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Well I finally did it, I read Spicy Nuggets (don't know why it took so long). But it was great and it did an amazing job of making me hungry for nuggets at 2am xD I also read "Hot Nozomi" and at one part Eli offers Nico free tuition as well as a date with Maki (me being NicoMaki trash) kind of wanted to know how the date went xD

I’ll gladly enlighten you ;)

I should stress that between Nico and Maki, Maki is way thirstier for Nico, so Eli getting Nico the date was honestly the easier part of the deal (the studying was much harder, especially since both Eli and Nico were pretty distracted thinking about cute girls.) All Eli had to do was beg ask Maki if she was okay with going on a double date with her. Maki was a bit reluctant at first until Eli said that it would be Nozomi and Nico joining them, then she agreed. (It was more like “I-if you really can’t find anyone else then I GUESS I could join you guys.. you would be useless with Nozomi anyway..”) 

Jokes on Maki though because NozoEli never planned to go along in the first place and Eli sent her a text 5 minutes before the scheduled date time saying “Nozomi’s sick! We can’t make it, sorry Maki!”

Maki was both immensely happy because alone time with Nico outside of her and Eli hanging out at school but also internally screaming because Nico dressed up in a casual cuteness she rarely see’s and holy crap she’s way too cute and Maki’s unsure if she’ll be able to hold a conversation without getting distracted (if Maki was more honest she would be able to tell you everything Nico wore in specific detail because she was that entranced.)

Being student’s they’re pretty conscious of their budget and what they can and can’t spend but Maki decided not to care about her monthly limit and treated her and Nico to quality restaurant food instead of anything less. It was a pretty casual date and despite her earlier thoughts talking still came easily between hem and dinner was a good time. After that the both of them are pretty unsure of what they want to do, but don’t really want to stop hanging out since they both finally have free time.

So Nico proposes they walk around and window shop and just continue hanging out. Maki agrees and Nico ends up taking her hand and leading her from place to place (without letting go ;). Maki was happy.)

Their date ends with Maki dropping off Nico and the two of them planning a lunch date between their classes two days later c:.