B E    S T Y L I S H   

just got my zerg to lvl 10 and headed to main city; 

WoW-related: I’ll go back to WoW today I guess and either continue lvl up my warrior or wait till tmr’s patch and see what changes there are on my lvl90s chars (skills,talents, glyghs) and see what I’ll be main-ing on. 

I heard Prot Warrior + lvl100 dps talent has huge dmg and it’s also fun compared to Arms Warrior for WoD.

(ര̀ᴗര́)و ̑̑  FINALLY! Manon Bataille is making her entrance!

I’m sorry for the sketchy Concepts but I hope you can enjoy it anyway!

HOI HOI (ര̀ᴗര́)و ̑̑

Skills not mentioned on the Sheet:

Class: Ranger ( Magic)

Type: INT

Buffs/Debuffs: Critical+7%+ Speed+10% buff for 20 seconds

Mana Buff: Damage absorption +50% for 20 seconds

Block: Parry+3rd Smash // Magical deflect- increases crit with each Deflect + increases Airborn time by five seconds , can be hold up two times

Tab: Summons Rifle out of the Cannon


Instead of two Rifles, Manon will summon only ONE and keep the Cannon on her shoulder //not final//

Magical Bullets: Manons’ Ammunition. Depending on Level, the color of Magical Bullets in weapons will change

LvL1-30 white

LvL40-60 green

LvL60-70 blue

LvL70-80 purple

LvL90- gold

Magic Stack: Manon can place five skull-shaped stacks on the Boss which will enhance the damage of her Mana skills. Such skills include “Starbuster” released with an aircombo using Cannon.

ps: quality may vary- preview was good quality, actual post not so much ; e;