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This art © Kagomenesan
“Fictional Romance” © Geghanush
Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima

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[SLBP Modern HC] Lords teaching you how to drive (Pt.1)

You can read Pt.2 here!

A/N: thanks to @shioune!! i brought this to life. blame her, lmao.

Oda Nobunaga

  • Before: He rarely, if ever, drives since he has Mitsuhide to do that for him. Still, he’s a pretty decent driver. That doesn’t stop you from asking him to teach you. He doesn’t even flinch, as he makes his way over to his car. Wait, what? Now? “Hurry. I don’t have all day.
  • During: A terrible instructor, if not one of the worst, due to his impatience and short temper. The whole situation is a nightmare and you’re surprised you haven’t gotten into an accident yet. No sooner than you’ve started, he makes you stop at a deserted diner and all but drags you from the driver’s seat.
  • After: “Foolish girl, leave the driving to capable hands.” It’s his way of saying that you’re permanently banned from being behind the wheel.

Akechi Mitsuhide

  • Before: He’s a busy man but when you ask him if he’d teach you how to drive sometime, he accepts wholeheartedly. And so the weekend came and your first session was about to start. You’re a bundle of nerves but he’s great at reassuring you.
  • During: An absolute sweetheart. Loves to give you tips and pointers throughout the drive. Every time you do something correctly, he praises you and gives you words of encouragement. Just when you seem to be getting the hang of things, you see something in your peripheral vision. Thinking that it was headed your way, you panic, veer to the right, and collide into a stop sign. Oops.
  • After: He unbuckles both of your seat belts and pulls you into his arms. His first priority was to make sure you were alright, as you tremble in his arms, the adrenaline rush causing your heart to pound. The car is the least of his worries but when he finally does inspect it, he concludes that it isn’t that big of a dent. “My darling, if you have places to be, please leave it to me to take you there.

Sanada Yukimura

  • Before: “You…? What!?! M-me? T-teach you!?!” Why was he so flustered? You nod. If not him, who else? Saizo? Not likely. Yukimura eventually accepts and vows to make sure you’re 110% prepared for your driving exam. Hold up, we’re not there yet! Failure, to him, was not an option.
  • During: “Hey, you’re doing a great job!” He’s surprisingly a good instructor despite his bashfulness. You were currently at an intersection about to make a left turn on a green light, except a car across from you had the same idea. The other vehicle was going too fast for comfort and cut in front of you, sending you into a panic. You responded by turning a little more than necessary and hit the curb, causing your front left tire to make a loud popping noise.
  • After: Upon Yukimura’s examination of the car, he noted that the hubcap needed replacement. “W-well… Aside from that one… thing, you were doing great! Just a little more practice and I’m sure you’ll be good to go.” You knew he was being a little too nice about it but it only just fueled your desire to improve.

Kirigakure Saizo

  • Before: You bring up the subject one day, right after he parks in front of your apartment. “Hmm… So the little lady wants to learn how to drive.” He’s surprisingly willing to teach you, despite your initial doubts. He gives you a manual to read prior to your lesson. Then, a detailed lecture on how to navigate the vehicle. You think to yourself how glad you are to found the courage to ask him… That is, until the actual drive began.
  • During: He doesn’t talk much really, just examines you carefully with his bloody eyes. He’s observant, can feel how tense your body is, how tense its been since you’ve entered the roads. Before you swerve to avoid an incoming vehicle, his hand shoots forward to steady the wheel and you gasp in surprise. “What did I tell you about panicking, little lady?
  • After: Since the near incident, he’s reverted back to his usual mask of indifference and you’re not quite sure what to say. You finally pull up at an empty parking lot when his languid voice breaks the silence. “Let’s try that again, shall we?” Cue intimidating smile. He’s not gonna stop until you learn how to drive… Properly.

Date Masamune

  • Before: One day, you express your interest in learning how to drive and he offers to teach you, albeit reluctantly, as he hates the thought of you getting injured. Your enthusiasm makes him smile though.
  • During: “…” Seems to be calm as all hell but is inwardly shook. Just complete utter silence as you make a sharp turn. His right hand reaches out to tightly grasp the roof handle, in a futile attempt to hang onto dear life. All of this goes unnoticed to you though since you’re so focused on making sure that you’re both… safe. Is it working? Barely.
  • After: You call out his name. No response. You try again until he finally looks at you, his hand reaching out to grasp yours. Masamune’s loving warmth seeped into your fingers. “…If you want to continue, we will have to practice more.”

Katakura Kojuro

  • Before: His car may as well have been a garbage dump. Junk of all sorts littered across the passenger seat and spilled over the floor, reaching into the back seats. He begins to shove everything onto the floor in order to make room for you to sit. “Forgive me, I haven’t had time to clean this up yet.” Riiight.
  • During: Hands down, the best instructor by far. Doesn’t coddle you but isn’t extremely harsh. Points out all your mistakes in a tactful manner so you don’t feel as discouraged. His calm demeanor rubs off on you and boosts your confidence. Near accidents happen during the first few sessions but you’re both dedicated to seeing this through.
  • After: You’ve gone from being the worst driver in existence to being, dare you say it, a decent one. He smiles proudly. “My precious girl, you’ve come a long way.

