More class comics! Nobody in Oregon ever gets tired of hearing about that time we blew up a whale. Prompt was “journalism”

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I do!! Her name is Aneira and she has a Tumblr which she never uses, because she smells like walnuts.

We went to Paris together last year because we are cute:

And whenever she comes down to Cardiff, we always visit the same café and sit in the same seats and take the same photograph:

And we have an ongoing game where we take photographs of unusual things or really ugly paintings and we tag each other in them on Facebook, which means that all my tagged photos look like this:

and all hers look like this:

Other important facts about my twin sister:

  • is very good at sewing 
  • used to tie my shoelaces for me when we were little
  • stole all the calcium in the womb so I’m now all wretched and feeble 
  • once wrote ‘I liked playing in the wet mud’ in a school report about our visit to the local museum
  • has really big feet but is only 5ft 1, so she looks like the letter L
  • works in the council and has to visit restaurants with poor food hygiene scores, so her phone is full of pictures of horrible stuff like bins full of old fish
  • always adds about eight billion exclamation marks to the end of everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • has excellent poofy hair, like a blonde cloud
  • always sings a duet to Starship’s ‘Never Gonna Stop Us’ with me, and she’s the woman and I’m the man, and it’s really musically impressive
  • is weirdly obsessed with moonstone jewellery???? 
  • is cool, I like

Basically she wins the award for best wombmate, even though she currently lives 312 miles away, and I’m totally going to beat her at bowling when she comes down this Saturday (I’m not going to beat her at all, she’s going to crush me into the ground)

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I love the way Jen always talk about Josh, ask for her in this new BSB how was lworking with Liam and she says it was great but she misses Josh. sweet

trying to separate josh and jen is never a good idea.