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whyisnamingsohard  asked:

wait so does Frisk wan't to be hurting people? Or is he(I don't know what pronoun to use please don't hurt me) only doing it to LV up? Or is it both?

(whatever the pronouns for frisk in this post I’ll call frisk a he for this post)

Actually y’all read this

I hope people understand that Frisk is doing it because it IS the only way at this point.

Had he tackled this issue the pacifist way from the beginning and maybe the outcome would’ve been different, but decisions and mistakes were made, now he only has to face consequences and think of another way out that won’t end up with the timeline being erased, and without everyone dead in the process.

Imagine yourself playing a game and get to the final boss, suddenly the game goes all like “oh but wait you have to win this battle in 1 go, no going back, and if you lose the game will delete itself forever, k good luck!”

That’s basically Frisk’s situation. And on top of it all, they’re at LV 1 with unstable determination because of his close friends being in pain or killed.

True the ways he used to achieve the ending he got were wrong and selfish. But he can’t un-do it anymore. From now on Frisk will have to carry with that guilt the rest of his life and start to think on how to make things better despite their horrible decisions and mistakes from the past.

His best option is to try and win right? And to be honest his chances are VERY slim in his situation, so what was the only chance he saw… increase his LV, push away his personal relationships, push away the things he loved and cared about because that might affect his determination in battle. He HAS to go for the kill, there’s no way he can spare Betty and he knows that, mentally he has to prepare to KILL someone, so he can’t AFFORD to be kind or have empathy anymore, or everything will go downhill, EVEN MORE. 

As wrong as it looks, to him, pushing away everyone and being as emotionless as possible is giving him the best chance he has right now to win the battle



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liexthefallenlix  asked:

Going from the Games perspective, what is Frisk's current LV as of Do or Die?

LV: A measure that tells someone’s capacity to hurt

In my eyes, Frisk’s current LV is still 1. They’re trying to do things the right way, however. How I see it, this measurement can change not only by killing things, but also by how you feel.

anonymous asked:

How would the Undertale, Under Swap, UnderFell, and SwapFell skelebros react to realizing they're in love with their human green souled friend?

Hoo, boy. ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Whelp. This should’ve been expected. Kindness of this level is just so endearing. He so wishes he stayed seeing you as a sibling or something, but that’s just not the case. He loves you, and he’s likely to never say anything about it.

UT Papyrus

Oh, jeez. He wasn’t expecting this at all. You’re kind like he is, and he really appreciated that. He wouldn’t have predicted falling for a friend. He wants to tell you, but can’t figure out how to do so.

US Sans

He still hangs with you like nothing’s different. Sure, he may be staring a little more often, and maybe his eyelights will change to a heart shape randomly for a fraction of a second, but he’s still your friend. He won’t say anything, he doesn’t want to ruin that friendship.

US Papyrus

He hangs out like nothing’s different, too. However, he’s not staring at all. He doesn’t want the fact he’s intrested in dating you to be obvious, so he’s limiting how often he looks at you. He’s sure it hurts, and is a little mean, but he can’t think of any other solution. Everytime he looks at you now he just wants to hug and kiss you, and you deserve better than his lazy ass.

UF Sans

Of course. It doesn’t surprise him at all that he’s fallen for a human of kindness, but like hell they’ll like him that way. He’s a mess, he’s a jerk, and he’s a pervert, to put it lightly. Why would anyone want to be his mate, let alone someone all about kindness? He doesn’t really act any different in person.

UF Papyrus

He doesn’t know what it is about you that he likes. By all logic, he shouldn’t be interested in an LV 1, green souled human, but he is. He’s probably trying to figure out why he likes you for a bit before ultimately being straight forward and asking you to be his mate.

SF Sans

He’s scared out of his wits. Sure, you’re filled with kindness, but he doesn’t want rejection of any kind, and he’s also worried saying something might make you want to leave. After all, you guys are getting along well, and there’s been stories of that kind. Where someone falls for a friend and it all spirals out of hand and they stop talking to each other. He’ll start acting almost colder than usual.

SF Papyrus

Once he realizes it, he’s cuddling you instantly. May try to get a kiss or something in. He seems to have forgotten a step in getting a mate: the step of actually asking first. He read the situation as you interested as well, so here we are.