lwa lotte


It’s summer time! I decided todo these fanarts! I really wish there will be an OVA beach episode. I had so much fun while drawing these! I might draw more of these beach fanarts these days! Stay tuned and follow me for more! Don’t forget to credit me if you post these somehwere! Thank you!

LWA info from the Trigger panel via tweets/4chan

  • Amanda comes from a wealthy family that owns a major chain store (Wal-Mart level according to translator)
  • Her grandmother is a well known fortune teller who made their fortune
  • Her family forced her to take on the legacy of her grandmother
  • She’s trying to get kicked out of Luna Nova to rebel
  • Sucy is adopted; she was thrown away by her bio parents with a bottle of poison
  • She’s secretly trying to trace the poison back to her birth parents while researching at Luna Nova
  • Sucy was originally going to be bullied
  • Constanze got very sick when she was young so her soul was removed, which is why she can’t speak and is so small.
  • Constanze’s soul is in the Stanbot. It cannot be placed back in her body or she gets sick again.
  • Jasminka gives sweets to her friends
  • Jasminka eats a lot to contain the demonic spirit inside her, if she doesn’t feed it it will break free
  • Jasminka’s demonic spirit originated from the Soviet-era Ukrainian famine, if it gets loose it could end the world
  • Lotte was much more fierce in early concept, could absorb spirits to gain their power

fusion witch concept