Early Valentine’s Gift

As a Valentine’s Day gift to all you lovely followers, I will refrain from posting or reblogging angst ridden stuff this Valentine’s weekend, like the Susan snafu, the Pevensie’s return to our world at the end of LWW  the Pevensie’s return to Narnia in Prince Caspian. 

Instead, that angst will be queued for after this weekend.

Disclaimer: I can’t control others adding this sort of stuff to my post though.

@aslansblessings, @edmundforpresident, want to join me? If not, you can go to them for your angst needs this weekend, ‘cause I’m staying positive.


“And they themselves grew and changed as the years passed over them. And Peter became a tall and deep-chested man and a great warrior, and he was called King Peter the Magnificent. And Susan grew into a tall and gracious woman with black hair that fell almost to her feet and the kings of the countries beyond the sea began to send ambassadors asking for her hand in marriage. And she was called Susan the Gentle. Edmund was a graver and quieter man than Peter, and great in council and judgement. He was called King Edmund the Just. But as for Lucy, she was always gay and golden-haired, and all princes in those parts desired her to be their Queen, and her own people called her Queen Lucy the Valiant.”

anonymous asked:

omg I was just rewatching tLWW, and I noticed that when the fox suddenly appears after the kids have escaped from the dam, Peter just GRABS Lucy and Susan and just shoves them behind him instantly and I - big brother™ Peter in action I'm so attached to this family help

Peter deserves so much love, honestly. He’s, like, the best big brother, all he wants to do is look after them and keep them safe and keep his promise to their mother and just GUUUUUUUH.

LWW: “What if Littles ruled the world?”

“Daddy, what would it be like if little’s ruled the world?”

He looked up from tying my shoe, tugging the laces tightly “Hm, that’s a tough one. I think it would be like a cartoon.”

A lady passed us on the way up the hill and I blushed. “Whoops, I didn’t realize there was a lady there, sorry I called you Daddy in front of her.”

“Don’t think of it, baby.” He said standing up and lacing his fingers with mine.

“What else?” I asked as we strolled downwards towards the train.

“Lots of stuffies, and chocolate milk.”

My stuffie collection was already overflowing, and I got chocolate milk every night of the week in an assortment of sippy cups from Sofia to Cinderella.

“Dinosaur Chicken nuggets?”

“You don’t even eat those baby, we eat all healthy stuff now.”

“Well what if I wanted to?” I insisted and got another look by some passerby. It was my conversation about chicken nuggets, they could see their way out.

“Then you could have them I guess, I don’t even remember the last time we had those.” Daddy said thoughtfully “probably a few years.”

“Hmph.” I puffed my cheeks out “Well I want them anyways!”

I would of course, change my mind later, when it came to food I was always fickle.

“What else?” I asked again.

He paused for a bit, thinking, but I decided to interject. “I would be princess if littles ruled the world.”

“You already are a princess.” He looked down at me and I felt a familiar heat on my face. How could he make me blush so easily even now?

“Oh, I guess littles do rule the world then.” I smiled triumphantly.

“My world, at least.”