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How do Diego and Johnny feel about people brushing their hair, especially their S/O?

I can’t believe I just wrote over 1,000 words on brushing h a i r


  • Since Johnny’s hair is fairly easy to manage, just needing a quick run through with his fingers to get out any tangles before he sticks on his hat, he doesn’t really see the appeal of having his hair brushed. He only really uses a hairbrush when he’s getting ready for special occasions, so he doesn’t really think having you brush it out for him is necessary, but of course that doesn’t mean he won’t let you give it a shot. 
  • When you finally begin on his hair, him sitting between your legs to give you easy access to his locks, he finds himself enjoying it much more than he really thought he would. The way you so gently run the brush through his hair manages to give him a deep sense of comfort and ease he hadn’t felt in a while. Without even realizing it he finds himself leaning into each touch, as though he’s trying to keep you from pulling away each time.
  • Whenever you’re brushing his hair, you can’t help but notice the fact that he just has permanent hat hair, the top of it completely straight and clinging to his head while the locks below still keep some of their subtle waves and volume. You’d try and style it so it looks a bit less dorky, but as soon as you’re finished brushing his hair he always insists on putting his beanie back on anyway, ruining all the work you’ve done.
  • While him ruining each style with his beanie might be a bit irritating at first, it does allow you to mess around with styling his hair a lot more. You want to give him pigtails? Go for it! You wanna curl his hair into big bouncy spirals? Why not? It’s all getting covered up anyway, and even when you try out a more ridiculous style, Johnny can’t keep the grin off his face at how ridiculous he looks and how happy it seems to make you. (Just please don’t take any pictures of it, Gyro would never let him live it down) 
  • Whenever he’s had a hard day, he finds himself almost craving the calming feeling of you running your hands through his hair again. Usually he’d try to ignore it, thinking it’d be too childish to ask you for something like that, but sometimes he just needs the sense of comfort too much and will finally put aside his pride to ask. He almost finds it odd how something as simple as you brushing his hair can make him feel so loved. 
  • As much as he loves having you brush his hair, there are times where he insists on brushing yours instead. He’s a bit more sloppy in how he brushes, not quite used to the action since he rarely does it himself, but you can tell he’s still trying to make it as enjoyable for you as it was for him. After a while of accidentally pulling at your hair too hard and seeing you wince at each snarl he yanks on, he’ll just forgo the brush all together, using his hands to gently brush with instead.  


  • When you first bring up the idea of brushing through his hair, Diego’s not exactly thrilled about it. Aside from his mother when he was a kid, he’s the only one he’s ever let mess with his hair, and since he’s fairly particular about his how it looks, he won’t be too keen on trusting you with the brush. If he’s truly fallen for you though, he’ll at least humor you and let you try it once, instructing you on exactly how to do it the entire time.
  • Despite how against it he’d been in the beginning, once he finally relaxes and allows you to just calmly brush out his hair, he finds himself enjoying it way more than he probably should. He’s not used to the feeling of intimacy that comes with such tender actions, and while he tries not to let it show, the way he just closes his eyes and leans into your touch shows how truly content he is.
  • Whenever you hit a snag in his hair or pull a little too hard, he won’t hesitate to call you out on it, insisting you be more careful before you end up making him bald. Though if you offer to just stop if he’s so worried about his hair, he’ll just go completely silent and push his head back into your hands. (If you didn’t know him any better you’d say he was straight up pouting over it.)
  • Whenever you’re brushing his hair it’s hard not to get distracted by how soft it is. Since Diego has a lot of money now, he’s not afraid to buy the most luxurious of soaps and shampoos available, making it feel more like you’re running your hands through fine silk than your boyfriend’s hair. 
  • While using a brush is more practical, Diego loves when you forgo it just to run your bare fingers through his locks. Your hands are just so much softer and warmer than some old brush’s bristles, and the gentle way you run your fingertips through gives him an odd sense of comfort and ease. While he won’t admit to it, sometimes he’ll just hide the brushes in the house so you’ll be forced to use your fingers instead. 
  • If it’s been awhile since you’d last brushed his hair, Deigo will start to realize that he actually misses it. Since he finds it way too embarrassing to actually ask for you to brush his hair, he’ll try and subtly bring it up every once and awhile, mentioning how hard to manage his hair’s been lately, or just openly resting his head on your lap in hopes that you’ll start running your hands through his hair again. 
  • On more than one occasion, Diego’s actually fallen asleep while you brushed his hair, his head lolling forward as his body goes limp and fully relaxed. It’s only when you stop brushing that his head snaps back up, acting as though nothing happened and going straight to asking why you’d stopped. If you happen to mention him falling asleep on you, he’ll just insist you were mistaken, as though the soft little snores he’d given off hadn’t given him away already.

