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SPACE KID’S (yes I’m still calling him that) UNCLE IS BUZZ ALDRIN

And that my presentation on wtf happened to me after the finale

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our wedding event tonight! I have been RPing online since 1995 - and this is the first time one of my characters has ever gotten married!

@riverblade and I feel incredibly warmed and heartened by your presence and your support tonight.


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Would Never Call It Love 5 | Calum Hood

It’s finally here! Again I’m writing this off of the top of my head, so this could or could not be the last part of the story. I’m so happy all of you still love this story and continue to tell me your reactions which bring me genuine happiness. So thank you. Enjoy.

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After days of sitting in bed with Ashton at our current venue, I decided getting up and at least showering would help wash my sorrows away. Ashton carefully helped my weak physique off the indented bed, his arm on my waist for balance, and sat me on the toilet and turned on the shower head. 

“Just wait until it warms up. I’ll set up your clothes in here as well, and we’ll get going after that. We’ll get some breakfast yeah? Any place you like.” And he grabbed the back of my head bringing it to his lips for a subtle kiss of comfort, and left. I sighed and shredded off my 5 day old sweatshirt and my stretched out black leggings, and felt the water temperature. It was perfectly warm.

I stepped in and immediately it hit my skin with a sizzle. I hoisted my hair back as my face was now drenched in water. My hands rested on the back of my neck, my eyes fixated on the shower wall in front of me. It had been a long time since I was left alone, by myself, with my thoughts. I could hear the pounding of my heart get deeper, thinking of Calum and how he was holding up as well. Was he crying? Was he sat in bed every minute he could get because the outside world was too much to bare for him as well? Or was he laughing like he never laughed with me before, was he happier than he ever felt, looking at someone else with a different light and different intention in their eyes than what I had? I hadn’t even realized I was crying at this point. The water being poured out onto me was intertwined with the water pouring out of me, and I couldn’t tell which was which. I could feel the sinking feeling hit me in my gut and chest, making it hard to catch my breathe. My hand shot out in front of me to catch my body from falling and smashing into the beige tiles. A sob escaped my mouth, loud enough to alert Ashton, who was now inside setting up my clothes. The cry lasted a few seconds, and was loud enough to crack glass. Ashton’s heart leaped out of his chest as he pulled back the shower curtain, just in time to catch me as I fell to my knees. The strength in me was gone, my everything was gone.

Ashton got on his knees on the bathroom floor, not even caring that he was getting wet, and just held me close to his chest just like he did the night Calum left. I continued to cry into his black t-shirt, clutching onto it. His hand reached up to my head and brought his mouth to it, he knew it brought a sense of protection to me. “You’re going to be okay, you’re going to be okay. I’m so sorry, I don’t know when but…you won’t have to hurt much longer in my presence.” 

After a few minutes, Ashton turned off the water and inside filled the tub for a bath. He squirted some soap into the water so it bubbled up, and brought the soap up and down my body. In reality, it was just him giving me a bath, but in my mind, he was scrubbing away any last bit of Calum lingering behind. I knew Ashton was waiting to be with me, it was killing him inside to see me worked up over someone who hadn’t been done anything good for me. But he was being patient; any other guy who would’ve been in his shoes would’ve quit by now. I was silently thanking and praying for him not to give up on me.

He brought me to a small brunch place that he claimed had the best breakfast burritos in the area, or so he read online. We sat down inside near the back corner, the furthest away from outside and people as we could. I hadn’t spoken a word since we got out of the hotel, only nodded and hummed as a response. I was just afraid of the crack in my voice from crying and yelling so much that I just decided to keep my mouth shut. Ashton’s hand snaked it’s way to my own from across the table and held my left in his right, slowly rubbing his thumb over my tense knuckles. “Anything you want okay? But I really would recommend the burrito, or you could just half it with me.” I sucked my lips in and only nodded once again, earning a quiet sigh from Ashton’s side of the table.

After ordering 1 breakfast burrito, 2 blueberry waffles, a whole stack of bacon and a plate of hash browns, we began to eat. Ashton completely inhaled his burrito within minutes while I struggled to scarf down the waffles. No doubt everything tasted and smelled delicious, but the continuously growing lump in my throat blocked anything from getting down, even water. Ashton looked up at me as he finished the last chunk of his burrito, cheeks full like a chipmunk and crumbs of egg and tortilla all over his cheeks and lips. For the first time in a while, I let a small chuckle out at this facial expression. He gave me a questionable look, before I leaned over the table and shook my head.

