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So here I go! Could you talk a little about how would it be if you want to seduce them? What would work? Would they "react" right away or tease you about it? Something they would find extremely seductive? Any type of lingerie they would be into (something cute? sexy? color?)? Would they find more atractive when you´re confident about situation (seducing them) or when you´re cutely shy about having initiative? I guess it´s enough. 😅😁 Hope you´ll enjoy writing it. ~ surprisingly-me-again-❤-loveU

so i took this in the sense that your already dating and your trying to arouse them, not just youve met and your trying to flirt/hook up with them, hope thats right ^_^’

Confidence and spontaneity all the way!

lets be honest its going to take a lot of effort and guts to get him to blush, and even when he does start to feel it you have to battle against his self control, because he’ll be doing everything he can to make sure he doesn’t blush at all. 

something unexpected would work, but it can’t just be you in the underwear it has to be more, like a strip tease, but whatever you do be ready for his couter attack because he will hit back and watch for your reaction.

you’ll have to go to his sensitive areas, more than just the obvious, but that does work too, places like his neck (more towards the front than the side). 
i see him being very ticklish though so be careful not to trigger it because it might just cause him to clam up, realise whats happening then make it so much harder for you.  

simple elegance works amazingly it doesn’t need to be too much, anything where he can see some cheek then he’s happy

something more akin to sneaky, deliberate movements 

because he’s so into skinship, and he’s already had his hands everywhere, so anything where he just can’t touch is best for the quickest results, 

but he won’t be happy when he does eventually get to touch you, so be warned 

going from being very forward to being suddenly submissive is a big plus, but a submissive that its shy to ask for what they like, he’s totally into sexy talk.

instantly i thought of mesh and strapy, anything that leaves little to the imagination, actually nothing would be better. he wants to touch with the least amount of material in the way.

nothings sexier than eye contact in everything you do.

he’s surprisingly easy to rile up, just walk into his room in your skimpiest underwear and he can’t take his eyes off you. even if you catch him staring he won’t avert his eyes he’ll just smirk at you and, well….

he’s not really the payback kind of person, so all your efforts will be received well, no matter how much you teased him.

something more like a longline bra, the ones that hug your ribs, because it shows of your curves better, paired with super skimpy panties.

subtly sexy, he knows your sexy, and he loves it when your not trying to be over the top sexy.

you dont have to do much, he’s always got an eye on you in whatever you do, especially if your walking around his room in something for his eyes only. 

he could be happily reading something and just seeing you swish past him is enough to catch his attention, he’d watch as you stretch out on the bed getting ready to read, and then he realises that he's forgotten what he’s just read. 

if your looking to do something special, anything where your touch lingers is more than enough. you could give him a quick kiss, but your hands slowly brush over his shoulders, that kind of longing touch will get him following you anywhere

i dont know why but all i could imagine was cute/sexy shorts, its more like sleeping shorts rather than everyday underwear. as for the cami top, he loves the idea of it not being right there but only his to find, he loves sneaking his hands under your layers

he loves the change from cute to sexy

Whispers! all the way, it drives him mad, its the sexiest thing because your trying not to be obvious about it. 

you can say anything to his, you can tell him what you want, or ask him, but whatever it is, it will send a shiver down his spine, he’ll get so hot and bothered by it, its a killer move.

also I’m 100% sure he has blow job whilst gaming on his wish list. when his on team speak, because then he can’t moan.

something super cute, lacy in light colours, the cuts can be super risky that ups the sexy but the first impression is 

prefers a little more confidence over cuteness.

something that will get his head spinning, is when youre initiating it by being a little sneaky, it can be touch,

 but he’d love it when you tell him what you want over the phone and he has to control his reaction, like a dirty little secret. 

text are easy to catch and so are pics, as the boys always end u going through his photos, phone calls are easy, as long as you’re not on speaker. 

instantly this colour of wine red came to mind, and satin. its the definition of luxurious sexy underwear. i also see him being into satin ribbons too. he loves that its so thin and soft to touch.

an innocent but playful charm. 

he’s all about those ‘innocent’ touches that lead to so much more. its those moments where you could be just watching a movie and a soft unexpected touch leads to kisses.

 the last thing he wants it to be told not to touch, you can try all you like but he’s not going to listen to your rules, touch for a touch, kiss for a kiss, simple. 

something that will always get his attention is when your stretching, it could be exercise or just to get something from the top shelf, but as soon as it shows midriff or your lower back, he’s eyes are glued to you, slowly getting closer to you without realising.

baby dolls is all i could think of, it has cuteness and sexiness. something super sheer but in cute colours and patterns, nothing to complicated with ribbons and straps

~ahgase Omma 


Embrace classic elegance - delicate vintage inspired black lace and silk

26D to 34H

Composed of vintage inspired black lace and silk, Sophia embraces classic elegance. The non-padded lace cup sits gently against the skin creating a beautiful silhouette and a silk quarter cup overlay offers additional support and detail. The vintage inspired look can be completed with high-waist briefs and a classic suspender belt ensemble.

Sometimes I want to marry a successful rich lesbian and live in a luxurious house, wearing velvet underwear and drinking the finest champagne. But sometimes I also want to marry a girl who will just make my bed and cuddle with me when I’m too lazy to put pajamas on and get annoyed by every noise above a soft hum