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Hux isn't used to luxury. He uses harsh soap & a brush so stiff it's almost wire to scrub himself clean each day. His skin is constantly chapped pink. He has no idea about hair removal so what little has survived the scrubbing is coarse & wiry. This isn't unusual in the FO. Kylo's waxed, polished & oiled skin is VERY UNUSUAL. Their first encounter is awkward in the extreme. Gradually Hux agrees to let Kylo introduce him to proper decadent grooming habits. He feels like a traitor but it's so good

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GerFra date night

Title: No uncommon night
Word count: +/- 700
Characters: Francis Bonnefoy & Ludwig Beilschmidt
Genre: Fluff & smut
For day 7 (date night) for @gerfraweek

I do not always write fanfiction. But when I do, it is ends up being smut written in the middle of the night. My apologies for grammar and/or spelling mistakes, English nor French is my first language. And yes: It is too short for a cool title. I put the smut under the cut to protect sensitive souls.

Breads, honey, cheeses and sausage, the smell of roasted nuts and fresh flowers in the air. Shouting salesmen advertising their wares, one louder than another, the crowd looking at the goods, chatting, laughing. In a distance festive folk music was played, people danced and in the low summer sun everything seemed to warmly glow. Francis loved the liveliness of the farmer’s market and while strolling, his lips were in a permanent smile. His hand held Ludwig’s, lovingly stroking it with his thumb.

Ludwig had not been too surprised that Francis would eventually take him to a market like this. He knew that Francis loved food and delicacies, pretty jewellery and luxurious soaps. He however hadn’t imagined that Francis would look so happy and light on a place like this. His face looked so soft and gentle, his body relaxed and his movements seemed more elegant than ever. Perhaps it was the orange light of the setting sun that enhanced these features, but the hand which Francis had claimed was held firmer and almost more possessive than when they usually held hands in public and he didn’t think he could imagine that. Either way, he it made him feel good to see Francis this content.

 The couple had been silent during most of the walk over the market as they simply absorbed the atmosphere, save a few times when they wanted to look closer at something. They bought some of the sweet cakes and traditional candy Ludwig just couldn’t resist, Francis insisted on wine and cheese they then planned to eat later that night. When the sun lost its warmth and he began to get a little cold, Francis suggested to go home.

 “I really liked that you took me there. I wouldn’t know there is such a thing nearby.” Ludwig said, looking at Francis for a second, who sat next to him on the car’s passenger’s seat of his car. He still seemed to glow, even though the sun was nearly gone. “You are… Very handsome when you are enjoying yourself.” His eyes fixed to the road again.

Francis’ smile only widened, placing his hand on the right leg of the German and sighed softly. “Thank you for coming with me. These markets are one of the most beautiful things from my youth.” He closed his eyes. “And I hope you too enjoyed yourself. I had the feeling we’d end up with sweets.”

Ludwig mentally rolled his eyes. “I had the feeling we’d end up with wine too. Did you have plans for the rest of our night?”
To this question, Francis softly laughed and kissed his cheek. “You’ll see.”

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Taming the rage

TITLE: Taming The Rage

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Odin tells Loki that he has to marry and it’s you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he chuckles knowing the duties you will have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t fond of you either but he can’t help looking forward to the challenge.


