I’m bored and we still have 2 hours until we get to the next hotel, so here’s a photo dump of what I’ve been up to.
I’m the oldest person besides our tour manager, so I get to do fun things like keep track of Waylon’s rubber bands for his braces.
We were in Las Vegas the other day, and logically, rather than sleeping, I went out with my friend Kelly, who taught me how to play blackjack, got me a gambling pamphlet, took me to downtown Las Vegas, and watched me win $18 on wheel of fortune slots at Slots O Fun.
In Los Angeles, I saw my wonderful boyfriend, and my friend Drew drove me around on his scooter. Also, I went to a high school party at what I can only describe as a castle.
In Arizona, Zach came to hang out in his amazing old car that was just ridiculous, and I met his sister (!!!).
In Dallas, the band played a cool radio festival called EDGEFEST and my friend Heidi was there painting faces.
In San Francisco, Lally & Tyson came & hung out at the show.
Today I saw Kerry, who was pretty much my mentor through high school.
I realized I have friends in every city on this tour, which for some is ridiculous, but is what I love about music, and the music community.
Tomorrow is Denver, then Detroit, then CANADA which I have never been to, so that will be exciting.

Marc Jacobs has really inexpensive jewelery/accessories, WHO KNEW?

I’m just *~*~so luxury punk*~*~ that the thought of stepping into Marc Jacobs meant total defeat, not only to my bank account, but to my accessory loving soul…..which is fucking DUMB, because Marc Jacobs has awesome accessories for amazing prices.

I picked up this little brass bow bracelet for…drumroll please….$10 at his West Village store (well, one of them, because there are FOUR)
Now, Marc & Marc By Marc totally have some more expensive costume jewelry, like $28 silicone bracelets (EYE ROLL), but they have plenty of necklaces, bracelets, rings and keychains for less than $20.

Check all this awesome stuff out, and pretend you can afford designer jewelry, like me! I’m a big fan of the $7 wishbone necklace.