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Art School AU Thought of the Day

Marianne helping Bog clean out all the junk piled up in the spare room of the house. She ends up finding several boxes of animal bones and skulls and a stack of black and white photographs.

There are pictures of animal bones set in tree roots, skulls snarling at the camera, and just generally grim and ominous and over the top compositions, many of the pictures matched with lines of poetry and song lyrics about death and despair. It’s just completely over the top, pretentious, taking itself far too seriously. They’re obviously supposed to be mock ups of album covers, seeing as a lot of them are lettered with “Broken Carapace”.

Marianne is just giggling over all this when Bog finds her and he’s just, SHUT UP I WAS EIGHTEEN DON’T YOU DARE PUT THAT ON FACEBOOK


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Ѡ s c re a ms

SENT : 10:14PM .  TO :   “ JONATHAN ”

    I’m going to assume this was a mistake.
    Deleted. Forever.
    Steve is sitting right next to me!
    He wants 2 talk
    He actually doesn’t sound mad

SENT : 10:26PM .  TO :   “ JONATHAN ”

    This is really …. eerie
    He’s so calm

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SB vs. SH

You know, this silly post on Anna’s blog got me thinking. Spongebob is superior to SH in every way.

He defied expectations and got his dream job in Help Wanted because he’s a dedicated and skilled worker. He doesn’t have to leech off anyone or lie about his accomplishments because he has enough talent to make a living.

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There are no lies about where he lives (unlike SH, who, I think we can all agree, has never lived with Ben): everyone knows he lives in a pineapple under the sea. He’s an honest  man sponge.

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He has a much better fashion sense and is more photogenic:

He doesn’t like lying at all, and especially appearing as someone he’s not. Once he found out he was cheating in Boating School, he immediately confessed and threw his chances of getting his license away:

Compare his SHAME to her PRIDE:

He wouldn’t knowingly lie to someone.

Spongebob has more chemistry with his (debatable) crush, Sandy.

I don’t know, I’ll let you be the judge on who has more chemistry:

I’m going to hell in a handbasket 


Bottom line: if you are inferior to a talking sponge, re-evaluate your life choices.

I don’t think I’ve made a stupider post in my life but ayyy

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also notice how amber's timing for accusing him of abuse was carefully planned? Johnny's Alice through the looking glass was coming out (a BIG deal since the first alice is one of the highest grossing films) and his mother died recently AND she went public with the abuse literally on lily-rose's birthday and when she was announced to be the face a the new chanel perfume (also a big deal). obviously if she wasn't lying all of this wouldn't matter but FACT IS she's manipulative and a liar

You know I agree with you on that 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


this is the vine btw also he was in centra not supervalu im sorry for lying to u all “Quality content (ib Chris Melberger)”

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Negative things about dating a 5sos member

- Constant hate from fans

- “go drink bleach” “ugly slut” “fucking trash”

- Your family being harassed every time they spoke about you publicly

- Not being able to post much about the boy you are dating cause of management/ fans feelings

- Always having to look your best in case of paps or fans stalking you

- “I don’t hate them but I think he could do better.” Literally on every one of your post

- Crazy rumors that ruin your name

- Not being able to go outside in a public place for too long alone

- Being made fun of by your looks

- If you fight back you are a “bitch”

- If you don’t fight back you are a “pussy”

- People using your past to define you

- Fans acting like they know you and saying you are mean and horrible

- “They are changing him !!”

- One mistake will be talked about for months

- Even if you try to be your own person you will always be known as “that person who dated the guy from 5sos”

- Normal life? Nah.

- The relationship most likely falling apart because of stress

- Even after you are over still getting hate