“Hold on lemme clean you up.” I brought my napkin up to his cheeks, softly swiping to remove the mess. He laughed, feeling like he was a little kid again, a sense of home coming back to him after being so far away for so long. I looked into his glossy eyes, a sense of home coming back to me. He was protective, comforting, loving, and warm. His aura provoked those feelings you get inside your own house. Ashton exuded feelings I had been missing for a long time now.

However, our moment was ruined when the bell on top of the restaurant doors opened up causing both of our heads to naturally turn toward the noise. The two lovebirds came walking in, hand in hand with smiles on their faces. The brown-skinned boy’s head settled on us, and his smiling mouth fell onto his girl’s head, planting a small kiss on it. She blushed and began speaking to the waiter that there was 2 of them.

Without hesitation, I hands dropped the spoon and napkin I was holding, causing a loud clinking noise, and I scooted my chair back enough to cause streaks to appear on the floor and stormed out of the restaurant, Ashton following behind me. All Ashton could do was hit Calum on his free shoulder which almost sent him back. Calum’s bottom lip sucked into his mouth letting out a ‘hmph.’ 

I slammed the door to Ashton’s car on the passenger side and just cried into my lap. After hearing the driver’s side door slam, the car’s atmosphere fell to a bitter heaviness. He just listened to me sob, for the second time today, calming down his own breathing. My hands flew to the dashboard ahead of me and I started slamming my hands against it, hitting the middle console and the sides of the door also. Ashton grabbed my wrists in his and yanked me to look at him.

“Stop letting him do this to you!”

“I can’t! I can’t! Why! Why does he get to do this to me!…” He couldn’t answer. He couldn’t tell her that he only wanted her for sex, he couldn’t tell her that he likes Nia genuinely, he couldn’t tell her that he never cared. Of course, that’s what he wanted to say because he honestly believed it was all true, but in Calum’s mind, it was the exact opposite.

Calum’s POV / before they saw Y/N and Ashton…

I laid there in the newly made hotel bed, the sheets stained in newly made tears. I let a few slip out of my eyes, the only thing on my mind being her. Seeing her underneath Ashton in lust, watching her break down in his arms, remembering her walking away from me that night when we realized we were done for. 

I’m Calum Hood for crying out loud. I don’t cry. I rarely show emotion. I’m either stone cold or happy go lucky. There’s no in between. I never cry, I never get heart broken, because I never get attached. I guess that was my mistake this time around. I lied to myself, I lied to her, now I’m lying to Nia.

“Cal! Get dressed, I’m taking you out for breakfast so you’re energized before soundcheck let’s go!” She cheerfully skipped into the room, me wiping my eyes as fast as I can pretending that I was just now waking up. She kissed my cheek before throwing a random graphic tee and black jeans at me and shut the door. I flopped back onto the bed with the tee and jeans over my face, telling myself that today was a new. I was going to get out of bed, spread a fake smile on my face, and conquer the day.

And then I laughed because that surely wasn’t going to happen, and hopped in the shower.


I was now time for the show, and I sat next to Ashton and Michael, who were both brushing their teeth and trying to speak to each other in mumbles. They knew I thought it was comical, so to get me to finally smile, they kept over exaggerating their sentences, slightly spitting toothpaste on me. I shielded myself, getting up from the couch trying my hardest not to smile and stood outside their dressing room.

After spitting and washing his mouth, Ashton appeared at the doorway and placed his hands on my cheeks.

“Sorry beautiful, was just trying to make you smile.” I bit on my tongue while looking up at him.

“Well I appreciate you guys trying. For a minute there I thought it would work but you guys aren’t that hilarious.” I crossed my arms and he scuffed at me, draping his arm around my shoulder.

“Come here you little shit, I need to talk to you before the show, seriously.” I gulped at the last word. Instead of running away in fear of what was to come, I nodded my head and followed him to the side of the stage where you could see fans walking around, finding their seats, and sitting and watching the stage with anticipation. Ashton took my hands in his before looking out into the growing crowd with a blinding smile.

