Hello Tumblr!

Welp, this is now my…4th or 5th tumblr (the ones i can remember: swipeaddict , lvgstumbles , lvgdesigns and one more that I can remember and is just too embarrassing to show jaja my first one that had absolutely no theme) attempt at making it a personal style blog, and once again i fell into my usual pattern and tumbled all the beautiful things i saw out there in the inter webs. I am going to try again and see where this takes me, instead of starting yet another tumblr, I am going to try it here again.

The reason i struggle at keeping it personal is because it is very awkward (and yes I’m using that silly word) to write about yourself. Also, I am far from a copywriter, so apologies for my silly grammar and typos, it will happen. However, as many sweet friends have pointed out, my addiction to films, flea markets, yard sales, traveling/cultures, photography (specially photographing my boyfriends band The Devil’s Twins - Check them out! & shoots I do with my friends ex: De Colores) could make for a cool blog, and if anything just a fun way to consolidate all my findings as I figure life out.

lets see how this goes!

- LVG << my portfolio & abbreviated name