A ciência nos diz que precisamos de no mínimo 4 elementos básicos para sobrevivência: água, ar, comida e luz. Olha o que a Bíblia nos diz sobre Jesus: “Eu sou fonte de águas vivas; Eu sou o fôlego de vida; Eu sou sou o pão da vida; Eu sou a luz do mundo. Você não precisa de nada além de Jesus pra viver, meu caro.
—  Foi Puro Amor
Mafumafu the Onii-chan (070215)

Mafumafu: “Me: “…” -stares-

Me: “Wh-what?”

Me: “Hasn’t onii-chan been too close with OO-san lately?”

Me: “That’s normal right-? They’re my classmate and all”

Me: “I mean, I saw you two walking together a while back”

Me: “… Do you want to drop by somewhere today on our way back home?”

Me: “I-I’m not happy about that or anything! ///”

I returned home alone. I’m home.”

Urata: “It seems you’re doing well, huh”

Mafumafu: “When I tried to kabedon-ing myself, my arm was too short and I couldn’t do it properly”

luz (in reply to kabedon tweet): “Pffftha”

Mafumafu: “Stop losing your wallet as if it’s breathing to you”

Kony: “You can’t be saved”

Mafumafu: “Until I’ve said my last words, until I’ve released all of my heart’s anguish, I want you to stay by my side and listen to me for 2 whole days.” 

Kony: “I’ll also let out all of my heart’s anguish from being unable to go to Okinawa for two whole days so let’s rant at each other.”

Mafumafu: “I want to invite Miichan-san and have another meet-up for French cuisine. I found a place with delicious brandy”

Kony: “Isn’t that amazing…… We have to formulate a plan quick……..”

Remyuu: “Welcome home (Can’t look at you with straight eyes)”

Mafumafu: “Please accept me with a smile. My heart is this clear & sunny.”

Muhou: “Mafumafu-san’s also in a stellar mood today, so long as you’re happy haha… (Straight face)”

Mafumafu: “For one living in the shadows, this midsummer sunlight is just too painful”

Muhou: “… That’s cool, Elder Mafumafu”

♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪

>> Mafumafu kabedon <<

 ∧_∧  ∧∞∧ ┃壁
( ・ω・)⊃(・ω・〃) ┃壁
 (っ  ) (⊃⊂ ) ┃壁  
( / ̄∪  ∪-∪ ┃壁