“These guys,’ he gestured to the fans, ‘are the most important thing in the world to me, next to my family.” I smiled at the girls and boys with tears in their eyes, as they realized they’d be seeing and connecting with the 3 fantastic boys I knew, and Calum. “I never imagined that you would be up there with them.” I turned back to him, my eyes practically bulging out of my head. My hands started sweating in his, my mouth also becoming dry. I didn’t expect to mean this much to him, I thought that we’d have a best friend relationship come out of this, but I didn’t see this coming. He stepped closer, so close I could feel his hot shaking breathe on my forehead and nose.

“I know you’re still hurting over Calum, I get it. And I know you’re not in any shape or form ready to commit to someone again like you did him, even if it wasn’t an official thing. But I promise you, if you let me be the guy for you, I’ll mend you and help bring you back to the happy girl you once were, the one who didn’t feel broken everyday. We’ll go on more breakfast runs, and I’ll sing you new songs I write, and I’ll leave little notes for you around the hotel room to make you smile every chance you get. Please, will you be mine?” 

I didn’t have time to react or comprehend any of his words before we heard a large sigh come from the side of us in front of the hallway. I looked up quickly to see my devastated Maori boy with a bouquet of deep red roses in his hands. His shoulders slump and lips in a pout. I pulled my hands back from Ashton’s, an appalled look in his eyes.

He cleared his throat and said, “Calum, who are those for?” Calum’s eyes shot back to the flowers in his hands, and he shook his head, jutting out his chin.

“They’re for, uh, they’re for Nia. I was looking for her right now.” His face instantly read as stone cold, and his collarbones and veins in his arms were clearly visible. Ashton shook his head confused and irritated, “Ok then, go look for her else where.”

Calum pursed his lips letting his head hang low, and jogged off behind Ashton. Even though he was out of his view, he wasn’t out of mine. From the corner of my eye, I saw him stop at the silver waste bin, and angrily chucked the flowers into it, before walking to the other side of the stage. I bit my lip trying to hold back the furiously hot tears, as Ashton turned back to me.

“Now, where were we?

Calum’s POV / before seeing Ashton and Y/N…

I walked backstage toward the boy’s and I’d dressing room, hoping Y/N would be in there relaxing like she usually does. I carried about 8 roses in my hands because the flower shop I went to didn’t carry 12 rose bouquets and the next number up was 20 which in my opinion was too many at this point. I figured I wasn’t doing anything helpful for the situation her and I were in. It was only making our group hangouts uncomfortable, and every time I saw her, my chest caved in and I suddenly couldn’t speak. So, I thought about buying her some flowers as a forgiveness token, and rehearsed telling her my true feelings for her instead of yelling them at her last time. 

As I approached the room, I peered inside to see only Michael and Luke and Luke’s girlfriend. They all sat on their phones, all eyes staring up at me when I entered.

“Oooooo Cal, who the flowers for?” Arzaylea spoke up. I let out a chuckle and looked down at the beautiful set of carnations.

“Please tell me they’re not for who we think they’re for?” Luke said, Michael nodding and agreeing with him.

“It’s just a piece offering. I still love and care for her Luke, I just want the old girl I had back…” He sighed, going back to scrolling on his phone.

“She went down the hall to the side of the stage.” Michael said, and I nodded my head at him before striding off.

I could start to here voices down by the side of the stage and making out figures of bodies. I then realized she wasn’t alone. Ashton was there, hands in hers and my blood started rushing through my veins, picking up my adrenaline. 

My stomach cramped, my ears turned red, my chest felt like it had the wind knocked out of it, as I heard the dreaded words come out of Ashton’s mouth.


It all was in slow motion. His words, the crowds chatter, my own heart beat. It felt like the world had slowed down, letting the pain linger in my body and letting the pain hit me hard and slow, the worst way possible. My hands clutched onto the paper surrounding the flowers, making her head snap in my direction.

I’ll never forget the look in her eyes, the same look she had when I caught her sleeping with Ashton. She was petrified, she was heart broken, she knew she was in the wrong. I guess this was the moment in time when the universe is telling us to stop trying. To stop thinking we’d ever make it as a couple, it was all a fantasy, a dream that slowly was turning into a nightmare. 

I wouldn’t have ever called this love, if love hurt this bad.

