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257 facts you didn’t know about Road Blaster / ロードブラスター, AKA Road Avenger (Arcade - Data East - 1985)

2-3) Road Blaster was codenamed “LX-5” while Thunder Storm/Cobra Command, the previous game directed by Yoshihisa Kishimoto (Double Dragon), was codenamed “LX-3”. They were part of the LX series produced by Data East, a range of games developed for the Laserdisc. The helicopter you can see in Road Blaster is the same as the one you play in Thunder Storm.

4) Cameos: pretty hard to see at normal speed due to copyright issues.
_The car from Ultraseven
_Tochirō Ōyama from Gun Frontier
_Kamen Rider (left) with a different color scheme

5) Apart from Mad Max 2, Road Blaster seems to have taken inspiration from the ending of the 1969 James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, in which the just married wife of the main character is killed in her car by some bad guys on a mountain road. The game starts where the movie ends.

6) There are 2 guys on this truck, but the guy with the lighter mysteriously disappears.
On a related note, the roof of the player’s car is destroyed at the end of stage 6 but miraculously comes back at the beginning of stage 9.
Oh, and some of the bad guys featured in the opening (Pic 1, upper left) were probably not bad enough to play a role in the game itself.

7-10) Road Blaster was one of the most expensive games of its time and, due to its non-stop action, was also one of the biggest animated movies ever made. That’s probably one of the reasons why some parts of the game were reused in other stages, including a scene in which you encounter the big boss and her right hand (stages 4 and 9).

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This New Spector “Euro 5 LX”

Five String Bass Features:

  • From a Limited Edition Run of Only 15 Basses
  • Body:
  • Neck:
  • Bridge:
  • Pickups/Electronics:
  • Alder Back
  • Quilted Maple Top
  • Walnut Accent Stripe
  • Body Carved In All Three Dimensions for Rigidity and Comfort
  • “Deep Blue” Stain
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Three Piece Laminate Maple Neck
  • Neck Through Body Construction
  • Slim Neck Shape
  • 35" Scale Length
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • 16" Fretboard Radius
  • 24 Frets
  • Mother-of-Pearl Spector “Crown” Inlays
  • Brass Nut
  • Chrome Plated Schaller Tuning Machines
  • Chrome Plated Spector/Steinberger Bridge
  • EMG J/J Pickups
  • EMG “BQC” Active Tone Circuit
  • 18 Volt Preamp