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“How does it feel to be the only woman in what is basically a boys club?”

Tamsyn turns the question over in her head for a moment before responding, trying to think of a diplomatic way to diffuse the odd tension in the room. Latts is giving her a weird look over the head of the three beat reporters in front of her. “Yeah, you know… you’re right, there might not be any other girls on the Caps right now, but we’ve got some female talent in Hershey cookin’ up and I’m sure we’ll be seeing some of them recalled for a good solid look in no time.”

“But it must get lonely.”

Tamsyn shrugs. “I’ve always gotten along well with the boys. Obviously I can hold my own with them. Don’t really get pushed around much,” Tamsyn grins. She knows her penalty minutes better than the average statistician. “And it’s not like I’m the only girl in the league. You know, Kaner and Sid and Staalsie lead the way. I’m not saying it’s easy but I definitely wasn’t the first.”

“Do you ever talk with them?”

Tamsyn laughs at the absurdity. “They’re superstars, man. I’m just trying to make a difference for my team right now.”

The interview gets posted and a few days later, she does receive a text from Jordan Staal that reads never too busy to talk to a fan, which is an obvious chirp but now Tamsyn has Jordan’s number, and if she did ever need her help, Tamsyn could reach out.

Which is nice.

Strange as fuck, but nice.

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7 People I Wanna Get to Know Better

Name: Kelli

Average Hours of Sleep: not enough

The Last Thing You Googled: Pound cake recipe

Nicknames: LW, Sister Sweat Spleen, Ms. Nick, Nicky Nickerson

Birthday: May 11

Sexual Orientation: Jim

Height: 5'11"

Favorite Color: Green

One Place That Makes You Happy: My yard

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: as many as I can before Jim complains

Favorite Film: Goon

What I Am Wearing Right Now: a Kansas City Chiefs snuggie

Last Book Read: a Missouri gardening book

Most Used Phrase: baller, yeesh

First Words That Comes to Your Mind: plants

Last Thing You Said to a Family Member: Look at those dogs.

Favorite Beverage: wines

Favorite Food: peaches with honey

Last Film I Watched in Theaters: Theater seats gross me out.

Dream Vacation: run away

Dream Pet: Cats. Some chickens. I already have two perfect baby wieners.

Dream Job: Cook dinner every night for six people in my home and they pay me millions of dollars and they do the dishes.

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Official Weigh-In

Hello! So i am supposed to have reached my goal today which was

145 lbs by May 2, 2015

Drumroll please…….

SW- March 29, 2013: 149.6 lbs

HW- (Heaviest weight)- 156.6 lbs

LW- (Last weight)- 146.4 lbs

CW- April 26, 2015- 143.0 lbs

I am going down! I went down 3 pounds this week and hopefully another 3 pounds next week. I want to reach my milestone for the end of the month so that I can buy myself a nice sports bra from Victoria’s Secret! Anyways now I have to plan for this week ahead. My next goal is to be 141 lbs by May 9, 2015. Honestly, I am really going to try to achieve 140 lbs instead, but if I reach 141 lbs, I will be more than pleased! Wish me luck!