Omg ok so obviously this is a sorta cliff hanger so if y’all want a part 6, request it! Also read my other stories in my masterlist and await the next part of Gotta Go My Own Way! :)

Pregnancy Series: Part 7: Mood Swings

“Lu, can you get me an apple and water?”
“Luke, can you get me the blanket from upstairs?”
“Luke can you grab me a burger?”

“JESUS Y/N, I’m your boyfriend, not a slave!” He screamed before slamming the door of your shared bedroom.  You were currently at the living room, living life, while bossing around Luke and you honestly felt bad so you went to where Luke was and hugged him from behind. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to boss you around.”

He turned around and hugged. “I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have screamed at you.”

“No, it’s my fault, if I was in your place, I’d be mad too.”

“But you’re pregnant, and I should be taking care of you.”

You quickly kissed him.

“Well that’s the kiss that just fixes everything.”

“CAAAAALLLLUUUUUM!“You yelled while crying.

"Babe? What’s wrong? Why are your crying?”

You were standing in front of the mirror and you faced him. “I look fat!” You said before crying again. Calum walked closer and pulled you into a hug.

“No you don’t!”

“Stop lying Cal! Look at me! I look like a whale!”

“No you don’t! Plus baby it’s normal, you’re pregnant!”

“But I didn’t look this fat, when I was pregnant with Lance!”

“Baby, you’re still beautiful okay? And the fact that you’re carrying a human being inside you gives you extra points.” You chuckled. “So don’t cry now.” He said before kissing your forehead.

“Michael! You left the dishes on the sink again! Why didn’t you just put them on the dishwasher?”

No response.

“MICHAEL! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! Michael!!! Get your ass here now!”

Still no response. So you decided to go to his bedroom which you’re actually not allowed into but you were pissed. You immediately stopped when you spotted a picture placed on his bedside table. It was a picture of you and Michael from when you attended your cousin’s wedding. You picked it up and stared at it. You always said to him how that was your favorite picture of the two of you. Michael was wearing a suit and you were wearing a blue dress and you were looking at each other and you two just looked so happy. Funny how one picture can take back so many memories.


You turned around and he saw you still holding the frame so you placed it back where it belongs.

“Is that why I wasn’t allowed in here?” You asked. But he didn’t say anything. “Okay? You don’t wanna talk? I’ll just leave it then.” You tried to leave the room but Michael stopped you.

“Okay. Yes. It was.”

“Then why do you still have that?”

“Because…. it’s because when I found out that we’re gonna have a baby, I freaked out because god knows how hard I tried to get over you.” Your mouth fell open and tears were about to fall from eyes. “And when you showed me that sonogram picture, all of it just came back. All of it. And from that moment, I knew, I wanna be part of your life again.”

Ashton has to go back to the studio again for writing sessions for their new album. And you were quite grumpy because he’s always outside but you understood that it’s his job and he has to do it.

“Baby, can you stop being upset, so I can go.”

“Then I’ll just be grumpy all day so you won’t have to leave.”

“C'mon babe, okay, I promise next week, I won’t have to work all week. Just you and me.”

“Awww really?” You were so excited.


“Okay, you can go now. Love you!"Ashton planted a kiss on your cheek and was got inside his car, he was about to leave when he noticed how grumy  you looked again so he got out.

"What is it this time?"He asked.

"You didn’t say I love you back.” You whispered.

He just laughed but you glared at him, he then pulled you into a hug. “It’s funny how your mood changes from 0 to 100 then back to 0 again. I love you Y/N. Very much.”

michael’s parts are always longer or smthng hehe.

Percy Jackson and the Titanic

This is my first attempt at a Percy Jackson Fanfic, so here you go!

@theinsidiousbookworm @alexfierrno

Tonight was the night. Percy Jackson and his friends were finally going to watch The Titanic after him recommending it at least ten times. Each time they all gave each other weird glances but finally, finally they caved.

