[SLBP Modern HC] Lords teaching you how to drive (Pt.2)

You can read Pt.1 here!

A/N: here’s your part 2 @shioune​!! i’m still working on pt.3 for kenshin, shingen, and shigezane, heh.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

  • Before: Has the fanciest car out of all of them but is fine with letting you use it for your first drive. You ask him if he’s serious. Yes, he is. Probably not the best idea but he’s weird like that. You’re flattered that he trusts you so much.
  • During: Most fun instructor but probably not the safest? He teases you a lot and has a difficult time keeping a smile off his face as you fumble through the pedals and turn signals. He’s barely paying attention to the road and doesn’t notice that you’ve been tailgating the vehicle in front of you. You nearly rear end it when it makes a sudden stop, causing you both to jolt forward. He chuckles, “Thank god for seat belts.”
  • After: Once you get back to his place, he looks at you affectionately, eyes alight in amusement. “I’ll drive you next time you wanna get somewhere, okay?” You promise to always take him up on his offer.

Maeda Toshiie

  • Before: At first, he refuses when you ask. He didn’t understand why you wanted to learn how to drive. You lived in a bustling city where public transportation was the norm. Why couldn’t you just commute by train like everyone else did? Your incessant pleas went unheeded until you finally suggested that you were going to enroll in some driving school. “Tch. Alright, dammit! I’ll do it!” Truth be told, he was going to accept your request… someday. You were just so cute every time you begged.
  • During: Oh god, he’s like an angry parent teaching his kid how to drive for the first time. Screams? Check. Flailing hands? Check. Obscene gestures? Check. “What the hell are you doing!?! Hit the brake! The BRAKE! Not that one; the OTHER one!” He was panicking, as much, if not more, than you were and it was not helping your situation one bit. After half an hour of this, you’ve just about had enough and abruptly pull over in front of a gas station.
  • After: At that moment, you had decided that that was the most stressful thing that ever occurred in your life and never again would you put yourself through that misery. At least not with Inuchiyo anyway. He seemed to share the same sentiment, tousling your hair in an attempt to lighten the mood. You playfully smack his hand away and both laugh it off.

Tokugawa Ieyasu

  • Before: Already regrets seeing you behind the wheel. He glares at you from the passenger seat, amber eyes narrowing in distaste. “If you get one scratch on my vehicle, I will kill you dead.”
  • During: Everything seems to be in order for now… but you’re on edge, seeing as he’s been watching you, as a predator does its prey. Ready to berate you as soon as you make one false move…. And you do. That damn squirrel had to be in the way, and you turned to the left, just a teeny tiny bit more than you should’ve. Eh, who were you kidding? You panicked, confused the gas pedal with the brake, and hit a tree.
  • After: He gives you his signature chilling smile. As he steps out of the vehicle and quickly walks over to the driver’s seat, your hands tremble in… anticipation? “Disgusting wench, it seems that you’re looking forward to your punishment…” The car’s not the only thing that got wrecked that day.

Ishida Mitsunari

  • Before: How you even convinced him is still a mystery to you, but he agrees. Once. If you needed him for another session, don’t come crawling back. You’re on your own.
  • During: Here’s another terrible instructor. Insults everywhere until it completely devours your morale. Barely any acknowledgement when you do something correctly. You’ve only been driving for a little over ten minutes and almost crash into someone’s front yard. “You shameful dullard! Are you trying to kill me?” He moves to take over and you sit quietly, staring outside the passenger window.
  • After: You’re both remorseful. You, for nearly killing him (in his words), and him, for his harsh disposition. He promises to properly teach you from now on, so long as you keep the panicking to a minimum. You oblige.