lv neverfull

Can't believe it but I actually might be getting an LV Neverfull... What size?

PM or MM? The PM is the smallest and the MM is the medium-sized one… I think. 

The 3 sizes look like this…

DISCLAIMER: I realize that it’s a moderately ridiculous thing for a not-even-17 year old to have a Louis Vuitton bag, but it’s my own money (not my parents’.) ALSO, this is a “might” sort of thing. It is not for sure yet that I would be getting this bag. The purchase of an item of this price would entail a bit more saving-up on my part, but I’m getting close to being able to buy it.

I probably wouldn’t carry it every single day, but instead I would probably use it for travel or occasions that I need a larger bag for. For everyday use I prefer smaller cross-body bags.

So, which size should I get?