Boy or Girl?

Originally posted by 2tiedships2


Gender Reveal for Baby Styles

Warnings: None

You woke up early in the morning next to your husband, smiling at you

“Good Morning Pet” Harry smiled and pecked your lips

“Morning babe” you wrapped your arms around his waist and closed your eyes, nuzzling your face into his chest

“Today’s the day” he smiled “We get to find out what you are Little Bean. Feels like I’ve waited an eternity” He chuckled and rubbed your tummy

“It feels like I’ve been carrying Little Bean for an eternity” you smiled

“I made breakfast for you” he kissed the top of your head “Might wanna eat and then get ready for the day” He played with your hair

“Babe I just wanna lay here and cuddle you’re so warm!” you whined, pulling the blankets over your head

“Come on it was your idea to have a gender reveal party and everyone will be here tonight to celebrate with us and Lou will be here soon to help decorate”

“Okay, but one condition you carry me” you joked and sat up, stretching

To your surprise Harry scooped you up and made his way out of the room

“Harry I was just kidding” you giggled loudly “you don’t have to”

“Why love it makes you smile and I love taking care of my girls” he smiled and set you at the bar

“Oh girls? You think we’re gonna have a girl” you bounced your leg excited to eat

“I know it. My daddy senses are tingling” he sat a plate in front of you

You raised your eyebrows “Daddy senses?” you winked at him

“Oi love no dirty talk in front of my little girl” he put his hands on the sides of your tummy for makeshift earmuffs

“I was just clarifying daddy Styles” you smiled and started eating


“IM HAVING YOUR BABY!” you sang in the shower “ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” you continued rinsing out your hair

“Love! Hurry up people will start showing up in about a hour” Lou whined

“Okay” you sighed and finished hoping out of the shower and saw Lou sitting on your bed on her phone and Lux drawing

“Thank you for doing this for me I can’t wait to see what we’re having” you smiled and picked out a pretty flowy maxi dress

“I know what it is it’s a-” “Lux Atkins no” Lou stopped her

“I’m sorry mommy auntie Y/N wanted to know” she pouted

“Oh love don’t worry I’ll find out tonight you’re not in trouble” you put your dress on and kneeled beside her “What are you drawing lovely?”

“You and uncle knobhead. Look that’s your baby she pointed at the ball in the middle of her stick figure of you

"That’s lovely Luxy” you hugged her and pulled her into your lap

“I’m going to finish up meet me downstairs in 30 please” Lou came by and kissed yours and Lux’s forehead

“How about we watch some cartoons to pass time” you smiled and cuddled Lux, turning on Sofia the First


You went downstairs, greeting everyone and complimented Lou on the decorations

“Okay everyone!” Lou announced “Mr. and Mrs. Styles please come over here so that we can see what you’re having” She clapped

You stood next to Harry and kissed his cheek “I’m so excited”

“Okay Harry and Y/N here’s a box. Harry you grab this end of the tie and Y/N grab this end. On the count of 3 pull them together and the balloons will tell what you’re having” she smiled “Okay Luxy you count us in”

“1…2…3” she began and everyone joined in and she giggled with excitement

You and Harry pulled the strings and your hands clasped over you mouth and Harry yelled out a loud “YES!” at the sight of pink balloons leaving the box and filling the sky above you

“We’re having a girl” you smiled and laughed through some tears

“I know baby” he walked up to you and picked you up “I’m so happy” he whispered in your ear, making your heart flutter

“I love you so much Harry” he put you down and you put both hands on the side of his face kissing him

“Our little girl will be so beautiful” he pressed his forehead against yours

You smiled and pulled away “Thank you Lou” you walked up to her, hugging her

“Anytime beautiful now you and Mr. Styles enjoy your night with your little girl” she handed up both sparkling cider in wine glasses


You kissed him again “I love you baby” you whispered and bit his lip

“I love you too both of my girls” he said with a big smile on his face

“Now we have to figure out names” you smiled “I definitely want Anne to be her middle name”

“Aw baby my mum will love that” he kissed you again

“I love you both so much just me and my girls against the world” he cuddled you, playing with your fingers

The rest of the night was spent figuring out names for your little girl. I love you’s being said endlessly. Every time the baby kicked Harry would smile and call her his little gymnast, leading to you both falling asleep in each other’s arms

A/N: Thank you all for the love and support! You all made me feel so confident in my writing! Thank you @all-the-love-harold for endless support and being my best friend!! I love my Harry! I hope y'all like this one! I don’t know if I’ll be posting on Monday yet I have stuff going on in my life! I love all of you!! All the Love x. ❤️