scope is similar to Inquisition, therefore requiring an equivalent amount of dev time… There was a span of roughly 3 years between the releases of DA2 and Inquisition. But keep in mind, they were changing from Lycium to Frostbite - meaning a lot of that time had to be dedicated to rebuilding Thedas from the ground up. If DA4 uses the Frostbite engine, then its dev time might be significantly shorter than Inquisition’s. They’d have a lot of assets from Inquisition that they could use “straight out of the box” or begin modding to suit a new purpose.

If I had to guess, then I’d say DA4 will probably be announced sometime after Bioware is done riding their initial promo hype train for Andromeda. It would make sense for them to focus their attention there in the months leading up to and following the game’s release rather than distract potential buyers with news of another exciting game to look forward to. Once the game has been confirmed… I wouldn’t expect to see it released until late 2017 at the very earliest - though I’m leaning more toward late 2018.

And as for the last part of your ask?

Hell yes, I’m excited!

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Gimme new locations! Intrigue! Subterfuge! Lonely elves with questionable decision making skills! I need to know how that cliffhanger ends, dammit!


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Naturalist Journal:  TX Wildflowers

T - Carolina Wolfberry (Lycium carolinianum) aka Christmasberry, Nightshade family - Solanaceae, Smith Point, TX

ML - Meadow Pink (Sabatia campestris), aka Texas Star, Gentian family - Gentianaceae, Galveston Isld State Park, Galveston, TX

MR - Pleat-leafed Iris (Herbertia lahue) aka Prairie Nymph, Iris family - Iridaceae, Houston, TX

B - Meadow Violet (Viola sororia), aka Missouri Violet, Violet family - Violaceae, Bellaire, TX

photos by Paxon Kale-Covarrubias