“ Nikt nie mówił, że żyć będzie łatwiej
kiedy Ty nie wiesz, że…
ta lwia część, która myśli za Tobą
która we mnie jest
a we mnie
ta lwia część, która tęskni za Tobą
jak to jest możliwe? ”

Mmmm magia. *.*

Polskie nazwy chorób – wybór

Źródło: K. Musiołek-Choinski, Polskie nazwy chorób. Studium z terminologii medycznej, Wrocław 1986.

Książka liczy sobie 30 lat i nie mam żadnych wątpliwości, że wiele z tych nazw wyszło z użycia. Czy współczesny lekarz pozwoliłby sobie na wpisanie w rubryce rozpoznanie takich jednostek chorobowych, jak choroba włóczęgów albo zespół „rytmicznie potrząsającej głowy lalki”

Inne interesujące przykłady: język geograficzny, „płuco rolnika”, lwia twarz, stopa okopowa, choroba gałganiarzy, zespół „gwiżdżącej twarzy”, zespół suszarni chmielu, zespół „niebieskich pieluszek”, awersja do małżeństwa (sic!), obłęd zazdrości pijaków, zespół ręka-stopa-macica, choroba moczu o zapachu liścia klonowego, wól zbłąkany, plamica piorunująca, wyprysk pieniążkowaty, pseudoleukemia osesków.

Nazwy chorób były motywowane objawami, które można było zaobserwować (zespół „niebieskich pieluszek”) bądź poznać innymi zmysłami (choroba moczu o zapachu liścia klonowego!), podobieństwem do przedmiotów, roślin, zwierząt, występowaniem u określonych grup społecznych, zawodowych lub wiekowych. Wydaje mi się (rzecz do zbadania!), że współcześnie media chętniej używają internacjonalizmów, np. zamiast jadłowstrętu psychicznego mamy anoreksję (już nawet bez przydawki nervosa). 

A skoro już jesteśmy przy zaburzeniach psychicznych, Jan Burzyński z Obserwatorium Językowego UW opisał nowe wyrazy, za pomocą których opisuje się nowo odkryte – a może tylko nowo nazwane? – problemy („UW” 2015, nr 5, s. 19). Wśród nich znalazły się np. manoreksja (man ‘mężczyzna’ +anoreksja), drunkoreksja (drunk ‘pijak’ + anoreksja) czy prokrastynacja. Może ktoś z Was doda do tej listy kolejny termin? Można to zrobić na stronie OJ UW.


Happy Wednesday! I wanted to follow up on my tilapia & veggies dinner with a post that gives more detail so you can whip this on your own!

Here’s what I used to make 2 servings:

To prepare a dish like this, I start by washing my veggies and cutting them up. You can use whatever vegetables you want - they will most likely taste great together. Meanwhile, I have a skillet on the stove with about ½ teaspoon of coconut oil getting hot. 

While I’m waiting on the oil to heat up, I marinated my tilapia fillets in a teriyaki sauce by letting them soak in a tupperware. I used gluten-free Annie Chung’s teriyaki marinade. - it has 25 calories, 5g carbs, 4gs sugar, 330 mg sodium & 1g protein per tablespoon. You don’t need more than 2 tablespoons for this entire dish. I also added a drop of rice wine vinegar to this marinade.

Back on the stove - once the coconut oil is completely liquified and hot, I add the veggies to the skillet and slowly cook them at a medium heat, using a wooden spoon to toss them. I added a light sprinkle of cayenne pepper and ground ginger. If you prefer super seasoned veggies, this won’t do it for you - add some marinade (very very light amount) to the skillet if you want more flavor.

Once the veggies are cooked, I set them aside. DO not cook them to the point that they are fully done, as the heat & steam will continue to cook them, so take them off heat when they are close but not yet there. We don’t want soggy veggies deprived of ALL of their nutrients, right?

