HSC - HD Beast Guide

High Score Challenge!  Yay!  Unfortunately, it’s pretty directed toward multiplier again, and only the new medals are giving multipliers.  This time around you get the HD Beast medal, which is +3 Power based Strength.  Basically, he’s the Power version of Ursula.

The multipliers this time around include Key Art 4, Illustrated Leon, Xehanort & Vanities, and HD Roxas at 21%.  Then Illustrated Belle and Beast at 14%.  And lastly, the three new Epic medals at 10%.

Let’s get to the enemy list, then I’ll rant.

Room 1:

Lv. 150 Search Ghost* [S] & Lv. 100 Search Ghost* [S]
Lv. 200 Wayward Wardrobe** [M]
Lv. 150 White Rose*** [M] & Lv. 100 White Rose*** [M]
Lv. 100 Hook Bat**** [P ]x3
Lv. 100 Hook Bat**** [P] x3
Lv. 200 Cannon Gun***** [S]
Lv. 200 Morning Star [P]
Lv. 100 Dire Plant [P] x3
Lv. 100 Dire Plant [P] x3
Lv. 100 Minute Bomb [M] (6 hits)
Lv. 100 Minute Bomb [M] (6 hits)
Lv. 150 Gargoyle Knight [P] & Lv. 100 Gargoyle Knight [P]

Special chest (1.5 bars) x4
Health chest x2

Room 2:

Lv. 250 Blue Copter Fleet% [M]
Lv. 250 Yellow Copter Fleet%% [S]
Lv. 250 Red Copter Fleet%%% [P]
Lv. 350 Blue Copter Fleet% [M]
Lv. 350 Yellow Copter Fleet%% [S]
Lv. 350 Red Copter Fleet%%% [P]
~*TARGET*~ Lv. 50 Bag O’ Jewels [S] & Bag O’ Coal [M] & Bag O’ Coins [M]

Special chest (6 bars) x3

*+2 Str
**+3 M-Def
***+1 S-Def & Sleeping
****+1 P-Def
*****+2 PSM-Def
%+2 PM-Def
%%+2 SM-Def
%%%+2 PS-Def

This HSC is obviously geared toward iB&B, which gives the iKairi buff and a cleanse.  Almost every group has a buff.  That being said, with a few good WoFF medals you can ignore this intention.  Though if you did pay for the iB&B missions this week (or next week), keeping a few separate medals is a good idea to act as multiplier bonuses for those who aren’t lucky enough or don’t want to try pulling a premium.

HD Beast takes the place of Ariel&Flounder and Sora&Donald&Goofy B, wherein the top 1000 places get 5 and anyone over 17 million gets two.  This means to guilt it you need 17 million minimum.  Like Beast’s predecessors, this is a pretty high multiplier.

At 0%, I got about 9.5 million, which means you’ll need about a 78% multiplier.  That’s iB&B, two premiums, and a friend’s premium. (Technically that’s only 77%! o_o) Another alternative is two iB&B, 3 epic 10% medals, and a shared premium.  But you probably won’t pull the numbers needed to kill those Copter Fleets…

If you aren’t looking to guilt, you only need the top 5k to get one HD Beast.

And unlike previous HSC, this one doesn’t have a second tier reward (think Sebastian or Young King Mickey).  Though maybe we should take solace in the fact that the multiplier requirement isn’t in the 90s this time?

Honestly, I’m a little disillusioned.  I don’t love really hard HSC that take me hours to make a guide for (this one is taking me about half an hour, btw), but the new format of “You need 80% multiplier to have a chance at guilting!!” is really unappealing to me.  I don’t even try, to be honest.  It’s just spending money.  I don’t have money.  And without a second medal to even have a chance at guilting…

Anyway, sorry to bring you all down.  I’ve been doing homework for like 12 hours straight.  I’m exhausted. XD

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!  Event ends 3/23!! Congrats to the eight people who get guilted HD Beast!!

<3 KCM