Managed to pull SS Nel the other day in one multi. I also really want Nemu but after 3 more multis and a few singles I gave up since I don’t want to spend too many orbs. Good news is, the swimsuit gacha is coming back in August so I can try again then. As for Nel, she is definitely the best of the gacha. At first I wasn’t going to take her to lv 200 but I’ve been having so much with her, that I had to.

Update 6/21

New missions and banners

New normal missions have been added, with some fancy new banners as rewards for completing them! All of these missions are retroactive.

  • Unlock 150 comics (loading screen) - 5000 friend points
  • Unlock 200 comics - New Banner
  • Reach Producer Lv. 150 - 50 Star Jewels
  • Reach Producer Lv. 200 - New Banner
  • Get 500 max bonds - 50 Star Jewels
  • Get 700 max bonds - New Banner
  • Get 600 cards in your album - 50 Star Jewels
  • Get 800 cards in your album - New Banner
  • Purchase 500 room items - Black Pinya Room Item
  • Purchase 700 room items - New Banner
  • Get 1000 PRP - 100 Star Jewels
  • Get 1100 PRP - 100 Star Jewels
  • Get 1200 PRP - New Banner
  • Get 1300 PRP - 100 Star Jewels
  • Complete a Lv. 30 song - New Banner
  • Get a score of 1,100,000 in a live - 50 Star Jewels
  • Get a score of 1,300,000 in a live - New Banner
  • Get a full combo 300 times - 50 Star Jewels
  • Get a full combo 500 times - New Banner
  • Complete 3000 lives - New Banner
  • Complete 5000 lives - New Banner
  • Get an idol to 1,000,000 fans - (Cute, Cool, or Passion) Muffin
  • Get an idol to 3,000,000 fans - New Idol Banner

Rehearsal Live tweak

Rehearsal lives have been modified slightly so that you are no longer limited to just three rehearsals a day. Now once you’ve spent your three tickets you can still purchase a rehearsal for 500 money!

New shop items

Three new items have been added to the money shop. Cute, Cool, and Passion Muffins can be bought and given to idols in your room to get 30 Affection.

Lesson tweak

The way lessons are calculated has been tweaked slightly. When using cards of the same type, values are now also rounded before the 1.2x bonus is added.


‘The words I couldn’t say’ (Lv.35)

'A friend I can never see again’ (Lv.35)

'Back to those who await me’ (Lv.60)

'Forgotten once again’ (Lv.60)

'The one who does not belong in this world’ (Lv.65)

'Even if you forget me, I will…’ (Lv.200)

Bitter and Sweet | ONE SHOT ft Sehun |

iimmafluffybunny asked: HI!!! Is ur request still open? Can i request sehun long shot where sehun has been ignoring you because his old friend(girl) came back. And she has not been nice to you but you don’t dare to say it. He even missed your anniversary. But happg ending^^

It was 6:35 and your boyfriend Sehun was 35 minutes late. You wouldn’t have been concerned if only 10 minutes had passed, even 15. But too without a phone call, you guessed that he had been caught up either at rehearsal’s or some sort of family emergency.

Still, he would’ve left some sort of message.

Slinging on your side bag onto your shoulder, you began to head in the direction of the nearest bus stop, wanting to get home from work as soon as possible. It’s not like it was your 100 day anniversary or anything, right? Wrong. It was.

You hated the thought of being greedy; wanting him to give you all his attention. But as soon as you saw his car stop at the traffic light a few feet away, you felt like now you had the right.

“You feel like ice cream?” Sehun asked, giving his trademark eye smile, his eyes off of the road for a few seconds as he continued to drive through the early night,

“No” You muttered underneath your breath, glaring towards him from the back seat at his gaze fell only on the girl seated in the front seat of the car.

“Sure Sehunnie!” You swore she sounded like she was squealing, before clapping her hands together, “You still remember my favourite, right?”

“Mint chip?” He answered, still ignoring your presence, “Two scoops too”

“Right and right again” Aya, the girl in the front seat, also the girl who had kept your boyfriend from picking you up on time AND spending the night together for your 100 day anniversary, said, “You haven’t changed at all Sehun.. I mean, besides getting more handsome”

“Hahaha” Sehun chuckled, turning a corner into a small carpark, “Well, we’re here”

Looking out the window, it appeared that the three of you had stopped at a Baskin and Robbins, seemingly popular at this time of the evening with a short line filing from outside the door.

“It might take a while” Your boyfriend huffed, giving you a brief look before redirecting his attention to Aya, “Can you wait?”

“I can wait with you” Aya looked like she was flirting, touching him lightly, “It’ll make the ice cream worth it”

Not even giving your opinion you remained in your place in the back seat, hoping that any second now, Sehun would remember the reason why he picked you up today.

“You should stay here” He replied in a friendly manner, gesturing Aya to you, “The two of you can get to know each other. I’ve told _____ all about you, Aya. So it shouldn’t be hard to start conversation”

10 minutes had passed since Sehun had left to get ice cream. You had opened your window to let in fresh air and the smell of waffle cones being cooked. Anything to avoid talking to his supposed best childhood friend.

“Sehunnie talks about you a lot too” Aya finally spoke up, looking to you through the passenger seat mirror, “Except your not as sweet as he describes you”

“Excuse me?” You spat out, sitting upright this time,

“I imagined someone a little taller and a whole lot more feminine than you” She continued, speaking as if she wasn’t causing offence,“You’re nothing like I thought”

“Too bad you’re everything that I thought you were” You retorted, “A cold, two faced bitc-”

“-Ice cream, anyone?”

“That wasn’t cool you know” Sehun mentioned, keeping his eyes on the road this time as the two of you cruised downtown, on the way to his place,

“Is that an ice cream pun?” You joked, reliving the moment earlier when you had ‘accidentally’ dumped Aya’s ice cream onto her whilst passing it to her, “Whatever. I had to do something to relieve my stress”

After spoiling her new shirt, Aya demanded that she be dropped off back at her hotel where she was staying whilst visiting the city. Apparently a $200 LV t-shirt was worth more than time with her childhood best friend.

“Stress?” Your boyfriend teased, chuckling at the same time, “Why would you be stressed on your 100 day anniversary?”

Biting your lip, you swore he forgot. But apparently he knew all this time. 

“You remembered…” You admitted, giving in and properly facing him, “I..I didn’t think you would”

As soon as the car came to a gentle stop at the red lights, Sehun snuck a quick, yet loving kiss; making sure you’d feel every touch,

“How could I forget?" 

yay! scenario done! hope you liked it and thanks for requesting~ (i don’t why i always put ice cream in my scenarios hahaha)

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MapleStory in Korea will be releasing their first Winter holiday update.
It is said that there will be a new area for players who are Lv. 200 and higher. PvP will return and restricted classes will become unrestricted, with hopefully a revamp? And of course events…!

Hang on, there!