Next, use the same skillet to cook the tilapia. I added a half teaspoon of coconut oil to the skillet and cook the tilapia for about 4.5 minutes, flip it, cook another 4.5 minutes and you’re done with you get that nice flakey white fish to look picture perfect.

I serve the veggies and tilapia on a bed of red cabbage - it’s a nice, fresh texture. I put a few slices of fresh radishes on top of all of it … it just makes for a colorful, fun and healthy dish with a variety of fresh veggies but it’s not necessary or culinarily cohesive by any means.

Tilapia is a great fish to cook with! It’s very inexpensive, I got both fillets for a total of $4.26 at Sprouts and the piece in the picture is only about ½ of a fillet. I didn’t go to the market looking  specifically for tilapia, I got it because the fillets were very fresh. The fish market is usually a gamble - you never know exactly what is available, go for whatever is freshest! 

I don’t usually follow recipes exactly as they are written verbatim, I make my own variations and learn by trial and error. I use recipes as inspiration and a guide for great meals. You should too! Go with your gut when you’re shopping - get fresh ingredients and you’re bound to make an amazing dish.

I love this recipe is because it (1) is very easy (2) is incredibly inexpensive (3) can be applied to virtually any protein or veggie interchangeably (4) can be customized by you by simply replacing the marinade with other seasonings and (5) it’s not too time consuming - it takes less than 25 minutes to prep + cook this.

LENGTHY post is lengthy because I don’t usually write out recipes…but I wanted to provide it since I had a few messages asking how. I hope this helps!

Happy Cooking!


My boyfriend has joined me on the quest to eat meatless for a while. He prepared an awesome vegan meal for dinner and I wanted to share the recipe he used with you. Squash is in season, get cooking.

This recipe is poorly written, primarily because I don’t write recipes often, so it may look complex but it’s relatively easy and so yummy.

For your baking consideration…

Don’t Just Nosh, Eat Acorn Squash

You’ll Need:

  • 1 acorn squash
  • 1 red cabbage
  • 1 white onion
  • 3 gloves garlic
  • 1 package tempeh
  • 1 red & 1 orange bell pepper
  • s&p
  • cayenne pepper, brown sugar & cinnamon 
  • EVOO

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut the squash in half. Clean out the seeds (you can toast these, bonus food, heck yes).

2. Mix a couple shakes of cayenne pepper & cinnamon, some garlic & 1 drop of EVOO together with just a sprinkle of s & p. Mix in a spoonful of brown sugar. You can use BUTTER as well if you want for a creamier/richer taste. Rub the mixture on the squash. Let sit & soak in these spices for about 10 minutes.

3. Flip both squash sides bowl-side-down on a baking tray or glass baking dish with ¼" water in it. Pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes.

4. While the squash halves are baking, cut up the red cabbage, bell peppers, tempeh, onion and some garlic. Add a tiny sprinkle of cayenne pepper, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Sautee lightly with a tiny drop of EVOO on a pan at high heat - start with the onions and don’t add anything else until they’re translucent, because you don’t want to fully cook any of these ingredients ‘til they’re soggy, ya know.

5. Take squash out of the oven and stuff with your red cabbage mixture - place bowl-side-up in the oven and cook another 10-15 minutes.


If you make this, let me know what variations you tried and how it tasted - happy cooking!

Late afternoon juice, yum!

Skipped the carrots - this blend has generous amounts of ginger & lemon + kale, spinach, celery, cucumbers & red apples.

Soooo good! Carrots are higher in carbohydrates than leafy kale or spinach so I’m opting to be resourceful and use more nutrient dense veggies, a minimal amount of fruit (in this juice, just 1 apple) and less carby or starchy veggies.


Grilled Chicken with Mango + Red Bell Pepper “salsa” and a delicious ARTICHOKE!

My boyfriend made this for dinner a few days ago - he boiled the artichoke with bay leaves, lemon & black pepper and it was amazing. The “salsa” is simply diced bell pepper & mango with some cilantro - served over grilled chicken. The chicken was seasoned lightly with garlic, lemon & black pepper.