AUTHOR: Lokilover9

The next morning Frigga came to get her alone. “Good morning Luv, how are you?” Erika’s smile was kind but forced. “Good Your Highness and you?” Frigga tilted her head smiling warmly. “I’m good. Please don’t worry Luv? Everything will be alright you’ll see.” Easy for you say she thought. “Let’s start by getting you some breakfast shall we?” The entrance to the Queens chambers was a large open room with a three tier flowing water fountain. Inside were two massive open glass doors stained with pale green vines and white flowers with steps leading to a long balcony. The view was high above the palace gardens overlooking the forest behind it. A table was set with patterned plates and tea cups, silver cutlery, and a small display of pastries, bread, jellies and fruits. All with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a servant standing by! “You must enjoy sitting out here it’s beautiful,” Frigga smiled. “Yes, I do. Would you like some tea?” “Yes please.” As Frigga delicately tried to explain the formal details of how she’ll have her own chambers while she and Loki courted, her appetite was minimal. By the time she was done there had been no mention of a wedding date which Erika took comfort in. “Your chambers will be prepared for you while your busy today Erika.” “Busy Your Highness?” “Yes. I’ve prepared a lovely day at the palace spa for you and tomorrow we will see the dressmaker where you will choose your own fabrics for new dresses.”

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Bleeding at the Gate | Closed


Daryl had gone out of a run, doing what he can to find supplies for his group. With a full tank of gas in his bike, and satchel bags on his bike he was ready to find as much as he could. However, as he was driving he took a sharp turn and hit a pothole - losing control of his motorcycle as he spun. Daryl crashed and landed a couple feet from his now destroyed motorcycle. With a large cut to his arm, and a hurt leg he knew he had to keep going. He hid his bike while he wandered around a neighborhood. Daryl grabbed all the food, weapons, and luxuries like soap etc. Two days passed and Daryl limped to the gate of Alexandria, pushing along his broken motorcycle     

Song of the Palace: Chapter Two now up!

Chapter title: All is Fair 

It’s finally here! Chapter Two of Song of the Palace. Hurray!  


“Are you prepared for this, Empress?” Hak asked her with a grin, “What this could lead to?”

“Of course.” Yona said firmly as she placed her hands upon her hips, “If those who plot against me wish to play this sort of game with my life, I’ll just have to take my turn and win. I’ve made my decision. I won’t turn back. But if these men won’t help me, you’ll just have to train me more!”

Hak just continued to smile, and Yun looked on proudly.

“Alright you two,” Yun said as he shuffled his papers, “It’s time to get to work.”

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(Cut Below)

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I thought that by now I would’ve been able to come up with the right words to write a post about traveling with this man, but I still don’t have them.  I get all teary just trying to think of them, and then he sees me here, tears in my eyes, and he laughs at me and hugs me and says, “Awww, Babs, why are you so cute right now?”

All of these pictures are pretty idyllic.  It was such a special addition to the trip to get to sneak away just the two of us for a couple of days in paradise.  We swam, we ate, we took a sunset boat ride, we hiked in the rain forest (and spent plenty of time in that glorious tub).  It was amazing. 

But, when I think about it, the most amazing thing isn’t that we can have such a wonderful time in a picturesque resort; the most amazing thing is all the rest.  That we can spend thirty hours of traveling together and still like each other (because we are nooooot the best travelers).  That we can laugh about new experiences with squatting toilets and the realization that ohhhhh, hey now, toilet paper and soap are luxuries, friends, and you’d better bring your own just to be safe!  That he can look at me, makeup-free, sweaty, and red-faced, and still think I’m beautiful.  That we can exchange looks about the craziness of an 18-hour wedding extravaganza, my mother-in-law’s interesting attire choices, or…really anything, crazy or not, and always know exactly what the other is thinking without words.  That we can collapse in bed at the end of our days and think the best part of any day, regardless of where we are in the world or how that day has been, is exactly that moment–the one where we are together, laughing, holding each other, and talking about the day.

I don’t know how I came to be so fortunate.  But, I do know that I’m grateful.  Every. Single. Day.

headcanon that erwin is the kind of person who loves getting thoughtful and slightly expensive gifts for his friends, even if his budget doesn’t really allow for it

and levi is the kind of person who hates getting gifts (or he acts like it anyway) but Erwin is a master gift-giver so on one of his trips to Sina he picks up a gift for Levi and Levi is all like “ugh no I told you not to buy me anything” but Erwin insists he takes it and opens it so Levi does and inside the package is a couple bars of luxury soaps, the really pretty and wonderful-smelling colorful expensive kind with little bits of actual flowers and spices in them

and Levi’s just sort of silent and still for a moment before he says “thanks” all brusque like but inside he’s considering marriage

Scent of the Month: Lavender 

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Survey #105 : Bold What's True

You are 19.