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♪Be My Baby✦

↳ Calfreezy x Reader x Harry
Requested | yes, by an anon!
Warnings | none :))

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but you wear glasses right and its probably one of the many things about you that calum is totally in love with and he especially liked it when you wore them around him bc thats when he knew you meant business and you needed to get shit done and one day while youre studying on your guys bed hes scribbling smth at his desk next to it but he gets writers block for a moment and hes trynna get inspiration so he glances around the room until his gaze falls upon the likes of you all focused and hes smiling and staring and admiring your profile and your messy updo and your loose tshirt and the way you crinkle your nose whenever youre in deep thought and in a second he catches you groan which causes your glasses to slip down the bridge of your nose and he starts chuckling softly to himself but you can hear it so you look over at him questioningly and whine out “whats so funny hm” and instead of telling you he slides forward in his chair and pushes your glasses back up your nose with his pointed finger and along the way he tucks a stray piece of hair behind your ear and hes eyeing you endearingly and whoa im feeling chest pains

Preference #19: Get dressed, now is not sexy time it’s serious time.


#19: Get dressed, now is not sexy time it’s serious time. Requested by Anonymous with Calum. 

PREFERENCE LIST (If you have a request do ask :))

I slammed the door shut, feeling frustrated after the day at work and kept the rain out of the house. My hair felt damp against my chest and I knew it would leave patches, just like it always did during the winter period. Placing my keys into the bowl located next to the door I slipped my coat off along with my broken umbrella and sighed at it’s limp state. 

“Y/n? That you?” The highlight of my day called for me as I quickly walked up the stairs, embracing the warmth the house radiated. I removed the band that held half of my hair into place, shaking off rain droplets as I reached the top of the stairs, discarding my shirt as I approached our bedroom. 

Leaning against the door frame I saw him. How effortlessly he splayed himself across the bed in only his underwear, how his toned muscles were bulging at every opportunity. He observed my damp state, his eyes lingered at my chest and down to my left hand, slowly and seductively he walked towards me. I couldn’t help but get a good look at his tanned body before he stood before me, embracing me into his warmth that contrasted my cold. 

“Hello handsome.” I spoke with a tempting tone, he knew what I was playing at. It was all part of my games after a bad day, a way to make sure all of my bad days had much more interesting endings.

His hands linked around my waist, bringing us closer until we melted into one. “My my.” He teased as his hands wondered around my body, causing goosebumps to rise. “Someones had a bad day haven’t they?” He continued to taunt me as he held my hand, stroking the ring that he had placed on my finger months beforehand. He lead me towards our bed where he pushed me down, and hovered above me, waiting to make his move. 

I felt needy, I was impatient for this, like a child demanding the toy the wanted before Christmas day. He could sense it as I squirmed, waiting for him to make his first move in our little game. His hand would be placed softly against the head rest as he would straddle my waist, then his head would duck and his forehead would rest against mine. We’d engage in a long passionate kiss, one that led to a more heated make out session, it was at this point that he removed my bra and the phone rang. 

Pulling away he pouted, his brown eyes melting into my soul with a disheartened look. I decided to leave it having seen the look in his eyes, how enchanting they were. My hands found their way into his dark brown hair, gripping onto it as he felt around, exploring as he wished. Then it happened again, my phone rang and I let out a frustrated sigh. “I’m sorry Cal, I’ve got to get that.” He rolled off of me and sat next to me as I caught my breath and answered the phone. “Hello? Yes, this is she.” I started and my concentration was fading as Calum’s lips found their way to my neck. "He did what?!“ I yelled and he pulled away, I frantically grabbed my bra and managed to get Calum to do it up whilst I remained on the phone. “Yes, I’ll be there right away.” I finished the call and placed my phone back on the side.

“Is someone hurt?” He asked as he perched on the edge of the bed whilst I rested my head in my hands.

I let out a scoff, “They sure are about to be.” I joked but only partially, the one thing I didn’t need to make my day worse, this of all things. “My dad got himself arrested!” I threw my arms up in the air, a sense of disbelief as I said the words the officer had repeated to me. “For being drunken and disorderly, it’s a precaution they took with him. So he isn’t in any real trouble, just needs collecting.” I explained as I slipped a dry top on, sighing as I saw Cal lying there.

“Why can’t your mum do it? Or your siblings?” Now it was is turn to whine like a child as I put a fresh pair of dry socks on, he remained still refusing to help any further after the bra fiasco.

I tied my hair back up to keep it out of my face, and once that was done all was left was to put on shoes and one of Cals hoodies. “Mums on holiday with her friends and you know how unreliable they can be. No wonder Dad said I would, typical.” I muttered the last part, grabbing Cals hoodie and slipped it on over my head. I continued to talk about the situation but as I turned he wasn’t behind me, at all.

