Happy 11 months w/ my lover boy💕 Heres our punk rock love story: I went to a show with some friends (I had dreadlocks at the time I had a maroon bandanna on) it was the day before my birthday and I was in the pita through out the whole night! Lower Class Brats were playing and I went up on the wall to take a breather. The guy next to me (now is my novio) asked me if I was alright and offered his beanie to me to wipe off all my sweat 😆 I smiled and wiped off all my sweat and enjoyed the music that was brining us together. I then told him laterz and went back in the pit. Lower Class brats finished & my friend told me I didn’t have my bandana on anymore! I was sad but I didn’t bother to look for it. I kept seeing the boy who lend me his beanie to wipe my sweat around the venue from the corner of my eye but I was too busy helping out a drunk chick in the bathroom. Casualties then went up next to play and I was in the pits till they finished playing. I was so damn tired and I lost my friends so I decided to walk around. I saw ‘him’ again. AND GUESS WHAT! He had my damn bandanna around his neck 😭 I didn’t bring it up to him but we just started talking. We went out into the back to grab some fresh air and just kept talking. I enjoyed listening to what he had to say. We started making out cuz I was like ‘fuck it’ lmao then we walked inside to listen to Nekromantics play! They were playing their song “subcultural girl” and he pulled my chin up towards me and kissed me💕 I fell so hard for this foo right then and there. At the end of the night we exchanged numbers and said our good nights. 2days later we both went to knotts berry farm since he live close to it and I had a knotts pass. I was waiting with some friends for him to show up and I saw this hotass punk boy walking my way 😭😭😭 the whole day he was holding me close, kissing my cheeks and taking me on rides. We decide to sit down and the song “somewhere over the rainbow” started playing and he said “the musics always following us” uuggghhh I melted 💘💘 he then took off his bracelet and tied it onto my wrist (sadly i dont have it anymore from our receny break 😞) and asked me to be his girlfriend❤ and well yeah 😊 we went through many obstacles and have the battle scars to show for it. I know now that he truly loves and cares for me as I love and care for him💕 We know there is going to e even tougher obstacles ahead of us but we both can give each other the extra boost to get through them, to make us both stronger! Right now he has a job and is saving up money and I’m searching for a job so that way we can both save money to move out when we turn 18 😄 so there y’all go! Heheh #punkrocklove #forever #lxk 080812 #bitchassiloveyou lol 💍💋❤ #piccollage

It sucks being in a long distance relationship + having no connection since he has no computer to use & i have no phone to call him

whats the point in this anyways, i don’t even want anything to do with him anymore but once i see him i get all happy and lovey dovey but once he’s gone i just want him to stay gone

whats wrong with me