Lychee Island

What went down Sat, Jun 22nd 2013 was evidence of the ability of the grey matter, right above eye level. The idea of Lychee Island plopped into our laps exactly a month before the set date. Walking through the yard, just envisioning blessed canvases hanging from the mango trees, it was passed perfect. We got our network of devoted friends who also knitted with great minds and even better hearts. Lychee Island was a go. We can’t even explain all the extremely harsh mishaps that grounded themselves in the 30 day path we endured, yet conquered like a champ. We can’t recall the bullshit because we didn’t focus on the bullshit, never attacked it. We worked around it with the support of everyone with us.

The Universe worked its magic and ideas turned to reality. Artists: No Art Major, Ashley Lindo, TeeLaSole & Giovanna.XIII all came together and displayed their flawless creations exactly where intended. The show started off with a soulful symphony by Ryahn, followed by Chidi releasing his graces via guitar. Aviant Redz turnt it up on stage then Brie took us all the way downtown. $aykoo Heights had the crowd jumpin’ followed up by The Heartbreakers Collective who rapped their organs out to true Hip Hop. Nature intervened with a 3 minute spoken word shower *straight face* but the show went on with a bang. FWAYNATION’s Lil Champ almost broke the stage nonverbally stating they were the livest set and I have to personally express my love for their support in coming out and staying until the very end. The Papi Prez P freestyled his way into performing like the God he is, executed a lovely show. Matt Meyerlansky’s gifted lyrical display was impeccable and B. Way completed the show with some debut hits in an immaculate finish.

Spoken Word interludes by the lovely Gee Loverbug and Mahrlee set the mood just right. The vibes were more than electric, definitely a night in the books for many and that’s what we wanted. People shared their souls here on Lychee Island, all in the name of art. It was divine. DareIIDiffer’s first event, there was an overly abundance of love which can never be repayed and I’m sure a slim slice of unfamiliar faces of doubt but attaining an irrefutable mindset was and always will be key. Positivity is the only cause of this most beautiful effect. Positivity is the only way to progression, which is where we’re headed. Will I admit I cried that night in a divine spiritual sea of joy after everyone safely reached home? Never. Thank you, love you and always dare to differ. 


P.S. DIID would appreciate all footage and film being forwarded to in an effort to create a short film on our event. All credentials will be listed, thank you so much!

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(6.22) Come out to LyCHEE iSLaNd this Saturday doors open at 5PM don’t be late come & show some support for the NEW 🌊 @soleriee @namfresco @namxkeel @proclubent @prezp_becampin @fwaygod @chichix1 @Lordleelee & Lots more performing & show casing there Talents #DllD #LSOTO #ART #TheFuture #FTLOA #NXM #FWAYNAiON #LyCHEEiSLaNd