I love Gavin naming a few of the people he points the sniper rifle at.

“That guy looks like a…Juno. She looks like a Beryl.”

Fahc Gavin who makes names and backstories for everyone he watches over cctvs and such.  Whenever he shows people camera footage and refers to everyone by name they’re always amazed, thinking he knows everything about everyone, but really he’s just having fun.  Although he does know a lot about a lot of people–your posture says this, your appearance says that, that tattoo is from this gang, this guy’s trying to deny his s/o’s having an affair which is why he’s around this place all the time–but those usually just play a part in whatever story he busies himself with while waiting for things to happen.

Maybe he wanted to be like a screenwriter or something, but somehow tripped into a criminal life, so he amuses himself with writing stories about people he sees.

The Final Clue

So I stepped back to look at the clues a bit.
The last parchment can be seen here:

Literally spelt out it is

Which, when applying the caesar cipher comes to


A lot of people seem to be over looking the weirdness of the spelling mistakes and the ◼️.

What could they mean?
To be honest I have no idea. But it’s a good idea to put them out there anyway.

When isolating the weird bits we get:
The letters as they are in the coded message: ◼️ CD
The letters in the decoded message: ◼️ZL
And the letters replaced with the correct spelling: ◼️IA
Any of that mean anything to anyone???
All I can come up with is that the ◼️CD. May be referring to a floppy disk.

Any ideas people???

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bc hell never ends heres another fallout oc, this time a lone wanderer in fallout 3

clay (affectionately nicknamed by my partner and me as ‘rat baby’) mostly had a bad time growing up in the vault by being unable to fall in line and meet peoples expectations, too anxious to socialise or study and generally having his difficulties in meeting neurotypical standards interpreted as acts of rebellion and childish brattyness. hes kind of come to see the world in a very cynical way where everyone is Bad and out to hurt him so he kind of has a more self centered neutral attitude, but having his dad always on his shoulder drilling this sense of morality and duty in his head hes both conditioned to think that hes obligated to Do the Right Thing and feeling like its a chore most of the time and wants to avoid the trouble if it doesnt really benefit him. hes too much of a sensitive asshole so while he kind of ends up being a pushover he resents literally Everyone and will carry the grudges till the day he dies. hes also very much depressive and suicidal so he kind of has an attitude of reckless abandon where everything is really really pointless.

he left the vault bc they were gonna kill him and was kinda like ‘maybe ill find my dad i guess like i guess im bound to stumble across him at some point whatever’

Man im pretty bummed..the new living story patch was so amazing and i was so hyped for it, the new map is fucking gorgeous, aerial combat is so much fun, the story was fucking amazing and had me so hyped and i jusy loved everything about it. But just about every single person i know has had something negative to say about it and its just a constant “its crap” “its not as good as it could be” “they should’ve done it this way instead” “oh its good to know that i wont enjoy the map” like honestly it just drained all the joy and happiness i had for it, and now i just dont even know if i want to keep playing when everyone is being so negative about it. Idk i might take a break, or play solo for awhile. I just wish people werent so negative about everything.

anonymous asked:

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dubsdeedubs replied to your post “*wkrxjkw d wkhrub srvw zdv jrqqd eh julpgdun exw wkhq L jrw wr wkh hqg…”

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@Regrann from @pepperedpixel - Battle Arms VERT™ PDW monolithic receiver paired with a Gen2 BAD556-LW upper, SLR Rifleworks Helix HG, Executive Ordnance Grip, Battle Arms Trijicon MRO mount, RailScales Karve (in Orbital Gray) and Dragon Scales, VG6 comp.

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(17:59) Let's Watch - Dead by Daylight: Ryan Vs FH

Ryan: (sees Elyse) There she is!  Hello, Beautiful!!  (hits her with his weapon) Oh, no!!!
Ryan: (lifting Elyse up) It feels so good to be so bad!!
Gavin: (squeaks weakly) “Hello, Beautiful”!
Ryan: (puts Elyse on a hook where she’s immediately surrounded by spider leg things) Hello! It’s Christmas early!!  (Spider legs glitch out a little and stab Elyse repeatedly) Oh, they just keep stabbing her over and over!!
Michael: They just keep stabbing her!!!
Ryan: Aaand one for me! (slashes Elyse while she’s strung up.  Michael and Gavin laugh, then he does it again) Aaand another for me! (And again) And another for me!
Gavin: You’ve gotta stop.
Ryan: (hits her some more)
He said “hello, Beautiful” and now he’s just hacking her to pieces.
Michael: Yeah. It was like. The most murdery “hello, Beautiful” I’ve ever heard in my life before.
Ryan: I mean! She’s–I’m–I’m getting her on my face. (screen getting splattered with blood with every hit) Aww, there it is.
Michael: That’s a line a serial killer drops on Victim #23. Right? You don’t start with that.

eregyrn-falls replied to your post “i think i’m going to use the idea of writing out major spoilers for…”

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that-silly-little-enigma  asked:

rK I X F N B H V L zloo vfuhdp zlwk brx! Brx nqrz zkdw sdjh erwk pdgh ph "DZZZZZ" dw wkh wrs ri pb oxqjv dqg VFUHDP lq devroxwh WHUURU? WKH ELSSHU HQWUB! EHFDXVH...ILUVWOB, fdq zh mxvw wdon derxw krz GHHSOB GLVWXUELQJ dqg WHUULIBLQJ Eloo'v olwwoh QRWH iru PDEHO ZDV!? D X J K. DQG WKHQ WKHUH ZDV PDEHO'V DGRUDEOH DSRORJB. L Q H Y H U zdqw wr khdu DQRWKHU phdq wklqj derxw wkdw suhflrxv fklog djdlq; vkh'v vxfk d olwwoh vzhhwkhduw...<3

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