Approaching the bedroom I saw he still wore that mischievous look, he was waiting and trying to tempt me with his alluring look in his eyes. Letting out a now heavy sigh I glared towards him, “Come on Cal!” I whined looking to my watch having been told I had to collect my dad within certain hours or he’d spend the night there. Finding a top he had left on the chair I threw it in his direction and some discarded jeans too. “Get dressed, now is not sexy time it’s serious time.” I complained and he said no further word whilst he covered himself and followed me towards the front door.

As we got into the car I started the engine, the station was about half an hour away and as we drove off I mentally listed all the better things I could be doing for half an hour. I glanced over to Cal who looked as miserable as anything. “Trust your dad to still manage to ruin the mood.” He huffed and I couldn’t help but let out a small laugh, after everything that today faced me with Cal would always manage to make me laugh, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have him by my side.

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Isn't it wonderful? My fiancé and I had our reoccurring argument over the way the forks should go into the dishwasher 😂 Last week we had an intense conversation over which foods should go in the drawer in the refrigerator. I'm looking forward to marrying this weirdo.

Yesterday Calum, my husband, told our doorman that I had a childhood career stint on Broadway and turns out our doorman loves Broadway so he keeps asking me what show I was in and I keep telling him that Calum was lying but Cal told our doorman that I would say he was lying because I’m just super humble so now my doorman keeps trying to figure out what Broadway show I was in and it’s super annoying and Cal laughs every time it’s so annoying I swear to God I can’t even sing.

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Give us your full opinion on your neighbor cal no lying

Calvin Miller? As in Calvin Miller-Christiansen, my husband? 


I love him with all my heart. I’m so happy he agreed to elope with a hooligan like me. He’s such a sweet, kind and fun person. Even when I piss him off he’s still so patient and forgiving with me. 

I honestly thank God every night that he’s in my life because I have no idea where I would be without him.

I Run To You - An Imagine by @bianca-warriorwriter

The next part of @bianca-warriorwriter’ imagine!

You swung the door open, this attack was worse than the last, as soon as you had opened it Luke, was right outside your bedroom door, as he was waiting for you. But the look on his face told you he was surprised just as you. You couldn’t speak. The attack had taken your voice away only allowing silent sobs. Your eyes wide frantically trying to stay calm, but this human out your door was not helping. You shoved a stunned Luke out of the way you needed to get to the bathroom. His warm hand closed around your upper arm. Not sure if was helping or stopping you. Did he not understand that you needed to get to the bathroom! He had understood every other night. you shrugged his grip off, this attack was the worst and as you shrugged his grip of, you stumbled, hit a wall which sent you sliding down the wall till you hit the floor, you leant your face against the carpet crying even heavier and gaining little energy, he was crouching over you in seconds “Y/N!” he seemed to be saying your name over and over again. You needed that bathroom and with fresh tears running down your face, you crawled towards the bathroom, needing the cold tiles underneath you and the blissful water hitting your face. You felt hands wrap around your waist and help you to your feet. What was he doing?
“b-b-a-ba-bat-bath” he was able to grasp the single word you were trying so hard to get out and he led you straight to the bathroom, thank the lord he was finally understanding! He held you up over the sink as you drowned your face in the cold water welcoming the cold, as soon as you regained enough energy you shoved him from the room and locked the door. The only way you could calm yourself was to slide down the door and welcome the cold tiles. Luke didn’t knock, didn’t force the door open or anything. You don’t know where he went. Just that this shirt felt too tight against your throat so you tore it off over your head and you crawled into the shower and let the cold water, turn into scolding hot water until you couldn’t take it anymore you could feel this attack ending. You turned the water back too cold for a little longer. Just to make sure the attack was gone. You were left in a soaking sports bra and just your underwear and as far as you could tell the towels weren’t in here.