You are female.

You are currently unemployed.

You live with your grandparents.

You have brown hair.

You have blue eyes.

You think you’re pretty.

You write poetry.

You are a Christian.

You have a very good memory for facts…

…but a horrible memory for responsibilities.

You like bagels with cream cheese.

You cry a lot.

You’re really hard to figure out, even for yourself.

You’ve taken a class in a martial art.

You love giant pandas.

You are in college.

You want to be an anthropologist.

Your career choice was influenced by a TV show.

No, not Bones. Stargate SG:1 actually.

You were in love with Johnny Depp for years…

…until you fell in love with someone for real.

You are paranoid.

You avoid certain people and have a phobia of running into them.

You play the flute.

You have been addicted to a game.

You didn’t watch Invader Zim as a kid, but you like it now.

Your mom/dad wouldn’t let you read Harry Potter when you were a kid.

You’ve broken your nose before.

People have thought you were the parent of your younger sibling.

You love incense.

Your one luxury is expensive soap.

You daydream about what the first home you buy will be like.

Everything you need in life is on one lanyard.

You are a pessimist most of the time.

Your guilty pleasures include WWE and Lil Wayne.

You’ve been “going through a rough time” for years now.

You’re a virgin and fine with that.

Jim Carrey does little to amuse you.

You miss elementary school.

You love ginger ale when you’re sick, but find it icky when you’re well.

You obsess over things until they get old.

You know exactly what you want to do with your life.

Your birthday is your favorite day of the year.

You go out of your way to get attention.

You act older than your actual age.

You bite your nails constantly.

Your hair is not its natural color right now.

You dislike twitter…and yet you have one.

You love being alone.

You think Uggs are hideous.

You hate movies.

You yell at your phone when someone you don’t like texts you.

You wonder how much of your life has been wasted in front of the computer.

You prefer road trips to flying, but still love planes.

You sometimes say you’re hungry even if you’re not.

You hate when people use the wrong form of words, like your and you’re.

You like everything better at night.

You can out drink most guys.

You change into pajamas/sweatpants as soon as you get home.

You can text without looking at your phone.

You wear converse almost every day.

You have a phobia that most people don’t have.

You have three siblings.

You love change.

You love Harry Potter.

You’ve snuck out through your bedroom window.

You love book stores.

You sleep more than you probably should.

Your favorite animal is a shark.

You almost always remember your dreams.

You’re sarcastic even when you don’t need to be.

You’ve been called heartless by at least ten people.

You hate American Idol, but love America’s Best Dance Crew.

You read postsecret every week.

You want to move to another town and start all over.

You go at least 15 miles an hour over the speed limit, always.

Clean [Outlaw Queen]

Based on this prompt: “Roland refuses to get out of the bathtub.” Enchanted Forest, missing year. Heavy on the dimples. Also here on ffn.

Even in its recent state of disuse, the castle is not wanting for much. The pantries are stockpiled with enough food to feed fifty for five winters straight—colossal bread pyramids, spreads of dried meats and fruit, a variety of cheeses, wines and mulled ciders crammed in from cellar to ceiling. The linens are bountiful, and the number of beds with which to adorn them enough to accommodate ten times the size of their party.

Still, most of the four-poster canopies with their elaborate, hand-carved mahogany frames go unused, too soft and supple for backs accustomed to sleeping on solid ground. Something Regina had discovered the hard way one evening, when she’d tripped over someone’s ankle and nearly broken her own; the man who smelled like forest had elected to doze off on the floor of the armory, directly in the path that her sleepless nighttime wanderings had taken her.

(She usually spends these walks in solitude, thinking of Henry, always thinking of Henry; that night, she’d thought instead of all the thousand and three ways to live up to the evil in her name and make the man’s life a living hell, as she’d hobbled back to her bedchambers. Never minding how immensely apologetic he’d been, the sorry excuse he’d given for having gotten back late from washing up and not wishing to wake his son. Regina hoped the boy at least had the good sense of sleeping in his bed, rather than at the foot of it.)

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