Easy, inexpensive and tasty. I can’t remember the last time I had artichoke and I spent 15 minutes after this meal Googling the health benefits of artichokes … and then patting myself on the back for eating one.

Artichokes aren’t that tricky to prepare, here’s the article he used to make this: http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/how_to_cook_and_eat_an_artichoke/

Now, I’ve just got to plan tonight’s dinner…


I haven’t really addressed this much but: I love frozen treats. My biggest guilty indulgences are usually frozen and let’s be real, it’s usually ice cream or froyo.

I’ve been on a baking spree to make some cupcakes for coworkers, which was really fun. Although, it certainly is a reminder of how many refined, white and nutrient void ingredients go into baked treats. 

Anywayyy, during said baking spree, I’ve been borrowing my mom’s super nice Cuisinart food processor and KitchenAid mixer. Amazing. It makes me want to get married just so I can put these things on my registry.

In creating these cupcakes, I used a homemade strawberry puree and decided to use the leftovers in a homemade sorbet.

Using just 3 ingredients, this may be the easiest kitchen concoction I’ve ever made. It is SO good.

  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen bananas
  • rice milk

I mixed these in the Cuisinart food processor, poured it in a shallow tupperware, froze it and it was better than any froyo or ice cream ever. That’s the recipe. Oh, and then I used a melon baller to create perfectly round miniature scoops.

For the record, I DO actually own a Cuisinart ice cream maker. This worked better. I think if I was using heavy creams, sugars or other ingredients that were more dense or required more movement to shape, I’d use the ice cream maker. But this method is FAIL PROOF.

Frozen bananas are the perfect consistency, texture and flavor for a base in a frozen dessert. And I have so many of them….go try this out!

Happy Monday!

Enjoy the picture of the cupcakes I made, I just want to reassure you, I didn’t eat any frosting!


Monday Night Meatless Mexican ~ Tempeh Soft Tacos, Ole! 


  • 1 Package Tempeh (we used Organic 3-Grain Trader Joe’s Tempeh)
  • Tortillas (we used Organic Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas)
  • 1 Garlic & 1 Onion
  • EVOO
  • *Taco Seasoning - cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, chili powder, paprika, onion powder, oregano & garlic (or…buy a premixed seasoning)
  • 1 Organic Red Bell Pepper (see: dirty dozen)


  • 2 Ripe Avocados
  • 1 Jalapeno 
  • 1 Tomato
  • Garlic
  • Lime
  • Shallots 

WOW, this recipe is easy. I’m sharing it with you because it was really delicious, easy to make and is an original recipe compliments of my boyfriend, who is sick of my boring soy-based meals.

ONE - Cut the tempeh into crumbles. Chop the bell pepper to add to tempeh mixture. Saute chopped onions in a dollop of EVOO on a hot pan, sizzzle.

TWO - When the onions are translucent, add the tempeh & bell pepper to the hot pan. Mix in the taco seasoning thoroughly. Squirt some lime juice on there!

THREE -Start on the guacamole…keep an eye on the tempeh mixture & stir

Homemade Guacamole requires the very complex process of MASHING avocados with sliced tomatoes, sliced jalapeno, sliced shallots, a little bit of garlic and a little bit of lime juice. Avocados are delicious and good for you - but aren’t a low calorie food, FYI.

FOUR - Heat up your taco shells or tortillas & prepare yourself a delicious tempeh taco.

    This is insanely easy to modify for your taste - add more veggies (lettuce, zucchini, sprouts, etc.), protein (meatless chicken, actual chicken, black beans) or cheese, sour cream, etc.


    * Taco Seasoning Photo Cred: Savory Sweet Life


    Chloraseptic sprays and cough drops pale in comparison to the healing powers of real, live foods. This juice blend has TONS of lemon and ginger + celery, red bell pepper, spinach, kale, apples, carrots and cucumber.