More clouds....

Cloudy, stormy weekend… :-( Would love to get out and get some views. 

I setup the rig in the “Man Room” to do some fixin… I picked up some bolts for my wedge and got the correct size (Thanks to a Cloudy Nights forum user). Tested it all out and practiced mounting it in the light, before I try on a dark night.. I also put some strategically placed velcro around the scope to hold the SkyFi and Auto-star. hmm… The LX200 on a wedge just looks crazy cool…

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New Toys!

Some new toys came in the mail this week. 

I got my first new eyepiece. It’s pretty large, around the size of a coke can. It’s a 56mm, but I should have some higher magnification pieces coming soon.  Can’t wait to use it. 

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My SkyFi unit also came in… This guy is awesome… it creates a Wifi to serial connection between your Mac, iPad, Android,  or iPhone, to the telescope. Then using SkySafari Pro you can just connect up and auto slew your scope to your favorite sky things.

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I don’t think the sky will be clear to do any good viewing this weekend though.. It’s been rainy lately..  :-(

My eyepieces have not come in for my scope yet… I want to look at things… (Queue the A-Team music) I took the CCD out of an old webcam I had laying around, and duck taped it to a cylinder that fits in the eyepiece holder. Job done! Although on close up items; even the moon, it is hard to get a good focus. Not bad for a 2$ webcam though… 

I did it...

I was always interested in astronomy as a kid, but didn’t really get into it because I lacked the patience for the constant manual adjustments to the scope. In college I really got into the physics/cosmology aspect of it, so after going through my math classes, I kind of forgot about the actual telescope.  Ever since then, I have enjoyed auditing cosmology classes in my free time, but I wanted something more…

My wife and I have gotten so deep into our careers, I have felt recently we needed a hobby that we could do together and perhaps meet new people. In my looking around, telescope technology seems to have greatly improved since I was a kid. Plus, with the software and fiddley screws/knobs… whhaaaggrraa… It definitely jives with my love of Engineering and my over all nerd. My wife seems to enjoy the results of most of my tinkering, so I think this is the hobby for us.. 

So I did it.. After almost a year of research I decided to get a Meade LX200. It came last week. I am still waiting on a few more parts to come, but it’s fun. My wife and I set it up on the back deck the first few nights we had it and were able to get some amazing views of the moon. I put together this blog to follow my learning, and hopefully provide some information to any other people that are new to the hobby. I am also hoping that any readers here would be so kind as to provide helpful feedback. 

Clear Skies!!!

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Pretty Cool...

I had no idea we had a major astronomy manufacturer right here in town. Looks like they have nice equipment, but is it worth the price??? hmm…  The only other notable astronomy business in Arkansas that I have found is the guy who will “Supercharge” your LX200.  This sounds tempting.. I have read good reviews, but I think I will wait until my scope is in it’s permanent home before i do this..



Meade LX200-EMC 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope w/ Electronic Handheld Key Pad

Meade LX200-EMC 10″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope w/ Electronic Handheld Key Pad

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Item specifics Condition: Used: An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully   Meade LX200-EMC 10″ Schmidt-Cassegrain…

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