She had shoved him out so fast after helping her he didn’t know what to do. Just that he knew he wasn’t leaving her, nor was he going to work tomorrow, the boys would understand. You leant against the door across from the bathroom waiting for her to calm down, she wasn’t nearly done when she had shoved him out but I could see the colour coming back to her. Moments later the water turned on, he took a seat on the floor leaning against the door across from the bathroom and he waited for her.
It had been roughly 10 minutes and he was drifting off to sleep until the door opened and the blinding light woke him up, she stood there in just a bra? And underwear. Under normal circumstances he might have complemented her on how her body looked, but this was not the right time. Arms wrapped around her, she must be freezing. He got up and pulled off his shirt knowing she’d welcome the warmth - she didn’t reject the shirt,
“I’ll be right back okay? Do not go anywhere. I mean it. I have a key to your room so don’t try to lock me out, remember that” he left grabbing his blanket from his bed that still held his body heat he grabbed one of his fleecy jumpers, a pair of tracksuit pants that would fit her and a new shirt for himself. He walked back to the bathroom to find that she had ignored him and gone to her room. He knocked before he entered this time not wanting to catch her in a private moment. She popped her head out and he could see the fresh tears and something else; fear that was regularly on her face lately. He just handed her the clothes and closed the door for her to let her change into warm comfortable clothes. He wrapped the blanket around himself trying to create more warmth in the blanket for her.

seconds later she opened the door wider using the fleecy jumper he had lent her to wipe her tears away. For once in the last couple of days she let him in and she couldn’t contain the tears anymore. She bursts out into tears and hugged him until she couldn’t cry anymore and he felt a part of himself broke a little inside at the sight of this. All she ever needed for the last week was for him to be here for her and he wasn’t. He failed her. He wrapped his arms tightly around her as if it could create a pillow of protection, and rested his head on top of hers. She couldn’t stay in this room anymore by herself. He led her out of it. Realizing in the first time forever she wasn’t going to fall asleep by herself and she would finally have a full night’s sleep. During the way to his room her legs had given out, and he had just carried her. He gently laid her down on the bed. Her eyes cleared for that moment realizing where she was, then eyes darting to outside to the blackness of the night and not that it was his room she had seen it before but the fact she was in a bed, that it was night and that she would be sleeping.
“No, no, no, no. Luke. No. I can’t. I can’t stay here! I can’t” she had begun to yell he tried to clamp his hand over her mouth but she bit him and it seemed the only way to shut her up from waking anyone else up was to kiss her. And he did. She stopped speaking and to his surprise kissed him back. Her hands finding the side of his head. He was the one to pull back. He wasn’t going to do anything while she was in this state, he was not going to take advantage.
“Are. You. Okay?” this time he didn’t want any lies from her. He wanted no lies. She broke. She started to cry again. Gasping for air.
“Y/N stay here, I’m going to get you water and you need to calm yourself down, just a little bit” she nodded frantically understanding. He got up from the bed and creeped through the house for the third time tonight. Only to be stopped by Cal sitting at the breakfast table almost expectantly.
“Does no one in this house sleep?” he spoke aloud. He was spinning a glass of milk on its side. “Apparently not. Why are YOU awake?” answering himself.
It was probably clear to why Luke was still awake.
“Heard your girlfriend screaming before” was his simple answer. He stopped twirling the milk and stared into his eyes as he brought the milk to his lips. “You haven’t told her that you broke up with Izabelle yet. She thinks I’m still lying.” Cal voice was masked with disappointment and the milk on his top lip wasn’t helping him take him seriously.
“No I haven’t, not yet. As you can see” he said while gesturing to his bedroom door. “I haven’t been able to” Cal simply nodded.
“I don’t think she has had a full night’s sleep in the last week, Luke. You need to get her to sleep. She’s loosing it.” Cal’s voice was tinged with sadness. “Give her this, it’ll help her sleep” Cal handed him a single white tablet.
“I’m not drugging her” he began to protest.
“It’s not technically a drug, it a sleeping pill. Will knock her out like a baby, it does that to me. But give her an opportunity” there was no argument here, Cal was right.
“Fine. I will. You never told, why you are awake? And it’s not because she was screaming” he asked curiously taking hold.
“Because my friend, I can’t stand to watch that girl tear herself apart anymore and if you weren’t going to go save her, I was” and he stood up from his seat and walked to his room, stopping to peer into yours. “She’s not in here, by the way”
“Seriously?” his voice high. He simply nodded. Grabbing the cup of water and tablet he walked back to his room. Y/N wasn’t there, Cal was right. She wasn’t in her room either. The only logical place was the bathroom, once again it was closed but he opened it and she hung over the sink again.