lych gate

Lych Gate Convenience Store

Lych Gate is a convenience store that largely exists outside the chaos of time and space. It can only be found in the the middle of the night when you need something that can’t be found anywhere else, while you are idly wandering around without a destination in mind, when you are not in a rush to get anywhere particular.

Browsing it the other night, I purchased the following:

  • An everlasting jack-o-lantern candle. It changes color when you snap your fingers at it
  • A hotdog from a rotating wheel, laced with wide assortment of condiments (relish made with swamp pickles and fetid water, etcoplasm mustard, branches from the old tree that bangs on windows in the middle of the night)
  • Several boxes of discontinued cereals
  • A jar of candle smoke (with extra used wicks)
  • Three socks I lost years ago (returned at no charge)
  • A skeleton key for a lock I do not have — possibly it will lead to a side quest later? The attending sales clerk did not know
  • An off-brand, very delicious, icy slush drink (cemetery cherry flavor) with a swirlieboop straw