I finally did it! My TYBW Toshiro is now perfect (at least for what links I have)

10/10/10 link slots (I don’t think I’ll ever do that again)

All links at lv 200: TLA Rukia (14% CDR), Past Shinji (12% CDR) and TT Byakuya (12% CDR) Total: 50% CDR

Accessories: Captain’s Coat (30% SP), Senna’s Ribbon (30% SP, 40% SP total) and Yuki (30% SP, 50% SP total) Total: 120% 2028 SP

This was so much grinding and so many rerolls but it was worth it

anonymous asked:

*They check his Hp*


*LV 15

*HP 10/200 (Eff: M!A)

*AT 20 DF 30 (Eff: M!A)

*The soulless, kicked-out-of JR saltbag.

(Eff: M!A): Due to being a bitty, his stats and base health have drastically lowered.