just so u all know when gg'ers reference “LW” or “LW2” etc it means “Literally Who" 

LW1 is Zoe Quinn 

LW2 is Anita Sarkeesian

and they use ”LW“ instead of their names so that it’s not searchable which is really weird when u consider that the gamergate folks aren’t doing anything wrong (why would u try so hard to hide ur anonymous discussions???)

but anyways since they aren’t doing anything iffy I figured I’d let you all know and keep u updated on their discussions, like so

i’m pretty sure there was a real threat sent to the uni. but i get the feeling it was someone on her side.“ (re:sarkeesian)

"Don’t say anything. We want to distance ourselves as far away from actual terrorists as possible. Nobody deserves public threats on their life like that.” (note: a good idea!!!!) —>  “well, sarkesian might. but regardless, it’s more likely that she sent the death threat herself.” (way to fuck yourself, guys!!!)

If your friends are dumb enough to fall for LW’s bigotry and lies, and then get mad at you when you try to teach them what’s actually going on, you shouldn’t be friends with them. They’re clearly horrible people.” (if your friends think a woman shouldn’t be sent death threats for examining tropes in media, CUT EM OFF!)

well you get enough of that. here’s some bs in a different thread I don’t even wanna transcribe, see for yourself. 1   2   3   4

surely they won’t mind, since they’re not doing anything wrong.