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Why I like cash better than gifts...

So there is a big lure in the sugar/escort tags for gifts from a client or SD. But I have always found shopping with an SD/client overrated. Why? B/c out of all of my regular clients there is only one who’s taste I even like and b/c their definition of spoiling me is very different from my idea of what a nice gift is. That and they think I will be impressed with those token items that in reality are not that expensive. I have no desired for another $200 MK watch or Coach bag. I live next to an outlet store where I can get those for bargain basement prices. I could careless for a Tiffany’s necklace or a LV b/c because in reality they don’t cost much and you can find them anywhere for cheaper than you would get them in-store. Why give me something that in itself is in no way unique when I can get cash. That being said there are a few true investment pieces that are worth your time and money and of better less tacky quality than the brands above. Here are some of the things to look for.

Watch: Look for a Burberry or Cartier watch these range from $600-$5000 and will not discolor or scratch with time like MK watches

Purse: Pass the LV and look for a McQueen, Burberry, or Prada. They are much better quality and will last much longer than whatever outdated LV logo bag he wants to get you (the exception to that is any vintage LV trunk b/c these go for a shit ton, are well made and if anyone finds one let me know)

Bandage Dress: Honestly girls you can get these for $80-200 from KRMA or Celeb Boutique. Why get a Herve Leger? Have him buy you a pair of Leger boots instead better investment/better resale.

Tiffany Bracelet: You better to go for a David Yurman or Cartier. A cheaper Tiffany bracelet is not good quality and besides why would you want something a twelve year old would wear.

Trench Coat: Again if you want this wardrobe staple go with a brand that is high quality and classic look for this staple at Ralph Lauren Purple Label or YSL.

Lingerie: Quit being so damn excited for VIctoria Secret gift cards please. This stuff is just overpriced sweatshop shit. Brands like Freulien Annie, La Perla, or Goasard are much better quality. I prefer Agent which has partnered with celebs to now offer lower price point pieces.


‘Monogram Moment’: Louis Vuitton enlists some of the world’s greatest creatives to reimagine its legendary logo - photography by Karl Lagerfeld - fashion editor, Leila Smara - Harper’s Bazaar October 2014

  • Karl Lagerfeld: LV punching bag - punching trunk and punching suitcase / Rei Kawakubo Bag With Holes