Teasing @4pretti_mini, trying to get her to give in and kiss me back.
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Hey Luxi! I wanted to send you this earlier but I had to go to a performance, but I just wanted to thank you and Haley so much for talking to me, even if it was for a short bit. (The picture basically shows what was going on inside my head at the time.) But seriously, the fact you guys just speaking to silly ol’ me, it made me so happy for the rest of the day. Thank you, so much. - The Friendly Anon
BRUH! WE LOVE HANGIN WITH OUR BIRD CHILDRENS! And like you’re super amazing. Thank you so much for hanging with us! <3

Hi Luxi! I know I promised a comic for you but I currently don’t have access to normal paper cause… I might have used it all, whoops. (owo") So to compensate for when I get normal paper back, here’s a little doodle of Al I made (and some tips I wrote to remember for next time, you can just ignore that, hehe.) I’m very sorry, hopefully I’ll get some paper soon! - The Friendly Anon
OMG YES!!! I freaking love this!!! XDDD THE NOTES ARE HILARIOUS!!! Dude, I think you gave me an idea here! Next livestream, I should show you guys how to properly draw Al if you’d like. But this looks fantastic none the less! ^^

Hey Luxi! I’m finally off of band till Friday so I’ll have more time to talk/send you things! ^^ Thank you for the very kind words, it really means a lot!!! But, I was thinking… I have an OC by the name of Alicia, (hence the picture) and I wondering if she could live in Tutopia? I figured I would ask because you created Tutopia and all, hehe. I also included some info about her in case if you wanted to know more before you replied. - The Friendly Anon
OH WOW! THAT’S SO COOL!!! Of course she can live in Tutopia! Thank you so much for this! <3

Alicia: (Note she says things somewhat fast cause of her being part hummingbird) *starts smiling like nuts at looks at Luxi* THANK YOU SO MUCH LUXI!!! *looks at Al* I promise that I won’t cause any trouble sir! *looks up at the tall fallen-angel and salutes him but starts to giggle in the process*

Thank you so much Luxi!!! You’re the best! (And yes, I do draw in color occasionally ^^) - The Friendly Anon
Allister: *nods* I’m certain you will do well here my dear.

Haha! Not a problem girly! You should get yourself an account soon so I can follow you! Your stuff is awesome!

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(I'm not sure this sent so I'll try again, dang it phone. .m.) Hey Luxi, sorry I haven't wrote in a while, I've been kinda busy between sports and band. Just gotta say I'm REALLY loving the stream, would say this in the chat but for some reason my phone won't let me access it *shrugs* Anyway, expect some fan art in the next couple of days, I got a great comic idea for Sophia and Al! - The Friendly Anon

AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I’ll be SO READY for it! THANK YOU!!! ^^

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Lust: I was told that things have calmed down back at home aaaaand since things seem to be getting less calm here, I shall leave you all be ♥ thank you for hosting me~, and Luxy lovely, I might just keep your shirt, if you don't mind ♥♥♥ .:*・°☆

“I’m sorry you have to leave so soon,” he told her softly, hands on her waist. She was still in his shirt, and he had a feeling he wouldn’t be getting it back. Which was fine, he had plenty of others.

“Well Kitten’s feeling better,” she told him. “If I leave Perversity alone for too long who knows what shit she’ll get into.”

Lux snorted. “I hate her.”


He pulled her in for a hug quickly. “I’ll miss my fluffy.”

“I’ll miss my Luxy.” She hugged him back tightly. “Come see me soon?”

“Of course.”

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Hey Luxi! (Do you mind if I call you that by the way?) I'm the anon who asked you about more chapters for Learning to Love and I must say: WOW. You have a talent for writing, and bringing characters to life. Thank you so much for Part 2 and I hope to see more in the future! - The Friendly Anon (I'll end with "The Friendly Anon" just to let you know it's me :) )

Oh hey thanks! But I don’t wanna take all the credit. My friend @rbright1127 has been helping me out with a majority of this. She’s been rping with me as Sophia as well as editing a majority of the documents. I’m the one who came up with the characters and the main plotline of the whole story. 
But thank you so much!!! (hugs ^^)

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Hey Luxi! Earlier today I started writing a little story about Alicia and how her life is and how she eventually ends up in Tutopia. I only have the Prologue up but I was wondering if you wanted to read it perhaps? (I wrote it on Google Docs so I could just share it with you on there.) - The Friendly Anon

OF COURSE! I’d love to read it!