I’m bored and we still have 2 hours until we get to the next hotel, so here’s a photo dump of what I’ve been up to.
I’m the oldest person besides our tour manager, so I get to do fun things like keep track of Waylon’s rubber bands for his braces.
We were in Las Vegas the other day, and logically, rather than sleeping, I went out with my friend Kelly, who taught me how to play blackjack, got me a gambling pamphlet, took me to downtown Las Vegas, and watched me win $18 on wheel of fortune slots at Slots O Fun.
In Los Angeles, I saw my wonderful boyfriend, and my friend Drew drove me around on his scooter. Also, I went to a high school party at what I can only describe as a castle.
In Arizona, Zach came to hang out in his amazing old car that was just ridiculous, and I met his sister (!!!).
In Dallas, the band played a cool radio festival called EDGEFEST and my friend Heidi was there painting faces.
In San Francisco, Lally & Tyson came & hung out at the show.
Today I saw Kerry, who was pretty much my mentor through high school.
I realized I have friends in every city on this tour, which for some is ridiculous, but is what I love about music, and the music community.
Tomorrow is Denver, then Detroit, then CANADA which I have never been to, so that will be exciting.