So let me tell you a story about this guy I know, he’s sorta shy, really quiet and the type who likes to keep to himself. He has a hard time living in the world we live in and he’s not the type to follow the crowd or keep up with rapid change in society. He is incredibly gorgeous, my goodness he has those eye, those dreamy eyes that make you weak at the knees. He has a smile, a smile so radiant it will forever be indented into your memory no matter how hard you try to erase it. He is broken and some nights he wishes to never see another waking day, he is the type to have 2am thoughts about things he shouldn’t be thinking about. He is scared, scared of love so he pushes it away in the hopes that you’ll pull him closer. He is possessive over what is his and no one can take what is his. He will love you like no one ever has before, he will creep into your mind when you try to leave the thought of him behind. He is all kinds of wrong but loving him has become your drug and no matter how hard anyone else tries, no one will steal your heart the way this boy did.
—  t.i // To the boy I fell madly in love with.