Okay, let’s be honest here: Crocs may be comfortable, but some may argue that they aren’t very fashionable.

That is UNLESS you put one of these hardcore werewolf charms on them!  I mean, really, who could sneer at your super-comfy shoes when this bad boy is snarling up at them?

I mean, to begin, this is a proper werewolf.  It has a snout.  It stands digitgrade.  It has a tail.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love wolfmen too, but this fits my criteria for what a werewolf should look like. 

Not only that, but it freaking LIGHTS UP.  A small impact, like, say, a footstep, and the moon in the background lights up with a yellow blinking LED.  I don’t care how old you are, that’s cool.

The main downside I see with these is that there is no way to recharge the battery once it’s depleted.  But hey, even if it doesn’t light up, it’s still a freaking werewolf.

Me, personally, I don’t own any crocs… but  I can make a pendant out of these in a snap.

I found these at a  local haunt, but they can be ordered here. 

Truth is, the way I see it… if you’re a werewolf, just own up to it.  Don’t try to run away from it by avoiding the moon, even if you have the means.  Yeah, metamorphosis may be uncomfortable, and some werewolves have trouble with their beastly urges, but it can’t be healthy to avoid the change altogether. 

If you might be a mindless threat to others, lock yourself up in a basement or leave out some drugged meat that’ll knock you out for the rest of the night.  (Or both.) 

Most werewolves, however, aren’t just beasts… So, just suck it up and get your fuzzy on.  It’s not that bad… even if you don’t want to go for a moonlit romp, you can still stay at home and watch movies (Just with the volume turned down… sensitive ears and all) or surf the internet.  Sure, the mouse and keyboard are hard to use with paws, but on the internet, no one knows you’re really a werewolf.

~Nashoba Hostina

So… “Curse” and “Cute” are not two words I often hear put together XD  But, if you saw the various “Can I hug you?” asks… you can see I don’t deal with it.  I kind of flounder through while trying to maintain a fearsome lycanthropic image.

Apparently I fail at this so badly that polar bears want to give me belly rubs.

True fact: Some werewolves will have a leg-shake response to belly rubs.  The rest, however, will eat you and let you rub it from the inside, or simply maul you and leave you for the authorities to find.

FluffyNanuk, I’m sure you’re a really nice polar bear and all… but the whole massive-paw-full-of-claws thing worries me a bit.  I know, I know, I’m kind of a hypocrite, what with me having werewolf claws and all, but I’m pretty sure someone at the zoo told me not to cuddle with polar bears.  Nothing personal, y'know?

~Nashoba Hostina

hero-of-the-soviet-union-deacti asked:

Greetings! I find your blog very interesting. Just as a fun question, what type of music do you think would befit werewolves the most, or at least in your opinion? What do you think the best werewolf-related music out there is?

Thanks so much!

Personally, I think that the musical interests of werewolves would be just as diverse as those of humans, however, the quality of the music would be a factor.  Recordings that have a high-pitched whine in the background or a hiss may be annoying to werewolves when humans wouldn’t notice.

As for werewolf-related Music… Well, I like a LOT of werewolfish music, including a lot of songs that aren’t blatantly lycanthropic. However, mostly, it depends on my mood (and I’d likely give you different answers tomorrow). 

If I’m Driving, Mogwai’s How to be a Werewolf is a favorite. 

If I’m feeling a little flirty, Shakira’s She Wolf works. 

If I’m feeling reluctant-werewolfish, Three Days grace’s Animal I Have Become does the trick. 

Chuck Dunn’s Werewolf is what I listen to if I need a lycanthropic power trip.

And I listen to Type O Negative’s Wolf Moon if I’m in a bit of a quieter mood. 

You know… stuff like that. :3

I know, time to turn in my monster card, but I’m not stupid.  If there’s someone out to kill me, regardless of the reason, I’m getting the heck out of there.  I’ve seen enough monster movies to know that if the werewolf faces the hunter, the hunter wins and becomes a hero.  Noooo thank you.  Besides… hopefully if I got away, I could regroup with some friends and we’d be able to handle the problem together.

(Hey guys, I’m back from my little adventure.  Dirt was involved.  It was awesome.  Anyway, I have a backlog of asks, so I’m gonna get on those and posting other relevant stuffs soon.  Missed you all!)

~Nashoba Hostina