(17:07) Let's Watch - Telltale Batman - Episode 2: Children of Arkham (Part 1)

Ryan: (active player) “Ease his pain” or “Hurt him.”
Michael: I like you can’t even do nothing.
Ryan: Oooooh, hold on.  (pauses game) Oooooh man I really gotta–
Jeremy: (laughs)
You’re gonna pause it! Jesus Christ!
Ryan:  Awww!!
Michael: Alright, listen.
Ryan: Alright, let me pull my conscience in.
Michael: Alright, here’s the thing!
Jeremy: If you ease his pain he might tell you something.
Michael: You need information.
Ryan: But he might pass out.
Michael: You need information.
Ryan: Yeah.
Michael: Clearly you don’t wanna help the guy! But whaddyou want more? To cause discomfort, or get the information you came here for?
Jeremy: They’re both favorable!
Michael: That’s a Batman thing to do–he needs the info!
Ryan: (strained) So…but which way goes about getting the info; Batman gets info by hurting!
He does.
Michael: Not if the guy is unconscious though.
Jeremy: (laughs) It depend son how much you hurt him.
Michael: I’m just saying.
Ryan: (sighs) 
Y’know, you’re The Batman.
Ryan: Alright.
Michael: We’re like the little Bat Shoulders
Jeremy: Yeah, we’re the Bat Shoulders! 
Ryan: Alright, Shoulder Bat over here. (to Jeremy’s side) What is it?
Jeremy: (lowly) Hurt him, Ryan. Hurt him.
Ryan: Shoulder bat over here? (Michael’s side) 
Michael: …Fucking hurt him. (Jeremy laughs)
Ryan: (darkly)
I love it when a good plan comes together!!

Wow I was just reading the comments section for @slatestarscratchpad‘s new post. LW-rationalism is completely over, guys. 

Highlights are “Trump is the most qualified candidate for president since Washington” and “Read Scott Adams and Mike Cernovich, they have really taken on the mantle of LW and rationalism.”

Very surreal experience to be honest, reading this stuff 

anonymous asked:

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I appreciate the sentiment, but you don’t have to go to the trouble!

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It’s surprisingly difficult to take advice to heart when it’s ominously written in code like that

A lot of this comes back to my desire to inspire, particularly women, because when I was a kid and going to punk rock shows, there weren’t any girls on stage playing instruments that weren’t there as a pretty prop. Girls that weren’t afraid to get their make-up smeared and look sweaty. To be fearless and make the stage their own. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I want to make your coffee in the morning
Even though we’re both late sleepers.
And to watch your sleepy eyes open
After a restful night
And your arms tighten around me.
I ask how you like your coffee
Only once though, because I’ll remember
I’ll remember every detail about you.

I want to drive you to work
With your hand on my knee
Because you know it drives me crazy
But your goodbye kiss keeps me sane
And later I’ll surprise you with a homemade lunch
Because you think I eat out too much
But we both know that wasn’t the case the other day.

I want to pick you up after work
I’ll let you drive because I know you crave
The power of the acceleration
And I’ll lay my head on your shoulder
As you tell me about your day
And what those people I don’t know
Said that was funny, that pissed you off, or that had no affect whatsoever.
I’ll just sit there watching your lips move craving them on mine.

And when the night comes,
And were both too tired to talk anymore
You’ll pull me into your arms
And hold me
My security blanket
In exchange for the coffee, lunch, and power.
And we’ll fall asleep
Into our gentle dreams.

Tomorrow, I won’t have to ask about coffee.

—  TheLionsPoet

Lindsey Way has become something of a mentor to an aspiring artist named Frances Bean Cobain, “We were her favorite band,” Gerard Way says. “Courtney [Love] brought her to a show for her birthday, and now me and Lindsey are friends with her. She’s a fucking rad kid.” (SPIN, 2010)